Light Spirit Epic Chapter 165: The twists and turns are on the way back


Chapter 165 The twists and turns on the way home (true)

One of Black Mist’s hands stabbed with a dagger, and Arthur blocked it with the dagger in his hand in a hurry. The block was barely blocked, but the arm was still hanging.

“How? Can’t keep up with my speed with the fastest weapon?” the opponent laughed, “My hands can travel freely in this black fog regardless of the distance, they can be said to be infinitely fast. Infinitely fast How do you block the attack?”

“…Less complacent.” As Arthur responded, he quickly thought about countermeasures in his mind.

“I have to give you a compliment. Of all my opponents, you are the one who lasted the longest.”

Arthur does not speak. He was already covered with all kinds of small wounds. Although the opponent’s knife has no lethal power, it is covered with poison. Even Arthur, who has the power of a succubus and can resist toxins, may not be able to resist like this for a long time. If you eat such an attack several times, the toxins will continue to accumulate, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

“Looks like you’re in a tough fight? Do you want me to help you?” Tristan climbed up from the rear car window.

“Don’t come here, Tristan! Stay within your distance! The guy’s attack is too fast to dodge, and you can’t resist the poison on his dagger!” Arthur yelled.

“Tsk. Then I’ll disturb him from a distance.” Tristan said, using magic to create countless ice arrows.

“Very well, two people can go together.” Beren sneered proudly, “So you want to win me over? Don’t joke!”

His hands disappeared again. A knife light came from behind Arthur, Arthur rolled and managed to dodge, but another knife light fell from Arthur’s head again!

“Keng!” Arthur had no choice but to block with his right hand! However, this very lucky block, not only blocked the opponent’s knife with the arm armor, but also firmly stuck the knife because of the gap between the black dragon scales!

“Caught you!” Arthur grabbed the opponent’s hand and chopped it off!

“Oh, oh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!” “The thief’s head led Bellen and chopped one hand, which hurt him.

“You, you **** bastard!! I’m going to kill you!!!!” Beren began to attack and slash wildly, unpredictable and unimaginably fast, like raindrops. Falling towards Arthur, Arthur shouted, “What are you waiting for?!”

Tristan, who was stunned to watch, was immediately awakened by Arthur’s call, and he shot the prepared ice arrow.

Dagger Rain and Frost Arrow Rain collide! In fact, Beren only has one hand, and his hand is just moving around in a certain range of space instantaneously. The current situation is that Beren has to avoid the icy rain that shoots randomly in the air, and his hand will be pierced by ice arrows if he is not careful!

“It’s so hard to get me?!” Beren became serious, using his right hand to avoid the ice arrows in the sky, while still not forgetting to attack Arthur. But compared to the previous offensive, it is much weaker now!

During the melee, Tristan accidentally shot a Frostbolt across Arthur’s abdomen!

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Tristan exclaimed hastily.

However, there is absolutely no need to apologize. Because, it was the same Frostbolt that also stabbed Beren’s hand that attacked Arthur!

That hand came for Arthur, and lost the opportunity to dodge the Frostbolt in order to attack!

The Frostbolt came because it was aimed at Arthur. The attack that seemed to accidentally injure a teammate turned out to be the most effective blow to Beren!

Within a thousandth of a second, Arthur turned this brilliant idea, and he immediately shouted at Tristan: “Don’t worry about me! Focus your attacks on me!!”

Beren actually heard Arthur shout. But his hand was still subconsciously attacking Arthur, and he didn’t have time to stop. His reaction became even more sluggish and fatigued from the battle just now, and even Arthur couldn’t immediately understand the meaning of such shouting.

At the same time, the quick-thinking Tristan already understood what Arthur wanted to do, so he scattered all the Frostbolts and aimed at Arthur from all angles: “I don’t care what happened!”

The countless ice arrows he fired were all aimed at Arthur.

At the same time, Arthur sensed the coming of Beren’s attack and made a slight movement.

Beren stabbed Arthur with his right hand, but was avoided as much as possible, leaving only a small scratch on Arthur’s arm.

At the same time, countless ice arrows shot at Arthur, not only piercing Arthur, but also shooting Beren’s hand to a pulp.

“Ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah!” Beren, who even lost his right hand, let out an earth-shattering scream from the heart-piercing pain.

At this time, Arthur had taken the opportunity to rush over and cut off Beren’s foot.

“Now you can’t even escape, right?” Arthur said coldly.

The black mist used by Beren dissipated due to the severe pain affecting the casting.

“It’s black mist and space magic, are you a dark elf?” Arthur asked, “A dignified dark elf actually acts as a thief? Can you be more depraved?!”

