Light Spirit Epic Chapter 187: Bewilderment is far away


Chapter 187: Dazed at a distance (middle)

Grand Duke Hall has just stepped into the orphanage——

“Grandpa!!” “Long time no see, Grandpa!” “I miss you, Grandpa!” A large group of children rushed out of the orphanage and immediately surrounded Hall.

“Okay, you guys, don’t make trouble for now.” Hall smiled kindly at the children, “I brought a gift, let me give it to Sister Ruth first, and then let her share it with you. , okay? I’m sure the nuns will know what to give to whom.”

Arthur looked at the fat nun who also had a kind smile on the way, and he handed the gift in his hand to the nun like unloading goods.

“Thank you, young man. Okay, kids, let’s not get in the way of Grand Duke Hall. Let’s share the gifts first!”

A large group of children followed the nun away due to the lure of the gift, with only a few children staying by Hall’s side and refusing to leave.

“Grandpa, it’s rare for you to come here to play with us!” A little girl pulled Hall’s feet.

“Well, next time, Elizabeth. This time I’m here for business. I’ll make sure to spend time with you next week.” Hall said, “How about Constantine?”

“Brother Constantine is busy in the little house!” Elizabeth ran away a few steps, made a malicious face at Arthur, and ran away.

“Constantine?” Arthur asked.

“Hehe, he’s a very talented kid.” Hall said with a smile.

Arthur follows Hall to a log cabin in the backyard of the orphanage. A teenager who looks to be only ten years old is busy repairing the puppet with the needle and thread in his hand. Judging from the piles of new and old puppets around here, his workload is very large.

Even so, this child is still doing it attentively, his hands are very dexterous, even a tattered puppet, under his repair, immediately becomes a new one. The neat and exquisite needlework even made the old and tattered dolls even more beautiful than new ones.

“Okay, let’s rest for a while.” Hall grabbed the boy’s arm with one hand while the boy was making one puppet and was about to change it for another.

“Oh? Grandpa? When did you come?” The boy turned his head to look, only to find the existence of Duke Hall and Arthur.

“We’ve been standing here for about a minute. If you didn’t interrupt you like this, you probably would have continued, right?” Hall said.

“Well, haha… I’m sorry. I was asked to repair these dolls. When I saw that there were leftover materials, I made more preparations and sold them to help repair the orphanage.” Constantine said, “Yes, this is Bit is ——?”

“You should have seen it live on TV. This is the Celestial Knight Arthur, your idol.” Hall introduced.

“What?! Oh, my God!” The child almost jumped up and said enthusiastically to Arthur: “Master Arthur, are you really Lord Arthur? I’m a big fan of you! I, I Can I shake hands with you?”

“Oh, of course…” Arthur held out his hand, but he immediately regretted it. Constantine’s so-called “handshake” is to shake Arthur’s hand with both arms. After holding this hand, Arthur felt like his arm was about to be ripped off.

“Constantine, you are really cold. Just greeting the guests, did you completely ignore your grandfather here?” said the Grand Duke of Hall jokingly.

“Well, grandpa can always be seen, it’s no big deal.” The child said with a smile, “and every time grandpa came to me, he always asked me to help with any trouble, right? If possible, I would I still hope that Grandpa will come less often.”

“That’s too much!” Hall pretended to make a sad expression while teasing the child, “So, you don’t want the comic book Grandpa brought you anymore?”

“…that’s another story!” the boy argued hastily.

At noon, in the medical room of the Southern Heavenly Knights.

When Arthur saw the frozen bear boy’s head on the side, and the body of the grizzly bear who just returned from “hunting” this morning, he suddenly understood what the Duke of Hall wanted to do.

There is only one possibility in logic, but the idea is so crazy that Arthur can’t believe it.

Hall had this idea in mind when he suggested that the Bearman boy who was the [Master Key] should be slaughtered. He had planned to save the bear man from the beginning. And his way of saving the child is…

Cut off the Bearman’s head and attach it to the Grizzly’s body.

What a crazy idea. That is something that is absolutely impossible with current human medical technology! Hall is a real lunatic!

“Impossible!” Constantine looked at the bear man’s head and the grizzly bear’s body, “Last time I was picking up fingers for my grandfather’s friend, but this time I went too far, even wanting to pick up the head? !”

“That’s right, Grand Duke! What you can’t do is impossible!” The therapist on the side also said, “Even if the bearman’s vitality is very strong, you need to connect the bearman’s head to a real The bear is too reluctant! There are tens of thousands of nerves that need to be connected. Even if the blood vessels and nerves can be connected, there is no guarantee that the autonomic nerve can function normally. If the autonomic nerve does not work, the heart will not beat, he is equivalent to Yu died! The head change is an example that no one has ever done before, don’t make fun of this absolutely impossible!”

