Light Spirit Epic Chapter 185: Lost in the melee (Part 2)


Chapter 185 Lost in the melee (Part 2)

Tol’vir opened his eyes and saw that Arthur had just placed the wet towel on his forehead.

“Arthur… Arthur…” Tol’vir said weakly.

“Don’t move, you’re running a fever,” Arthur said. “That **** bunny has a problem with his medicine. Thanks to that Brady, he was a little late.”


“Don’t worry, we will find a way to save him.” Arthur said, “You better rest now.”

“Arthur…sorry…can’t…help me…”

“Don’t blame yourself, you’ve helped us a lot.” Arthur said, “Go to sleep.”

At the same time, at Corvez’s home.

“Eat it.” The leopard man brought a bowl of wild vegetable porridge, and Bedivere was stunned when he saw the various unnatural colors floating on the surface of the bowl.

“Don’t you want me to eat this bowl of food? Is this pig food? The dark food of the Leopard people?” Bedivere complained.

“It’s so noisy. Some materials are only enough to make such a little thing. You can eat it if you want. If you don’t eat it, you can continue to be hungry.” Coves said, he took another bowl of wild vegetable porridge by himself. Eating it, judging from the expression on his face eating this thing, the taste of this thing is really not flattering.

“Unbelievable!—–Where is your kitchen?” Bedivere pushed aside the bowl of wild vegetable porridge and walked over to the kitchen to see what ingredients could be used for cooking. He only saw a little wild vegetables, carrots, and flour.

“I’ve already said that, this little thing on hand is not good enough. Do you think this is a high-end hotel?” Coves sarcastically said.

“Arthur can make very good food with very few ingredients. The key is whether you try it or not.”

Ten minutes later, the flour was made, and the sesame seed cake, which was chopped up with wild vegetables and sprinkled with shredded radish, was brought to the table by Bedivere. The hot biscuits smelled of wild vegetables.

“Eat.” Bedivere said.

“Isn’t it just made casually——” Coves took a bite, and then his voice changed from the original righteousness to a low voice: “It’s biscuits.”

In order to eliminate the evidence, he also picked up the wild vegetable porridge he made for Bedivere and drank it all. But after drinking it, I found that the taste of the biscuits I made was too far from the biscuits made by Bedi.

“It’s delicious.” Coves said coldly.

“Hmph, dishonest guy.” Bedivere ate all the biscuits in just a few bites. Only then did he realize that he was still hungry.

“Are you too lazy to go out to buy food, or do you really have no money to buy it?” Bedi asked, “This kind of desolate scene, even in the village I used to live in, had the worst harvest. I haven’t seen it since.”

“Money? What do you mean?” Leopard took out a bag of gold coins, “I’ll give this to you. If you can really buy food within ten miles, buy it back?”

“…Is the food shortage situation to this point?” Bedivere frowned.

“This is the third year of drought in a row. God knows how long it will last. The underdark population will starve to death at this rate,” said Corvez.

“Even so, it’s not right to invade the human world for our own problems,” Bedivere said.

“When we are starving to death, human beings are ignorantly enjoying their rich world and constantly wasting food. They obviously have excess food, but they would rather throw it away, and even make the food moldy, but not even a little bit. I don’t want to share it with us. I can’t forgive such a human being in any way.” Coves said.

“Humans are not entitled to the Territory at all. One day, I will expel them from the Territory, and let these displaced weaklings have a taste of cold and hunger.”

Bedivere didn’t answer. He knew in his heart that the contradiction between humans and orcs could not be resolved by a little child in just a few words.

“Go to sleep when you’re full, you have a long way to go tomorrow.” Coves said.

“A long way?”


Rabbit Ryder endured suffocation before being pulled out of the water by Arthur for a long time.

“Well, do you want to say something?” Arthur asked coldly.

“Cough cough… I already said it, none of my business! I really don’t know anything!” Ryder cried.

“I don’t know? It was you who gave the medicine. You know the effect of the medicine! We humans are fine, but both Bedivere and Tol’vir got caught! This is what you planned, and the purpose is to Let Bedivere be unable to escape at a critical moment and fall into the hands of the enemy!” Arthur said, “I still believe in you, and Bedivere treats you as a friend! You scum who betrayed friends! Say it now! , who ordered you to do this!?”

“I didn’t! How many times do you want me to say, I didn’t betray my friends! I really didn’t know the antidote would not work on Brady!” Ryder protested.

“You still—“

“Forget it, Arthur.” Hall, who was watching from the sidelines, interrupted Arthur. “He won’t admit it like this. He must have his own reasons. But, Rabbit, I want to ask you. One problem. The Leopards have to mobilize such a large force to ambush us, which is impossible without preparation. When we sneaked into the research institute, it was the best time for the Leopards to ambush us. But they were not in the research institute. Waiting for us, but searching for our whereabouts outside, because the large army will startle the snake, right? They have no way to know our arrival at the precise time, so they can’t conduct a good ambush. This means that, It is true that someone tipped off the tip, but this tip-off has a way to tell the other party the day of our action, but not the specific time of our action.”

“So what?! There are so many people in and out of your knights, and whether your knights can fully believe it is still a question! Why put the blame on me?!” Ryder retorted.

“My knights are all knights loyal to Pantoracken, and they have no reason to betray human beings. The knights who came into contact with you yesterday are all my confidants and will not leak anywhere. If Arthur suspects you, Then you were the only suspicious person from last night until today before the operation began.

As for why you can’t report the specific time of the battle, I have an idea. My combat conference room is a special room that uses magic to seal off outside interference. Once the seal is activated, no one from the outside world can enter, nor can they eavesdrop on any movement in the room. After that, I sent Cador to watch over you, and you don’t have any room for So you can leak the date of the battle, but you can’t leak the specific time of the battle. This is an assumption of mine. “Hall Road.

“This is just an assumption! Why do you say this must be done by me——“

Before Ryder could finish speaking, his left ear was cut off by Arthur’s sword!

“Wooooooooooh! It hurts! It hurts ahhhhhhh!!” Ryder cried hoarsely.

“I’ve heard enough,” Arthur’s face became very horrified, “you either tell all your secrets, or watch me cut off one of your hands or feet every minute or so. , until you’re cut into a stick!”

“It’s really not me! It really isn’t!!” Ryder was crying loudly while covering his head in pain and shrinking into a ball.

“One minute, next is your left hand.” Arthur raised his sword and was about to slash.

Archduke Hall grabbed Arthur’s hand and stopped him, “Don’t worry, young man. This rabbit is still going to deny it. It’s unfair to him with violence. We’ll lock him up for a few days and observe. Let’s talk for a while.”

“For a few days? What’s the use of shutting it down for a few days! Because of this guy’s betrayal, Bedivere died! Do you think I can still watch him shut up here quietly?!”

“There is a good chance that Knight Bedivere is still alive,” Hall said suddenly.

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