Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1347: Trapped in the deceitful way (19)


Chapter 1347 Trapped in the trick (nineteen)

“What.” Several other Dark Iron Knights couldn’t help but look at Knight Dore in surprise.

“You will die.” Jefferson glanced at his colleagues: “If you go to those undead now, you will surely die under the sword and fire.”

“I know.” But Doree looked calmly at Daniel who was fighting in the distance: “But that’s the only way to bring that kid back. He’s lost and giving up on himself. Thinking he’s lost everything, he just You can throw away your life at will. It’s a typical little kid.”

A large number of Necromancers have been cut down by this time. Losing their limbs, they burned feebly, twisted, and wailed, and the blazing fire spread in the hall. It is not an exaggeration to say that it was a scorching hell. If anyone dares to rush into this hell, there must be no return.

“My son is only two years younger than that kid. Although that kid is seriously ill and can’t get out of bed now, he used to be a lively and active guy.” The Dark Knight Dore continued: “I have lived my whole life. I only think about my family and don’t dare to take on too dangerous tasks. I have lived like a coward all my life, and I have never made any outstanding contributions to the world. But this time, I am going to die like a hero.”

The knight Dore looked back at the knight Tarkas: “Go back and tell my son that his father is a man who has a loan and a repayment. My life was saved by Mr. Daniel, and it was twice. This time it’s my turn to save him.”

“Stupid heroic act.” Tarkas said, “Even if you can save him, he will be turned to stone by the side effects of dragon blood.”

“Maybe it’s really stupid.” Dore ripped off a corner of his shirt and tied the wound on his leg tighter to make it easier to move: “But I will never let the person who saved me die. .”

He rushed into the fire despite the other knights’ dissuasion.

In the chaotic battlefield, the battle between Daniel and the army of undead warriors is also coming to an end. There were less than ten undead warriors who surrounded Daniel, and some of them had been ignited by fire, just waiting to be burned to the ground and collapsed. As a result, the encirclement became loose, and if Daniel intended to escape, it was not impossible. However, the black iron knight boy’s mind was almost completely lost. At this moment, he just obeyed his instinct and fought with a sword.

Nevertheless, he fights only by instinct, but he is extremely threatening. He clashes from left to right, strikes quickly and ruthlessly, and does not even know the pain. He is like a destruction machine that exists only to destroy the enemy. .

“Yeah.” The dark iron knight Dolei rushed through a sea of ​​fire and looked at the young knight in front of him: “Enough, Mr. Daniel. Stop it.”

No answer. The dark iron knight boy was still busy slashing with the undead. Another monster fell. The boy drew four or five swords against the monster on the ground in a row, slashing it into pieces.

“Have you completely lost yourself…” Dorei took a deep breath, gathering strength for the last sprint in this fiery, smoke-filled world.

Swipe, swipe, swipe. . Daniel swung his blade again and chopped off the heads of the other three Necromancers. However, his body also began to petrify. The petrification started from the skin, and from the bottom up, his calf became pale and gradually became rigid.

The undead became arrogant when they saw that Daniel was in poor condition. They surrounded them again, all wielding weapons and struggling to the death.

“Uh.—” The boy tried to move his heavy legs, but couldn’t.

The undead flew up, all the swords, swords and halberds falling on Daniel. .

Pazazazazaza. Various weapons penetrated the knight’s body, opening large and small holes, and blood gushing out.

“Um…uh.” Knight Dore spat out a mouthful of blood, which landed on Daniel’s left cheek. He helped the teenager block the last wave of attacks. All the deadly attacks fell on his slightly middle-aged cock. Only a few particularly sharp weapons could penetrate his armor and cock, but the strength was already strong. Can’t hurt Daniel.

The real fatal blow was caused by Daniel. The blade of the flame pierced through Dolei’s chest and directly destroyed his heart.

“Dan…Neal…………” The middle-aged knight’s voice became weaker and weaker: “This way…we are finished …”

The dark iron knight boy, who had almost lost his mind, regained his sobriety at the last moment. He widened his eyes and looked at Dore the knight in front of him in disbelief: “Mr. Dore…”

“Tell me…son…his dad…is a hero…hero. Even a…lie… Okay. Tell him… Dad is a… hero.” The middle-aged knight continued to vomit blood and said with difficulty. Every word and every syllable is his last words squeezed out with the last bit of vitality.

