Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1348: Trapped in the deceitful way (20)


Chapter 1348 Trapped in the trick (twenty)

At the same time (?), Ghana, Africa, inside the Ghana National Stadium.

Albert and Mutter were hurriedly ready, and by the time they ran off the court, the Sphinx’s offensive round had already begun for several minutes.

Albert glanced at the field, but was immediately stunned.

“Wha—meow—ghost—?!” He exclaimed.

The offensive and defensive line members of the Sandstorm Sphinx team fell to their knees one by one, panting like cows, and could no longer fight. The players of the Ghana Black King Kong team have changed from humans to monsters one by one, with muscles that swell into huge rocks all over their bodies, and fire like hot lava seeps between the “muscles”!

“Substitution!” The quarterback Shiloma shouted loudly: “Let the Second Army come up and make a substitute!”

“What the hell—what happened here?!” Albert shouted and rushed to the field to join the crowd, but the referee blocked the tiger youth.

“Let me check your jersey first!”

“Then hurry up!” Tiger resisted the urge to curse: “But you are wasting your time. You will never pick a thorn on my jersey and find a trace of blood!”

The referee gave Tiger a blank look and circled around Albert. Indeed, in the battle against the assassin just now, Albert did a very clever job, and the jersey was not stained with a drop of blood at all. Seeing that the referee could no longer make things difficult for Albert, he had to let Tiger play.

“What’s the matter with meow?!” Tiger asked anxiously as soon as he ran to Shiloma: “What kind of meow ghost are those monsters?!”

“They are human beings, the black people from the Garner Black King Kong team just now.” The quarterback replied calmly.

“What meow? Are you going to tell me what a human looks like?!” The white tiger complained violently.

“[Purgatory].” A voice came from behind Albert. After the referees checked Mutter’s jersey and confirmed that there was no blood on the Catman boy, they finally let Mutter play.


“A by-product made from a drug called [Bliss]. A very scary stimulant.” Mutter whispered, “This is very different from a normal stimulant. Taking a normal stimulant People who do stimulants only have physical enhancements at best. But people who use [Bliss] will even change their appearance. They will continue to change into this monster form in a frenzy until the effect of the drug wears off, or they until you die.”


“In order to reach the finals, that group of black people also fought very hard.” The quarterback shrugged: “Anyway, as long as they use that kind of medicine once, they will become useless in this life and have to be in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. I spent it on.”

“Someone is willing to do this kind of thing?!”

“Because Ghana is a poor country in Africa, and it doesn’t have much international status. In order to raise the image of their country, they are willing to do anything.” Shiloma sneered: “These players are basically the poor class. From one’s background, he can’t make much money just from competitions. But if he has a lifetime disability as a national representative athlete, the state allowance is enough for his family to live a good life.”

In other words, these humans didn’t come to compete with Albert and the others.

These humans are here to fight the Sphinx team.

Albert took a deep breath, and then he recalled the scene in yesterday’s video of the knockout round table trial, where Uncle Palamidis faced off against the swordsman Selun. At that time, Sailun seemed to have injected some kind of medicine into his body, turning himself into a huge red crystal monster, which made Uncle Leopard suffer a lot.

So it turns out, they’re all lifeless idiots meow.

Tiger narrowed his eyes and took a closer look at the Ghana players. Although their appearance was slightly different from Selun’s, they were probably using similar drugs.

Humans are arrogant and arrogant. Really convinced them.

“Such an obvious foul, but the people on this court have no opinion at all?” Albert sighed. Obviously, the referee didn’t say a foul, and the audience outside the court watched as if nothing had happened, and even applauded the group of guys who fouled with drugs.

“There have been [fouls] worse than this before. In the world of dark American football, this is just a routine.” Shiloma hummed disdainfully: “Wake up, don’t talk to these people about sportsmanship People watch dark football, not sportsmanship at all, but hearty violence and **** battle scenes. Humans have always been such twisted creatures, and we are just actors, clowns, their entertainment It’s just an object. No one cares about an actor’s life or death.”

The tiger frowned, as if he could hear the vague hatred for humans in Captain Shiloma’s tone. However, Albert didn’t want to go deeper, because the second army’s offensive and defensive lines replaced by the wounded were already lined up one by one, and the game was about to start.

“Is there really no problem with these little devils, meow?” Albert asked suspiciously as he looked at the second army of young people. Although there were several fat tigers and elephant men in the offensive and defensive line, these orcs were obviously too young, and they all seemed very uncomfortable and lacked combat experience. How far can the offensive and defensive line team without Gusta as the center lead against the group of Black King Kong giants?

