Light Spirit Epic Chapter 176: The final battle against the West Die


Chapter 176 Decisive Battle Against the Western Emperor (Part 2)

“Senvia!” Arthur shouted.

“Cel Bellows!” shouted the Duke of Yones.

The two call out their contracted creatures at the same time.

The hoarfrost dragon Xianvia descended from the sky.

A three-headed hellhound also appears behind Celestial Knight Yones.

“Hey, wait a minute.” When the hoarfrost dragon Xianvia landed behind Arthur, he stretched his voice and said, “That ‘Kelberoth’? Really—that—a- – ‘Kel Bellows’?!”

Arthur also raised his sword on alert.

The gatekeeper of hell, the three-headed hellhound [Kelberoth]. Where is this thing an epic photon creature? This thing is a magical beast that appeared in mythology, this is basically a [mythical photon creature], right? !

“Don’t be nervous! Xiao Kai is not the Kyle Bellos in the mythology.” Euns laughed, “he is at most just the descendant of the mythical beast.”

“Of course, it doesn’t mean he’s not strong.” Celestial Knight Ewens stroked the head of the three-headed Cerberus like a puppy, “Go on, Xiao Kai, this time, pay attention to your senses, Okay?”



“Don’t be nervous, this is just a condition for Xiao Kai to activate his ability, it doesn’t hurt.” Ewans said. His shoulders were obviously already painted, but he acted as if nothing had happened, as if the bite was someone else’s arm, he explained with a smile, “This way he can be integrated with my mind, which is a little brain that can’t be used. Idiots can fight on my own terms.”

During the time he was speaking, the three-headed Cerberus had already begun to split.

Except for the head that bit the Duke of Yones to separate a body, the other two heads separate two bodies. That is to say, the three Cerberus became three separate Cerberus, each with an independent head. (This description is really tiring)

“The three heads have a common consciousness. Except for the one serving as the commander tower, the other two Cerberus are used to attack.” Leon Dickens explained in the box. Yones wants to make Arthur submit quickly?”

“Arthur…” Bedivere muttered worriedly.

“Boy, this guy’s speed is infinitely close to the speed of light, you have to be careful!” The Duke of Yones also specially reminded, “Although it is impossible for you to be fatally damaged under my control. But , it is still possible to break a hand or a foot. You can take your own time to surrender!”

As soon as the voice fell, the two Cerberus clones had disappeared without a trace.

“It disappeared suddenly like this again!” Ivan cried, “How is it possible? Have they been hiding five kilometers away?! Even my eagle eye can’t catch it, this is——”

“Oh, you still can’t guess the secret of Dad’s Kyle Bellos, right?” Ao Yun said, “That guy is——“

“Hiding in the warp.” Tristan said disapprovingly, “Evan, you didn’t follow us these days, you just missed a lot of good things!”


“Hmph, I won’t tell you!” Tristan sneered mischievously.

“Fortunately, this situation has been imagined for a long time.” Arthur on the battlefield breathed a sigh of relief, “Xianvia, plan No. 16.”

“You’re lucky, Arthur.” Xianvia sneered as she activated her magic.

“[Labyrinthus de Crystallum]!”

The ground is shaking. After a while, the entire battlefield was surrounded by countless ice walls. The labyrinth of ice, as it literally means, is a huge labyrinth formed by ice walls.

“Oh, the big magic of the White Dragon?! It’s really imposing!” Leon Dickens was excited for a while.

“Interesting. Do you use disruptive tactics if you know you can’t keep up with the speed?” Grand Duke Younes looked at the countless ice walls around him. The ice walls were so pure that they reflected countless Arthur’s figures back and forth like a mirror. Each one is so real!

What puzzled Ewens the most was that Arthur actually understood the issue of Cerberus’ ‘ability’ from the very beginning.

The three-headed hellhound Kyle Bellos with the title of “Gatekeeper of Hell”, his most terrifying ability is not his ability to attack, but his ability to control the warp and travel freely in the warp.

Whether **** exists or not, no one knows. However, the three-headed hellhounds that can travel through space are probably due to the ability of ancient people to witness them, so they have the title of ‘the gatekeeper of hell’.

Their abilities can easily enter and exit between reality and warp space, and the attacks launched by jumping space can almost be said to have no time difference. That is ——– infinitely close to the speed of light!

This is very close to Beren’s attack method that Arthur encountered before.

If Arthur had never met a guy like Beren, he would have lost. Unprepared, he would never be able to avoid the instant flashing attack of the Cerberus with a speed close to the speed of light.