“I, I don’t know what you are talking about!” said the thief leader, “What is a dark elves? I am a human!”

Arthur is silent for a while.

“You’re a lunatic. Are you going to take more attacks to hit me?” Beren said dismissively.

“Well, you don’t have to worry about it,” Arthur said. He is full of ice arrows, but the black dragon armor with excellent protective performance completely defends the ice arrows inserted on it. Arthur is only injured in places that cannot be protected by armor, such as arms, and Arthur allows these places to grow. The thin dragon scales further prevent these injuries!

The Frostbolt melted away immediately, and Arthur’s wound was healing.

“Strange, monster!” said the thief.

“Yes, you should be satisfied with being planted in the hands of the monster?” Arthur raised his sword and slashed at Beren’s head.

But, no cut! Belen dodged!

“What?!” Arthur was stunned.

“Humph!” Beren stood up again, a very fine black mist wrapped around the fractures of his hands and feet, “using space magic to temporarily connect hands and feet like this, you can—”

Before he could finish speaking, he jumped to the side of the train and got in through the window.

“Arthur!!” The voice of Bedivere came from the opposite carriage.

“Damn it!” Arthur jumped into the carriage and rushed to his box, where he saw Bedivere kicked aside, while the thief leader Beren was holding Tolville with his only left hand.

“Don’t come here! Otherwise I’ll kill this kid!!” The thief showed his fierceness and pressed the edge of the knife to Tol’vir’s neck, “Prepare the tools for me to escape, right now!”

The Tol’vir winked at Arthur, but Arthur didn’t understand. He is ready to solve it according to his own set.

“How can you escape. If you want to kill him, aim at his heart. You can’t kill an orc just by wiping your neck.” Arthur said coldly.

“Thank you for reminding… What did you say!? You really don’t care about this kid’s life or death?!”

“Don’t be stupid, that’s an orc slave. It doesn’t matter to me how much he dies, as long as you spend more money to buy it.” Arthur continued provocatively, “It’s you, I want to make your head, you The bounty is enough for me to buy a bunch of slaves, hehe.”

“You—boy, I’m sorry. Since I can’t escape, I have to let you be buried with me. Then—die!!” Belen raised his knife to hold Will’s heart pierced.

At this critical moment, Arthur also raised his crossbow, and a luminous arrow shot Beren’s head!

However, Beren, who has no head, is still moving! ! The momentum of the knife did not weaken at all, and it stabbed Tovir’s heart fiercely!

“Oops!” Arthur shouted and rushed over to grab the knife with his hands, but it was too late. The dagger had sunk deep into Tol’vir’s chest, straight into the leopard boy’s heart!

“Tol’vir!!” Bedivere yelled, he rushed over and hugged the limp tol’vir, “No! It’s not true!”

The leopard boy raised his pale face to look at Bedivere. He smiled.

“Pull…pull it out, meow.” Tovir whispered in a low voice.

“Yes, but——” Bedivere knew that pulling the dagger like this would definitely cause massive bleeding, and that Tol’vir would surely die.

“He told you to pull it out, hurry up.” Arthur said coldly.

Bedivere couldn’t help but cast a hateful look at Arthur. However, he still obeyed To’vir’s words.

“Okay, okay, isn’t it hard to stick the knife in your chest? I’ll pull it out.” He cried, holding his hand tightly on the hilt of the dagger, “It might hurt a little, you bear with it. Unplug…it’s easy to unplug.”

As if fulfilling Tol’vir’s last wish, he solemnly and at the same time gently pulled out the dagger stuck in Tol’vir’s chest.

“Ugh!” Tol’vir spat out a mouthful of blood. Blood poured out of his chest, but not as much as he had imagined, and he suffocated for a few seconds.

After that, he resumed his breathing, and his breathing gradually became calmer. The blood in his chest was still gushing out, but it had begun to decrease.

“Yes, I’m saved, meow…” Tovel whispered.

“Saved?! Wait a minute…what, what’s going on!!?” Bedivere put his hand on the leopard boy’s chest. His heart miraculously survived, and it was beating at the moment, as if telling the world that it was fine, don’t worry!

“Even the dragons don’t have the super self-healing ability that can heal the damaged heart?” Arthur asked coldly, “Or… other abilities?”

Tol’vir avoided Arthur’s gaze.

“Are you still not going to tell us anything? Well, you’ll always say it when you should, and it’s useless to force you now.” Arthur said, “Hurry up and wrap it up. You just finished it earlier. Surgery, don’t let the wound get infected with more bacteria.”

Actually, Arthur doesn’t need to say, Bedivere has long since tore his shirt into strips of cloth and started dressing Tovel.

“Uh, Brady, there’s actually a first aid kit in the car——“


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