“These little devils are specialized talents to maintain the offensive and defensive line. Although their strength is incomparable to the regular army’s offensive and defensive line, they are very good at protecting themselves and not allowing themselves to be injured.” Shiloma took the ball Handed over to the center of the Second Army: “Let’s start!”

Kickoff! After the center shouted, he immediately passed the ball back to Shiloma. The quarterback sneered and immediately launched a short pass, letting the ball fall into Albert’s hands!

Regardless of whether the Sphinx team’s offensive and defensive line is reliable or not, there is only one thing Albert has to do now, which is to sprint forward! He ran away, bypassing the offensive and defensive lines of the two teams that were continuously confronting, and immediately ran towards the Ghana team’s position!

Three Black Kong Giants guards stand in front of Albert! These guys can no longer be called human, they are covered with black diamond-like muscles, and the muscle structure is still oozing with fire! They exuded high heat, and hissing steam escaped from their bodies, and it was extremely uncomfortable just to be close!

Albert is so fast, however, that slipping past these lumbering giants is a breeze! He dodged left and right, paused for half a step, made a sharp turn, and instantly twisted the three defenders!

“Ha, it’s so tender!” Albert smiled smugly, he had won the game! No wonder those referees who took bribes would do everything possible to prevent Albert from playing, because the speed of the tigers is the nemesis of these black kings! No matter how terrifyingly these humans use stimulants to strengthen themselves, as long as they can’t catch up with Albert, it’s all in vain!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh! The tiger ran wildly with a rushing sound like a gust of wind, but there was not half of the enemy to stop him along the way. He rushed to the bottom line of the Ghana team!

Touchdowns! Easy touchdown!

There was cheers from the outside as the Sandstorm Sphinx led the Ghana Black Kings 13:8!

“Okay! Just keep going with this momentum!” Albert said happily, clenching his fists. He took advantage of the situation and glanced back at the venue, but was surprised to find that the Sphinx’s offensive and defensive lines were all down!

Just in the dozens of seconds that Albert sprinted from the midfield to the enemy’s bottom line, the young second army offensive and defensive line of the Sphinx team was suppressed by the Black King Kong of the Ghana team, one by one Fall down on your back!

Anyone with a little knowledge of American football knows what a humiliation it is for players on the offensive and defensive lines to fall on their backs. This kind of thing will only happen when the strength of the two sides is too disparate, and the weaker side is of course the young second army of the Sphinx team!

“Hey, is there really no problem going on like this, meow?” Albert returned to his position, scratching his head in confusion.

The group of Second Army nodded embarrassedly at Albert, but did not dare to speak more.

“However, they just fell, not injured.” Shiloma hummed meaningfully: “Since none of them were injured, the game can continue.”

White Tiger secretly murmured, although the point is indeed this is right, but the Sphinx team’s offensive and defensive line is too easy to collapse, right? Judging from this momentum, won’t their next defensive rounds be bad? It’s true that Albert’s speed can help the Sphinx score easily, but if the Sphinx can easily drop points, they won’t have any advantage in this game.

No, maybe still at a disadvantage!

Goal scored! In the bonus round, the Sphinx kicker put the ball into Ghana’s goal for a point! Sandstorm Sphinx leads Ghana Black Kings 14:8!

Then swap offense and defense! It’s Ghana’s turn to counterattack! Albert and Mutter don’t play defense and sit on the bench. Ten seconds into the battle, Tiger watched in disappointment as the Ghana team’s offensive and defensive line pushed the Sphinx’s infantry to the ground, and once again made the Sphinx’s second army fall on their backs! The Ghana players charged straight towards the Sphinx’s baseline with the ball, and ran for nearly 20 yards before being stopped by four defenders!

“Hey. I can’t take it anymore.” Albert couldn’t help but hide his face. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the Sphinx drop points again, and it’s more points than it gets!

Touchdowns! Sure enough, Ghana’s second attack directly broke through the Sphinx’s final defense! The score was refreshed to 14 : 14 The Ghana Black King Kong team tied!

That’s not enough, because Ghana has an extra bonus round coming up!

And of course, this group of Black King Kong monsters who took the medicine used a strong attack method to just break up the Sphinx team’s offensive and defensive line, and scored in the form of touchdowns!

The score is 14:16, and the Ghana Black King Kong team leads by two points!


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