Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1346: Trapped in the deceitful way (18)


Chapter 1346 Trapped in the trick (18)

“Damn. [Dancing e-book] Damn, odious..” A lone dark iron knight was frantically wielding a lightsaber to drive away the undead that were close by.

However, the group of necromancers became more agile with the passage of time, their attack power also increased greatly, and they could not be killed. Immediately they pinned the dark iron knight to the ground and pierced the knight’s chest with the bone blades of their long arms. The monsters brutally disemboweled the knight, ate his flesh and blood, and ate it with relish, making the other knights desperately chewing.

“Um…” Dark Iron Knight Tarkas swung a large shield to knock off an enemy: “Everyone hold on for a while. We’ll be at the exit soon.”

But he also knew very well that this was just a lie to reassure his companions. Thirty yards remained from the southeast exit of this hall, but that was a long way. There are more than fifty enemies standing in front of the knights. These fifty necromancers are all wielding swords and claws, and they will kill Tarkas and others at any time, not because of their newcomers. Skills can easily break through. And behind them, there were hundreds of necromancers chasing after them. One or two blows alone could not disperse them. The knights could only watch in despair as the necromancers got closer and closer to them.

“Damn. There’s nothing left to do.” The Dark Iron Knight Jefferson sighed in despair, “If I knew this was the case, I should have drank the bottle of whisky I treasured before going out today.”

However, his companion, Bach, bluntly said: “If you did that, you would have died in the previous battle, and you will not survive the present.”

“Hmph, they’re all dead anyway.” Jefferson and the other knights had formed a circle back to back, raising their shields on guard. But they couldn’t last long. The undead were less than two yards away from them, and the hordes of corpses who enjoyed eating the living were about to chew them to pieces. .

“It must be very painful to be eaten alive.” Jefferson closed his eyes and pointed his lightsaber at his chest: “I’m sorry, I took a step ahead. Read the full text of Xian Nian.”

“No, Jefferson.” Tarcas exclaimed suddenly.

“Don’t stop me. If I have to die, I can at least choose a more decent way to die.”

Even Bach stopped loudly: “No. No, Jefferson. Look.”

The Dark Iron Knight, who was about to kill himself, stopped his hand and opened his eyes to take a closer look.

The group of necromancers are being blasted away one by one. Their attention was no longer focused on the group of dark iron knights, but shifted to other creatures near the southeast exit. [Please go to 800 to read the latest chapter of this book]

Jefferson narrowed his eyes, trying to see what the creature in the distance was.

To his great surprise, the creature was actually a human.

To be more precise, it was a slightly fancy teenager in a short-sleeved shirt and shorts. But the young man’s body was oozing with blazing fire. It’s not because he’s burning, it should be some kind of excess light caused by a phase difference. The principle is very similar to that of a lightsaber.

And the boy was wielding the blade formed by the flames, punching hard, knocking the surrounding necromancers one by one. .

No, the scene wasn’t enough to really surprise Jefferson the Dark Iron Knight. What really surprised Jefferson was that the young man in the fire was someone he knew well.

“Daniel.,” he exclaimed the moment he recognized the boy. However, his shouting also alerted the group of undead warriors, causing these monsters who had been distracted to turn their attention to the group of black iron knights again.

“Idiot. Are you trying to kill us by bringing their attention back?” Bach rebuked. The necromancers had already surrounded the crowd, and basically kept the distance from which they could immediately attack the knights if they wanted to.

“Roar.——” Daniel suddenly roared, the loud roar like a dragon’s roar. The fire on his body burned more vigorously, and the light and sound once again succeeded in attracting the attention of the undead.

“Stand where you are… don’t… move.” The hazy Daniel warned vaguely: “Otherwise I might… even with you… …attacked.”

“What,.” Jefferson was confused when he saw Daniel’s situation a little strange.

“Don’t make a sound.” Tarkas gave the command on behalf of the captain: “If you don’t want to die, crouch down and raise your shields to defend yourself.”

His judgment was absolutely correct. In the next second, Daniel had already swept out a sword. The lightsaber with the flame attached was more powerful than usual, and it slammed violently with an arc of fire that was thirty feet long. get.

And this arc of fire also ignited more than a dozen undead warriors. These monsters are transformed from corpses. They have already drained the blood in their bodies, and the rotting flesh has fermented something similar to methane, and a little spark can set them on fire. In addition to [Holy], fire is the greatest enemy of these undead monsters.