“Child… don’t give up… hope. . shines in the sky. Not even a **** storm…can’t hide its…light.”

Knight Dore is dead.

His body slid limply, blood spreading across the ground, crackling by the surrounding fire.

The group of necromancers surrounded them. The greedy monsters didn’t give up their crazy ** even before they died. They wanted to eat the newly dead Dore, and even the petrified Daniel.

Between reality and fantasy, the past and the present overlap. In a hazy mind, Daniel saw the body of the middle-aged knight on the ground, but his first thought was his father.

His father, who also died early for some stupid reason.

The man, regarded as a hero by his young and ignorant son, was a laughing stock in the Knights and died for nothing.

——However, who can say that he is not a real hero.

“Dad…” Daniel, who was half-turned to petrification, screamed hysterically: “No…—–“

Boom. . —– An explosion centered on him. It was a great storm of flames mixed with dragon flames and dragon roars. The undead disappeared in this fire storm, and even if they were not extinguished, they were shaken and scattered, and fell into other fires and burned into scum.

And Daniel was completely transformed into a stone statue.

“Humph—” Another stupid knight came through the fire to save his comrade. The dark iron knight Jefferson rolled over the last wall of fire. He screamed to put out the flames on his body, and at the same time searched for Daniel and Dore in this extremely harsh environment.

It didn’t take him much trouble to find it, after all, Daniel’s statue is particularly eye-catching in this environment. Dore, on the other hand, died at the feet of Daniel and was mortally wounded, and at a glance he knew that he was helpless.

Jefferson quickly ran to Daniel, holding a glimmer of hope, reached out and probed Daniel’s chest.

“And a heartbeat.” He was startled.

Since there is still a heartbeat, there is no reason not to save it.

Rumble rumble rumble. . Unable to withstand the worsening fire, the cave began to collapse. In a sway, countless fist-sized rocks fell from the sky.

“Wait, brother.” Jefferson swiftly took off his breastplate and put it on Daniel, providing a little protection for the boy’s stone statue: “I will definitely take you out of here safely.”

He struggled to carry Daniel’s statue and ran out of the cave.

“Jefferson.” Tarcas beckoned to his companions at the opening of the cave that was about to collapse: “Quick. There’s no time.”

“I know, I know.” However, Jefferson, carrying the statue of Daniel, really couldn’t run. Although petrified people cannot be as heavy as real stones, their hardened bodies are condensed with photons, and photons have “weight” when they move. Jefferson walked against Daniel as hard as walking in water. He was only ten yards from the exit, but more and more stones fell from the collapsed roof, and the volume grew.

“Quick.” Bach shouted, and he and Tarkas raised their light guns to shoot down the more threatening falling rocks as much as possible to ensure Jefferson’s retreat.

“Oh no.” But they saw an unimaginably large boulder collapsing, the size of a bed. This is not an obstacle that the small firepower of the light gun can shatter at all. The collapsing boulder was about to crush the stone statue of Jefferson, the Dark Iron Knight, and Daniel into meat sauce and fragments.

Boom. . At this critical moment, a large fireball flew from the dead corner of the cave and hit the boulder. That is a very advanced flame magic. When the fireball hits the target, it will explode, and it is also an implosion created by injecting magic into the interior of the object. The boulder quickly disintegrated in the form of self-destruction, and it turned into thousands of small stones the size of fists and flew out Post, what happened. . “The group of black iron knights couldn’t believe their eyes. Logically, apart from them and the group of undead warriors, there would be no third-party forces in this cave. But that fireball belonging to high-level magic, It is obviously from the hands of a certain ** teacher, and it can never be a natural phenomenon.

“Don’t think about it. Run,” urged Tarkas.

Jefferson frowned and continued to move his footsteps, and soon reached the entrance of the cave and joined the crowd.

Bach helped to carry Daniel’s statue, and the two of them lifted the statue, which made it easier to walk immediately. But they didn’t have much time to breathe. The chain reaction caused by the collapse of the cave hall would endanger the base of the entire thieves group, and eventually lead to the collapse of the entire cave system. If they didn’t want to be buried alive, they had to escape from this cave system immediately.

“Going to escape.” Tarkas took his shield and gun to the front, and a group of dark iron knights hurried away.

“That should be enough.” Xinghui Longshaxing, who was lurking in the dark, couldn’t help smiling coldly when he saw the knights who escaped smoothly. He opened a portal and jumped in.


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