Light Spirit Epic Chapter 166: Wandering in Ye Ming (Part 1)


Chapter 166: Wandering in Ye Ming (Part 1)

Three hours later, the train finally reached the second capital, London.

The leopard boy Tovir, who had just stepped off the train, once relaxed, suddenly collapsed to the ground with a snap.

“Towell?!” Bedivere went over to check on the Leopard boy’s condition, “Wow, it’s so hot, I’m running a high fever——“

“The thieves’ daggers are poisoned with poison.” Arthur walked out of the car in a hurry. “No antidote could be found from the guy, which proves that this is a poison that will kill people instantly.” , it is useless to keep the antidote.”

“Then what?!” Bedivere asked hurriedly.

“Don’t worry, with the Hungarian physique, this poison won’t kill him.” Arthur said, “Take him back first, and I’ll contact Greenville to take a look.”

Greenville had just finished her morning work and had a meal ready to rest. She prepared a large vat of aromatherapy bath with floating rose petals, and soaked in it comfortably.

Just then, the phone rang.

“Greenville, are you free?” Arthur asked.

“Arthur…” Greenville suppressed her anger and asked, “Did you count the timing? Why do you call and harass me every time I take a shower?!”

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

“Sorry, I really don’t know what time of day you need to take a shower. If you can tell me the time you take a shower, maybe I can find a way to avoid these times when I contact you.” Arthur said.

“You pervert! Who is going to tell you when I take a bath!!” Greenville said angrily, “Just tell me if you have anything!”

“Oh, it’s no big deal. It’s just that Tol’vir was poisoned.” Arthur said, “I can’t find an antidote, I’m afraid it’s a deadly poison.”

“Tsk. You will get into all kinds of trouble.” Greenville suppressed her anger and said, “Tell him to hold on, I’ll come right away.”

Greenville’s “Coming Soon”… is two hours away.

“You took a bath for two hours?!” Arthur asked in surprise as soon as he met.

“Noisy! It will take an hour just to get here by iron! I have to prepare medicines and instruments!” Greenville said angrily, but she had obviously enjoyed a very comfortable aromatherapy bath, and her skin was rosy Glossy and with a charming rose fragrance, it doesn’t look like it’s rushing to prepare medicines and instruments.

“Well, so it is.” Greenville looked at the leopard boy lying on the hospital bed, “The physique of the orcs is really surprising. Can a poison that can kill people at any point can actually be resisted? “

“Can you cure him?” Bedivere asked worriedly.

“His body has gradually become resistant to the poison. Even if we don’t do anything, he will recover in a few months.” Greenville said, “But you need to take care of a lying The kid who has been on the hospital bed for a few months must not be willing, right? Well, let me see if there is a faster way.”

She took out a bottle of colorless and transparent injection.

“This is?” Arthur asked.

“This is the detoxifying serum that was extracted from your blood last time.” Greenville said, “It has been proven effective when used on someone. It can remove the poison of the succubus. So I have more Made a few bottles just in case.”

“Uh, that’s just the antidote for the succubus poison—” Tristan couldn’t help but interject.

“This statement is wrong.” Greenville smiled ostentatiously, “The function of this serum is not only to relieve the poison of the succubus, it can stimulate the cell activity of the organism and enable the organism to metabolize at a high speed. Metabolism can remove highly toxic substances from the body from sweat——“

“Stop Use it now.” Arthur urged, afraid of Greenville’s eloquent tirade.

“What an impatient guy.” Greenville took out a syringe. “He may become violent during the process of accelerating metabolism. You should tie the child to the bed first. The mouth should also be covered with a cloth, otherwise he may become violent. I’ll bite my tongue.”

At the same time, the railway station of the imperial capital.

The train that was attacked by the bandits has been parked for cleaning, and the passengers have disembarked.

In this quiet train, there was a rustling sound in the last carriage.

A small thing opened the cover of the carriage and climbed up from the bottom of the car. White hair and long ears indicate that the creature is a bunny (Gypsy).

The little rabbit sniffed the air, “Bevier…”

On the other side, in the guardhouse of the station.

Chief Guard Douglas took off his hat, and his face began to deform into something else.

“Oh, are you still there?” Chief Guard Douglas looked at the other guards who were still standing there, and he drew a circle with his finger, “It’s hard for you, you all go to sleep. After you wake up, what will happen?” I don’t even remember.”

As soon as the voice fell, the guards who had been released from the hypnosis had already fallen to the ground.

“Arthur.” Douglas said to himself, “What shall we do next?”

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