No, it may be the other way around. Perhaps fire is more suitable for dealing with necromancers than divine.

[Holy] may be able to kill these undead warriors in one hit, but its killing range is limited after all, and it is inefficient to deal with hordes of undead. The flame has the characteristic of spreading. When a undead warrior is ignited and runs around in the monster pile, it will also ignite the monsters around him. Although the necromancers are endowed with a certain degree of self-healing ability, this power is very limited (it can’t be compared with the emerald knight at all), and it can be said to be insignificant in front of the flames. The destructive power caused by burning far exceeds the regeneration ability of the undead, so as long as they are ignited, they are basically sentenced to death.

In short, fire purifies everything.

Dust to dust, dust to dust, these unclean creatures that have violated the law of life and death are falling to the ground under the flaming blade of the young black iron knight. Daniel knew that the flaming sword could not kill spirits in a single blow like the divine, so his tactics were locked in sealing the actions of the enemy from the very beginning. His sword dance constantly aimed at the hands and feet of the monsters, chopped them down, and then left these monsters without limbs alone, letting them struggle in the sea of ​​​​fire.

“That boy—” The dark iron knights slowly moved towards the passage slashed by Daniel while guarding their shields. Jefferson, however, watched Daniel’s battle intently, dumbfounded: “When did he get so much power,”

“The roar just now, and the flame,” Tarkas still analyzed calmly: “couldn’t this be the power of dragon blood, where did he get it,”

“Wait, dragon blood,” Jefferson’s eyes widened: “Is it really okay to drink that kind of thing.”

“Probably, I will die.” The Dark Iron Knight Bach said in a low voice: “I have read the descriptions in many books that drinking dragon blood can indeed temporarily give people the power of dragons, but its The price is also terrible. The body of the person who drinks the dragon’s blood will start to petrify within a few hours, and finally become a stone statue and die…”

Dorrey, the dark iron knight, sighed in a low voice: “That kid could do this for us in order to help us.”

Talkas and the others fell silent.

“Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhly They played hot. His speed is getting faster and faster, like a monkey running wildly on fire. He became more and more skilled in wielding the flaming blade. The blade formed a continuous arc of fire, shuttling through the corpse, and almost every few feet of movement, the arms and legs of the necromancer were chopped off.

Of course, the undead are getting stronger. Their attacks are more frequent and more accurate. The long arm bone blades they wielded were like continuous waves, attacking the black iron knight boy, opening small wounds on Daniel’s body, which were insignificant but actually increasing. Daniel was wearing shorts and shorts, and he didn’t have any armor to save his life. He shuttled among thousands of corpses, wandered in the storm of sword blades, and could be killed by the bone blade piercing through important internal organs every second. The situation can be described as thrilling to the extreme. But he is indeed agile, and the bone blades of the undead can only brush his body lightly, but they can’t always stab the key.

Wash la la la la. There was another flurry, and dozens of undead warriors fell. The sea of ​​​​fire overlapped on the sea of ​​​​fire, the corpses piled up on the corpse, and the burning flesh and blood flew in the sky, and the entire cave hall was filled with flames and scorched stench. And the group of black iron knights almost retreated near the exit.

“When I went back to the gathering just now, I inquired about some family affairs of Mr. Daniel.” Tarcas only found the opportunity to say at this time: “I heard that his only relative, his mother, passed away last night.”


” His mother was seriously ill and needed an operation, but he was too late to raise funds for the operation, and the hospital refused to accommodate In the end, he could only watch his mother die. ” Tarcas continued to narrate without emotion: “He must be in a very complicated mood.”

Dorrey the Dark Iron Knight was silent for a while, quietly looking at Daniel who was still fighting. Dore, the knight who participated in this high-dangerous mission for similar reasons, was also very complicated when he heard about Daniel.

“To have a motherless child save us with his own life,” Jefferson’s face was even more distorted with pain: “God. What kind of scum are we all.”

“Daniel.” Jefferson slapped the last necromancer blocking the road with his shield, shouting in the distance: “Enough. We all escaped. You too. Leave the undead alone. …”

But Daniel was completely inaudible. Influenced by the power of the dragon’s blood, the dark iron knight boy with a hazy mind can’t listen to anyone. He fights frantically on the battlefield, and will continue to fight until the last power is exhausted.

“Give it up, we can only retreat first.” Tarkas’s calm face could not help but reveal a trace of regret: “He is already helpless,”

The knight Dore came forward at this time: “I’m going to bring that child back,”


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