Light Spirit Epic Chapter 167: Wandering in Ye Ming (middle)


Chapter 167: Wandering in Ye Ming (Part 2)

Towel was sweating profusely, and was tied to the bed, struggling from time to time.

“When he wakes up, give him something to eat. Speeding up the metabolism to eliminate toxins is very exhausting.” Greenville instructed.

“You said that his heart was pierced, but I couldn’t hear any signs of injury to his heart.” The girl said, “His heart was intact, but his liver was injured.”

“Are you sure this isn’t the injury from the last surgery?” Arthur asked.

“Idiot, don’t underestimate people! My surgery is perfect!” Greenville said angrily, “The injury to the liver is a recent injury, which fits your description of being stabbed with a dagger. However, I am completely I can’t understand why it’s not the heart but the liver that hurts?”

Arthur doesn’t speak. He has an idea in his mind, but guessing without evidence is just guessing, it’s better not to say it.

“I’ll go first. Except for the weak point, this child should not be in danger. Just be careful not to let him hurt again.”

“Understood, go do your work. I’m sorry to keep interrupting your work.” Arthur said.

“You know, if you hadn’t been obstructing me, your ancient documents could have been translated before the duel the day after tomorrow.” Greenville said.

“That? Even if it doesn’t catch up, I don’t plan to rely on the power of the holy sword to win the second duel.” Arthur said.

“Hahaha, you don’t rely on the power of the king’s sword, can you win against the Grand Duke of Yones? It’s so embarrassing to fight with my dad, and my dad is still letting water. The Grand Duke will not give you water.”

“…There will always be a way.” Arthur said.

Greenville shook her head angrily and turned to leave. Before she left, she added: “Arthur, don’t force yourself.”

“I see.” Arthur whispered.

Outside the house.

Lian Yin is carefully tending the fields of the farm, and some flower seedlings have grown in the fields.

“Lian Yin?” Bedivere walked over to take a look, “Wow, when did you grow so much in the fields?”

“This is what I grew out of myself.” Lian Yin said.

“Wait…” Bedivere thought for a while, “Isn’t this where the body was buried before?!”

The Assassins who came before, including the Assassins of the Human Council and the Assassins of the Foxmen… These piles of corpses were buried deep in the fields by Arthur’s order.

It’s scary now that I think about it. The seemingly ordinary small farm has hundreds of corpses buried in the fields.

“What kind of flower is this?” Bedi asked, “I hope it’s not some horrible poisonous weed that grows out of a corpse…”

“[Breath of the Sky].” Lian Yin fiddled with a flower bud that had not yet bloomed, and said expressionlessly, “The flower plant of Breath of the Sky will quickly bloom after absorbing the photons of the biological corpse.”

The werewolf boy stared at the Patimo girl in front of him. The girl was still expressionless, but she gently stroked the small flower seedling in front of her. This may be the most [human] scene of Bedivere since she met Lian Yin.

“Do you… like this flower?” Bedivere asked.

“Like?” Lian Yin’s words were still cold and inorganic, but she said something that is usually impossible to say: “No, I don’t like it. I always feel… looking at this kind of flower, It makes me miss it.”

Do you miss it? Bedivere knew that Lianyin was a legacy left by ancient civilizations. Before she met Bedivere, she had probably experienced the passage of thousands and hundreds of years. During these years, what may have happened has left a deep imprint on Lian Yin’s memory.

“You… don’t remember what happened?” Bedivere asked.

“The memory of this machine has been reset after it was unearthed, and all previous memories have been erased.” Lotus said, “This feeling of nostalgia may be the remnants of the memory that have not been completely erased.”

“Really? . . . Great.” Bedivere whispered, “At least your past isn’t completely blank. This kind of nostalgia is still meaningful.”

“Meaning? The meaning is unclear. Please expand the explanation.” Lian Yin said.

“No, don’t worry about it. You’ll understand sooner or later,” Bedivere said meaningfully.

Lian Yin suddenly stood up, looked into the distance, and said, “I found the intruder, two hundred feet away, approaching.”

“Intruder? Assassin?!”

“No, the other party doesn’t seem to be hostile.” Lian Yin said.

A figure came from a The man was short in stature, walking and jumping, looking very funny from a distance.

At this time, Arthur and the others also walked out of the house to observe because of the intruder alarm. Arthur was squinting at the strange figure in the distance.

After the figure approached, Bedivere said “ah”.

“Hey, Belleville!” Rabbit Man shouted, waving from a distance, “Long time no see!”

“Your acquaintance?” Arthur came over and asked Brady, “How did he find us?”

“Hello everyone, it’s the first time we meet.” The Rabbit Man jumped in front of the crowd at this time, and he bowed: “I’m Ryder from the Gypsy tribe, please give me more advice in the future.”

“Rabbit, rabbit?” Tristan on the side was so excited that his whole body trembled, and then he finally couldn’t help but fly over: “Wow! It’s a real gypsy! So cute!! Ahahaha this fluffy tail This fluffy feel! Don’t shrink, let me touch it a few more times!”

“First, sir, please pay attention to your behavior——” Rabbit Ryder struggled to push Tristan away, but the Bunnyman, who was much weaker than Tristan, struggled in vain.

“Uh, Ryder, how did you get here? How did you find me?” Bedivere asked.

“Before that—” The rabbit man managed to escape from Tristan’s arms, “It’s noon, can I grab a meal first? I’m going to starve.”

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