Light Spirit Epic Chapter 175: The final battle against the West Die


Chapter 175 Decisive Battle Against the Western Emperor (Part 1)


Tristan crawled sleepily to the edge of the bed and woke Bedivere, “It’s your turn.”

“Got it, go to sleep.” Bedi got up and whispered. Before he could finish, Tristan had fallen asleep.

“Idiot, be careful of catching a cold.” Bedi moved Tristan to the bed to help him cover the quilt, then turned to go out to stand guard.

Only then did he realize that there was a black figure squatting in the corner, which startled him. After seeing it clearly, he realized that it was not the lurking enemy, but the Rabbit Ryder curled up in a ball.

“Ryder? What are you doing here? Go to bed, do you want to catch a cold?” Brady whispered as he walked over.

“Don’t hit… let me go…” Ryder whispered.

“Oh, are you still struggling with the collar? Didn’t I tell you? After this is over, untie the collar and be patient.”

“What did I do wrong to do this to me…” Rabbit murmured.

“It’s not like I said, just bear with it for a few days——“

“…I’m not a commodity…what do you think of me? Am I only worth three thousand gold coins?…” cried the rabbit .

When Bedivere understood that Ryder was just talking in his sleep, his expression became solemn.

He doesn’t know what Ryder has been through, but judging by the horror Ryder showed when he was tied up, this guy must have been through a lot of terrible things.

“You’ll be safe with us, Ryder. I’ll protect you.” The werewolf boy picked up his rabbit friend and carried him back to bed. “Good night, have a good dream.”

The Rabbit Man, lying quietly on the bed, looked a little more relaxed. I don’t know if it’s because of the necklace that the mage gave me? Brady didn’t particularly bother to check, but he seemed to sense that the necklace did heat up for a while.

When it’s all over, go and apologize to Ryder. Bedivere thought.

The next day. The day of the duel between Arthur and the Celestial Knight, Grand Duke Yones.

“You guys…” Ao Yun scolded while suppressing his anger, “Since when did the Western Heaven Knights’ box become your meeting place? Dad invited you- –Once—once—just, are you all cheeky and plan to come every time?! And the number of people has increased?!——(Aoyun hides his face) Unbelievable!”

“Hahaha, don’t be so stingy!” Tristan sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, “Anyway, your box is also empty. It will be more fun to watch the live broadcast with more people, isn’t it? ?”

“Don’t forget that this time the leader of your Knights of Arthur and the leader of our Knights of the West are fighting?” Ao Yun showed an incredible expression, “what else can you say” together Would you like to see more fun’? How thick is your skin?!”

“Hmph, you don’t understand,” Tristan pulled Evan aside, “Our purpose is the same as that of the Knights of the Western Heavens, which is to bring down the Council. Whoever wins this duel will lose. , to be honest, we don’t care. It’s good to watch this battle with the mood of watching a play, why is it so rigid? You see I’m right, Evan?”

“Uh, uh, probably…” Evan reluctantly said perfunctorily.

Evan wants Arthur to win more than anyone else and frustrate his dad.

“Popcorn! Coke! Does anyone want popcorn?” Rabbit Ryder walked into the box with a full face, holding a large box of snacks for sale.

“Bring me a can of popcorn and a bottle of Coke!” Tristan said, “Rabbit, you really know how to do business, you sold so much in an instant?”

“Ahaha, thanks to you!” Ryder pretended to smile.

“Also [thanks to us]?!” Ao Yun said angrily, “Don’t eat in the box! It’s dirty!”

“Don’t worry so much! Stupid guy!” Tristan handed the popcorn to Evan’s face, “Do you want to eat it too?”

“Oh, okay, thank you.” Evan stretched out his hand to get it, dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry, they are such idiots.” Bedivere on the side apologised to Ao Yun.

“Forget it!” Ao Yun covered his face dejectedly, “You are lucky, Dad is going out to prepare for a duel. If he sees you eating in his box——“

“I’ll chase after us, hehe.” The Grand Duke of Leon Digens, the Celestial Knight, grinned wickedly, and sat beside him grabbing a handful of popcorn to eat.

“Hey, the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens?! Why are you here——” Ao Yun asked in surprise.

“Uh, there are too many annoying guys in the box of the Knights of the Northern Sky. At one time, he said [you can’t eat that kind of junk food, it will affect the wound], and at another time, [Don’t look at it, Emotional agitation will affect the injury].” Leon Dickens said badly, “The daughter also said the same, and the staff also said the same, you said that this will not let people live? I also had to come here to take a breath. .”

“It won’t make you gasp!” Greenville had already rushed into the box, “Come back with me, Dad!”

“If you don’t go back, you won’t go back!——Get more of that popcorn—You see, Arthur’s little brothers are all here! Such a happy box is a treat. The place! Who wants to go back to the dead box of the Beitian Knights?!”

“Wow—— that’s fine, if you don’t go back, I’ll wait here and supervise you! If I don’t watch you, I’ll eat more junk food!—– -Bunny, bring me a bottle of Coke too!”

“Okay, okay! Thank you for your patronage, beautiful lady!” Ryder said cheerfully.

Ao Yun, who was sitting on the side with a sullen breath, was too lazy to vomit.

“Long time no see, Grand Duke Yones.” Arthur on the duel field said, looking at the oncoming Heavenly Knight Yones. (Don’t forget to crush the annoying bee golem with one hand)

“It’s not that long, it’s only a week.” Euns said, looking at Arthur, who was covered in scars (although he has healed, but the scars are still there), “It seems that your seven days have not been in vain. Are you cultivating desperately? I can rest assured that you are working so hard, at least the battle will be interesting after a while.”

“No, it’s actually an accidental wound,” Arthur told the truth, “but I do have a request. I wonder if the Grand Duke would like to hear it?”

“What request, come and listen?” Euns said.

“After today’s duel, I plan to go somewhere to perform an important battle.” Arthur said, “If you are seriously injured here today, the battle will be delayed, and there will be more and more unfavorable factors. I don’t want to see results like that.”

“So you want me to stop at the end of the day and want me to give you water like Leon Dickens did?” Ewing frowned, “Boy, first tell me what the battle is, is it really that important?”

“If the battle is successful, we can turn against the Hungarians and let their long-standing conspiracy go to waste.” Arthur said, “That’s the kind of battle.”

Yones clenched his fists, he suppressed his excitement, “Then let me ask you one more question: Can I also participate in this battle?”

Arthur frowned as I don’t know if there is a problem with the composition of the number of people participating in the battle. The manpower I brought with me was specially selected for the convenience of my actions…”

“I don’t care if it suits you or not, I’ll be added to my quota by force!”

“…Grand Duke, you can promise me not to mess around, and if you follow the instructions…I think it’s possible.” Arthur said.

“Oh, do you want to command me?” Duke of Yunste laughed, “Hahahahahaha, your kid’s guts are getting bigger and bigger! Reason does not interfere! I will follow your instructions and play along! This is a man’s agreement!——The premise is that you can beat me!”

“…and lose?” Arthur asked in a low voice.

“Don’t think about losing! If you’re a man, don’t say such spineless words!” Ewans sneered, “However, if you really lose? …then take command Leave it to me, I will lead you to carry out the battle! Do you think this is foolproof? Hahahahaha!”

“It’s a mess…” Arthur said.

“Whatever!” Ewans laughed, pulling out his photon axe, “Stop gossiping, and count on it!”

“You’re actually looking forward to it, aren’t you?” Arthur sighed and drew out the King’s Sword.

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