“Constantine’s hands are so skillful, there will always be a way.” Hall said, “Even if it is difficult, you have to do it with your will, understand?!”

“This is all a mess of theories!” The therapist said with tears and laughter, “Besides, I don’t know much about the nervous system of the bear people, so don’t ask me to complete such an impossible task!”

“That,” Arthur couldn’t help but interject, “If someone had a better understanding of surgery and the nervous system, wouldn’t it be possible to improve the success rate of surgery?  … The therapist of the regiment, Miss Greenville, compared with your Excellency, which one is more proficient in surgery?”

The therapist seemed to be stung: “Indeed… in terms of surgery and understanding of the human body, there is no one in all Pantoracken who can compare to Miss Greenville. It would be an exaggeration to say that there is no one in all of Europe that can compare.”

“Really?” Arthur was also secretly surprised. He knew that Greenville’s surgery was doing very well, but he never knew she was so good. Arthur opened the phone, “Anyway, I’ll contact her first.”

After a whole morning of work, Greenville is enjoying herself in a tub of lavender aromatherapy.

Then her phone rang.

“Arthur!” she scolded angrily as soon as she came up, “Sure enough, you did it on purpose! You definitely did it on purpose! Your phone calls me every time I want to relax and take a shower. Can this time be adjusted more accurately?! You pervert!!”

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a while, and then a middle-aged man [poof] laughed. Then the other party’s voice sounded: “Is it Greenville? This is Uncle Hall. I have something to discuss with you. I just used your phone number for Arthur. I’m sorry to disturb you.”

“Huo, the Grand Duke of Hall?” Greenville immediately put away her anger, “I’m sorry, I thought it was Arthur’s pervert. Don’t say…I can help you with anything. Is it right?”

“I heard that you are very skilled in surgery? I want your help with some minor operations, but…Is it possible to do it, please come and see the actual situation?”

“Understood, I’ll be there in a while.” Greenville said, “By the way, would you please let Arthur answer the phone?”


“I’ll come back to you to settle the bill!” Greenville scolded fiercely, then hung up the phone.

When Arthur put away the phone, his ears were still ringing, he said helplessly: “Women…”

An hour later.

“Oh, do you attach the bear man’s head to the body of the grizzly bear? Thank you for coming up with it.” Greenville smiled wickedly: “I know how to connect the main nerves, but I can’t guarantee the connection. It can work smoothly after being installed. Especially those nerves as thin as hair, how skillful should be used to connect them? How many days should it take to complete such a huge project? This is beyond the point of view. With the current medical level of human beings, if it can be done, it can only be described as a “miracle”.”

“Here is the [miracle] you want.” Hall pushed Constantine aside, “He can do the whole operation, you just need to instruct him how to do it. Don’t look at this. The boy looks stupid, he is a super genius that is rare in ten thousand years, and there is no one in this world who has more skillful hands than him.”

“Grandpa!” Constantine said with an embarrassed expression, “Don’t worry about praising me! If you can’t do it, you can’t do it!”

“You can do it, Constantine.” Celestial Knight Hall said, “You have this talent and this ability. Most importantly, you have a kind heart that no one else has.

This child was not born to suffer these sins, he could have had a complete body and lived freely. But he became an experiment of the fox people, and he was half-dead. In the end, he was frozen in the freezer and waited to die.

The world has forced a cruel fate on Is he going to face such a fate? Who was born to die?

Look at his face. The moment he was frozen, how painful, how unwilling. In the end, he still wanted to rebel against fate. And all we can do is give him a hand and let him get up again. You should feel the same way, right? Grandpa used to do this to you. And now, it’s your turn to save this child. “


“Can it be done?” Hall asked.

“Okay… I’ll try it.” Constantine wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and whispered.

Looking at the Archduke Hall who persuaded Constantine with a smile on his face, Arthur’s doubts grew.

He thought of the kind-hearted Hall who was surrounded by the children of the orphanage.

He also remembered Hall, who had shown all kinds of wisdom and bravery in battle.

Then, Arthur lost his reason to fight Hall.

(Perhaps, it is such a perfect person who is most suitable to be the king of Pantoracken. It is with such a king that the people of Pantoracken are the happiest.)

(I duel with Hall in a whim, preventing him from becoming king.)

(I am so ignorant, am I not a sinner through the ages?)

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