All of these coincidences seem to be deliberately arranged by someone, which even Arthur himself felt incredible.

However, it’s pointless to struggle with this. Arthur is in the ice labyrinth and needs to think of a way to deal with it immediately, because sooner or later the Cerberus will find Arthur. Even when their vision is disrupted, their sense of smell guides them.

By then it will be dead.

“Come out, boy!” As he moved forward, Yones manipulated the clones of the two Cerberus to destroy everywhere, shattering countless ice walls and opening a straight path. He knew very well that Arthur’s smell was coming from this direction. As long as he kept sweeping forward, he could force Arthur into a dead end.

Arthur, who is cornered, must have some other tricks. Thinking of this, Ewans couldn’t help but look forward to it.


Seeing Arthur standing quietly in the distance, Yones the Heavenly Knight couldn’t help being disappointed.

“What? That’s all you need to be scheming?! Are there any tricks you haven’t used? Does standing still count as surrender?!”

Arthur ignored him, just closed his eyes and waited. It seemed that he planned to fight back the moment the Cerberus attacked.

“Hmph, are you so confident in your reflexes? Well, let’s try it!” Ewans shouted. He knew that Arthur was a stupid act of courting death. No matter how powerful the mind-eye technique is, it can detect the hostility of the attack at the moment, but it does not mean that the body can keep up with the dodge.

Impossible is impossible.

The body’s nerves have a limit of response. The brain needs to process the sensed danger information, and then drives the nerves with bioelectricity, and then makes the muscles move. The process from “feeling” to “action” is extremely slow and inefficient. This reaction speed, let alone the speed of light, may not even be able to break through the speed of sound.

Arthur was definitely going to lose, and he was defeated as soon as he played. It was really hard for that kid. Yones thought to himself.

A claw light flashed across and attacked Arthur, cutting off one of Arthur’s arms.

He didn’t even react at all.

Well, that’s not right. No reaction at all, not a drop of blood…. Not at all? !

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Its head was completely cut off by the sword!

“What!?” Grand Duke Yones raised his weapon in defense, but at this time Arthur had already kicked the Cerberus body out: “Senvia!”

Xianvia, who was hiding behind the ice wall, rushed out and hugged the body of the Cerberus, and then the dragon and the Cerberus began to freeze together!

“The three heads have a common consciousness, right?” Arthur said after jumping a few steps back, “I guess the other two Cerberus clones must be cold too?”

“How could you—” Ewans glanced at the “Arthur” who had one of his hands chopped off.

That is, it is very finely made, using magic to reproduce the material of every detail on Arthur’s body, it is almost real——

——Ice sculpture!

“Hahahaha! Well done! You really deceived me!” Youns laughed, but at this time, two figures appeared in succession, attacking Aya from the back and the side at the same time. Se!

“Humph!” Arthur dodged the attack from the side, and a backflip also avoided the Cerberus coming from behind, and finally volleyed out a frosty breath, freezing the Cerberus who was attacking from behind. into ice cubes! !

“Frozen? It’s obviously a lot slower!?” Arthur said, looking at the last Cerberus clone that escaped into the warp.

“Come here!” said Grand Duke Yones The last clone of Cerberus appeared behind the Grand Duke.

“Humph, use your dragon to seal Xiaokai’s deity, and use freezing to slow down the speed of other clones? You can’t think of it.” Euns said, “Although Xiaokai’s speed has become It’s less than one-tenth of the original, so you can barely avoid his attack. However, without the help of the dragon, can you alone deal with me and Xiao Kai’s clone?”

“You won’t know if you don’t try.” Arthur said ahead of the sword, “Come on!”

Plan! The Cerberus’ speedy attack was still a huge threat, and Arthur narrowly avoided it while countering with a sword. But this sword, which was originally intended to hurt the Cerberus, was blocked by Eun Sige!

“Knowing that he is protecting his last partner, that guy Ewens seems to have other ideas.” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens sneered, “Cerberus was originally a monster afraid of cold, but it has always been sealed by frozen magic. If you live there, you will gradually get used to the cold. When the Cerberus is fully used to it and the speed increases again, Arthur will definitely lose.”

“This battle has clearly distinguished advantages and disadvantages from the very beginning.” Gaia knight Owen said, “Even if knight Arthur uses the white dragon as an abandoned child to seal the speed of the Cerberus, it still cannot reverse the speed of the Cerberus. Absolute disadvantage.”

Not really. Bedivere knew that.

Arthur would never use any of his companions as outcasts. He must have his reasons for doing so.

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