Light Spirit Epic Chapter 184: Lost in the melee (middle)


Chapter 184 Lost in the melee (Part 2)


Bedivere also felt a fever all over her body. He got up from the bed sadly and tried to find some water to drink.

He sees Tolvir lying in a coma next to him, lying quietly on the bed with a drip of some wonderful drug hanging from his arm.

“Why even Tol’vir was captured?” Bedi looked at the sleeping leopard boy suspiciously, and he reached out to touch Tol’vir’s head.

A hand grabbed Bedivere. It’s Coves.

“Don’t touch him. Touch me again and I’ll kill you,” the Leopard Man warned coldly.

Bedivere looked at the leopard man hostilely. He just recalled that at the moment of teleportation, this guy suddenly appeared and grabbed him.

Although full of hostility, Bedivere dared not act rashly. He is very clear that the opponent’s strength is far superior to himself, and the terrifying speed of Coves once made Arthur suffer. If you want to fight against such an opponent, you are courting death.

And, needless to say, the weapon must have been taken away. How to fight unarmed.

“How did you catch Tol’vir?” Bedi asked. “What happened to Tol’vir, what did you do to your son?!”

“Tol’vir?” Coves looked confused, “Who is Tol’vir?”

“Of course it’s—-” Bedivere pointed to the unconscious Leopard boy and wanted to say “it’s him.” But he couldn’t go on.

Looking carefully, this leopard boy really isn’t Tol’vir.

Although his facial features are very similar, he is thinner than Tol’vir. Even more emaciated than the Tolvir who had just been rescued from the slave trader!

It is impossible for a person to lose so much weight in one morning. This kid looks very similar to Tol’vir, but it’s a different person!

“Isn’t this Tol’vir?…Who is this?” Bedivere was stunned.

“This is my son Lavis.” Coves said, “He has been in this coma for more than five years.”

“Wait a minute!” Coves’s mind began to spin quickly, and he thought carefully about what Bedi had just said. He thought of some kind of [possibility]!

At the moment of teleportation, a leopard boy hiding behind Arthur.

The Bedivere who mistook Lavis for “Tol’ville” just now.

Thinking of the connection between the two, Corvez’s eyes suddenly widened.

His face begins to contort in pain.

His teeth rattled with hatred.

“Tell me, boy!” Coves threw Bedivere to the ground, “Have you seen that bastard?! Where are you, how did you see it!! Tell me now!!!!”

“Ouch! It hurts! It hurts! Let me go!” Bedivere begged.

It took a long time for Coves to finally regain his senses. He looked at the werewolf boy who was trembling on the ground with pain and fear. The boy’s left prosthesis was also crushed by Corvez’s brute force, and now the boy looks like a broken doll.

“I’m sorry,” Coves said, letting go of Brady.

“That’s what you are, you beast.” Bedivere cried, “No wonder Tol’vir hates you so much.”

“Hate me? Hahahaha, that monster hates me?!” Coves laughed sarcastically, “Did you reverse your position?! It’s him who should be hated! You know what?! “

“It’s the monster that killed my wife five years ago and made my only son look like this!” Coves pointed to the unconscious Lavis on the bed.

“What?!” Bedivere was stunned.

At first I just wanted to take another look.

The so-called [home] looks like.

Since there is nothing, it is even more desirable.

The beautiful and warm [home] that has been appearing in Tol’vir’s dreams is so close, yet so ethereal.

The woman in the dream kept smiling at him, and handed him the fragrant black tea.

The father in the dream has always smiled kindly, teaching him swordsmanship and telling him all kinds of interesting things in the human world.

However, for this little boy, it was an unattainable dream.

The reality is cruel, a hundred times crueler than the time in the dream.

The icy scalpel swiped in the teenager’s abdominal cavity, dissecting his internal organs, and adding various meaningless wounds as if tormenting him.

The cold, cruel faces of the researchers are the only images he sees every day.

The sound of the scalpel being picked up and dropped is the only sound he hears every day.

The cold and numb body can no longer feel pain, or in other words, the young man has even forgotten the definition of pain.

Some are just emptiness, just disgust for the real world, and longing for another world. Tol’vir, who had everything in his dreams, no longer disdains the real world.

As it should be.

“This guy can’t be used anymore. Is it time to implement Pandora’s plan?”

“Is there any problem? Even if the tattered body is injected with the dark sub-solution, it may not be able to be successfully demonized.”

“Leave that kind of thing to the big guys above to worry about, we just do what we’re ordered to do.”

“Yes. Finally, I no longer have to face this waste every day.”

Something was injected into the boy’s body.

It’s cold, it’s cold. His body was shaking in resistance. This is a feeling that the boy hadn’t experienced in a long time, other than pain.

When the cold surrounded his body, he suddenly felt a burst of relief.

He looks at the dead researchers.

What? No one dissects me with a scalpel anymore? Teenager thought.

He can’t tell if it’s reality or a dream. But he thought of one thing to do.

Go home.

Mom must be waiting for my return. Must be. The young man believed deeply.

He was so convinced that he didn’t feel anything wrong when his mother stabbed him in the stomach.

“Mom, I’m back,” he wanted to say. He reached out to touch his mother’s face.

But this gentle caress turned into a fatal blow that smashed my mother out and shattered all the bones of her body.

Standing beside him, looking at him in surprise, was another Leopard boy.

(Are you——me?)

(Or, I am… you?)

(What. It’s you, it’s always been you. I still have nothing, and you have…everything!)

(Everything is not a dream, everything is reality.)

(——Reality, can it be crueler?!)

(——Why is reality only so cruel to me?!)

In the next minute, the mad monster destroyed the entire Leopard village. All the people in the village were killed by various cruel methods, and they died without a whole body.

A man who went out due to a combat mission, when he came back, what he saw was not a spring breeze to greet his wife, nor an innocent son, but a monster that destroyed his village.

He understood the true face of the monster in an instant. In the next instant, he killed the monster with all his strength.

Of course, the monster is not completely dead. The small part of the creature that was left, still possessing a bit of humanity, was taken away forever.

Until the moment of salvation.

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