Light Spirit Epic Chapter 174: Disclosure to the day (below)


Chapter 174: Disclosure to Daylight (Part 2)

Five years ago, in the Underdark, in the village of the Windspeakers.

The monster lay weakly on the ground and gradually returned to human form.

The leopard warrior Corvez dropped his weapon and rushed over to pick up his wife and son. They are all dying.

“I’m sorry, Lord Coves. The demonization experiment failed, and Subject No. 107 escaped.” The fox researchers who hurriedly chased after him shouted, “I don’t know why, he I actually remember this place…”

“I already gave you my eldest son, but you still think it’s not enough, do you want to take more from me?!” Coves cried while holding his dead wife, “You give Go away! Go away! Gone from my sight forever! Don’t show up in my life again!!”

“But, what to do with that experimental subject…” the Foxman researcher asked.

“I don’t care what you do with it?!” Corvis roared, “You take it away, do whatever you want! You have to kill it, bury it, kill it and bury it again, or even do I don’t care if it’s stewed meat!”

“——That kind of monster, just disappear soon!!” Corvis shouted.

The leopard boy, lying in a pool of blood and mud, listened to everything in his heart.

From the very beginning, it was just a monster, an outcast trash. Other than that, it is nothing, nothing can be achieved, nothing is expected.

(The world never expected me, so I never expected the world.)

(To be alive is just a lie to me. The world is also a lie to me. I am not here, not in the world, not anywhere.)

(I didn’t actually live, I never even existed. It was all just a dream.)

From that day, then, from that moment on, Subject No. 107 lost everything, even his last [heart].

——Until the moment of being saved again.

“Towell?” Bedivere came over and looked at the leopard boy crying quietly in the yard, “Are you okay? Did Arthur do something to you just now? I’ll teach him a lesson. “

“…No, I’m fine, meow.” Tovir wiped his tears and forced a smile, “I told Lord Arthur everything, I will… It’s getting better, meow.”

Even so, his tears could not be stopped.

(So, one last time, let me cry enough.)

Rabbit Ryder watched quietly.

After dinner, Arthur winks at Tol’vir.

The leopard boy nodded in agreement.

“Cough, then, I have something to say—” Arthur said.

He told everyone about Tol’vir about Tol’vir, deliberately omitting a lot, and he lightly took the unnatural part of Tol’vir’s crappy lies, so that others thought it was just to respect Tol’vir And deliberately do not say those details.

After saying this, Arthur coughed again and asked, “Now, do you have any comments?”

“Damn those foxmen! Are you going to kill them all?” cried an angry Bedivere.

“No, that’s not the point.” Arthur shook his head.

“Well, such a dangerous research institute should be destroyed quickly, lest they really make super soldiers?” Tristan pondered.

“That’s one of the things to consider, but it’s not the most important issue,” Arthur added.

“What the **** is that? Don’t give a shit, tell me!” Tristan asked impatiently.

“Since the research institute studies how to make the [master key],” Rabbit Ryder said, “that means, the other six key fragments are hidden in the research institute?”

Bedivere and Tristan were taken aback.

Bedivere counted his fingers, “That is to say, if we attack the institute—”

“It’s possible to **** the other six key fragments and turn them into a general.” Arthur said, “Beddy, you know a lot about the keys to the Wall of the World, don’t you? Tell me quickly, it Can it be destroyed?”

“No.” Bedivere shook his head, “The key is engraved in the heart in the form of a spell… If the host dies, the key will be transferred to the heart of another nearby creature. It is a special magic spell left by the ancients, which will never be broken.”

“In other words, it can only be stolen, and there is no point in destroying it, right?” Arthur thought for a while, “So, how did they get the key fragments in the first place?”

“Kigans attacked other chiefs at a clan meeting, poached their hearts and froze them in the freezer before they died,” Ryder interjected.

Arthur looked at the rabbit: “You know it so well, it’s as if you’ve seen it yourself.”

“Where. I’m just a wandering businessman. Of course I got this gossip.” Ryder shook his head proudly.

“However, this makes sense. Only by freezing the heart can the key fragments be stored in the research institute so conveniently.” Arthur thought, “Then we just need to find the big key in the research institute. If the freezer is in the form of a freezer, the key fragments can be easily found.”

“Wait a minute. Are you really going to attack the research institute!?” Ryder said, “Isn’t this just courting death?! Such an important research institute must be heavily guarded!?”

Arthur looked at Ryder the Rabbit. He suddenly shouted, “Beddy, tie up this rabbit!”

“…Yes!” The werewolf boy tied Ryder without saying a word, and the bunny Ryder didn’t even have time to struggle.

“You, what are you doing?! Let me go!!” Ryder began to struggle after realizing that he was **** by the five flowers.

“Sorry. But we can’t trust you yet. If you tip off such an important plan, it’s all over,” Arthur said.

“Breaking news?! If I had tipped off, I would have leaked your information here to the Tigers!” Ryder said in disbelief, “You don’t believe me so much?!”

“I’m sorry, Ryder,” Bedivere said. “It’s only for a short period of time, and we’ll release you when our plan is successful.”

“When will that be?! Today? Tomorrow? One month later? Ten years later?!” Rabbit cried helplessly, “Before you succeed in your actions, have you been imprisoning me here?”

“Don’t worry, it’s only two days.” Arthur said, “Tomorrow is the duel between me and the Grand Duke of Yones, and we will implement the plan immediately after the event is over.”

“Only if you don’t get beaten to death by Yones!” Rabbit cried.

“In that case, I’ll have to recuperate for a month and then go, and then I’ll have to endure another month of grievances against you.” Arthur said mischievously.

“Help!” Ryder gasped and pleaded, “please! Is there anything you can trust me other than tie me up? Anything, just say it! If I’m **** for a month, I’ll be… bored!”

“There are so many requests.” Arthur thought for a while, “There is indeed one way left…Beddie, come here.”

“Arthur?” Bedivere walked up to Arthur.

“Stop, don’t move.” Arthur stamped the front of Bedivere’s collar with his fingers, then pressed the button on the collar a few times.

Click. The collar around Bedivere’s neck opened.

“Arthur, you are—” the werewolf boy said in surprise.

“Sorry, I should have solved this for you a long time ago, but I keep forgetting,” Arthur said.

He took Brady’s collar and walked up to Ryder: “There’s enough explosives here to blow your neck off. It was originally made by the Knights of the North to protect against Bedivere. I have If you mean it, you can detonate it anytime, anywhere. If you run away, I’ll detonate it. If you do a little trick to tip off the orcs, I’ll detonate it. If you don’t do what I say, I’ll detonate it too. Wear this collar. , is the condition to loosen your binding. Do you want to wear it?”

“Does it make sense for you to ask me that?” Ryder cried. “Even if I say ‘no’, you will force me to wear it, right? After wearing it, you will be your slave.”

“No, you can choose not to wear it. At that time, I will give you two options: continue to be bound, or move your head.” Arthur sneered.

“You’re a **** democracy!! Well, I accept my fate! Put that collar on me, [Master]!” Rabbit cried, already hysterical, “you bastards. !”

The collar snapped around Ryder’s neck, and Arthur loosened Ryder’s ties.

“Hey, the rabbit with the collar is even cuter!” Tristan picked up Ryder and played around with Come, don’t cry, my brother hugs one——“

Rabbit Ryder was too tired to struggle.

“Sorry, Ryder.” Bedivere stuck out his tongue embarrassedly, “I’ll untie the collar for you when this is over.”

“Oh, one more thing.” Arthur turned to look at the Tol’vir. He drew his sword.

“Arthur…?” Before Tol’vir could react, the sword light flashed past his neck.

He thought he was killed and was waiting for the moment when the head fell.

But what fell to the ground was the collar on his neck—-the mark of the slave.

“You’re free too, Tol’vir.” Arthur put away his kendo.

Tears began to pour out of the leopard boy’s eyes.

“Stop it!” Arthur slammed a fist on Tol’vir’s head, “Don’t cry in the future, understand? If you don’t cry anymore, if it annoys me, I’ll lock you up again! “

“I know, I get it, meow.” Tovir quickly wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes.

“Get some rest early, Arthur. You’ll have a duel tomorrow,” Bedivere said. “Everyone, get some rest early, don’t make Arthur sleep.”

“Idiot, how can you sleep so early. I’ll go out to stand guard, come and change shifts with me in the middle of the night.” Tristan left the rabbit and walked out.

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