Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1339: Trapped in the deceitful way (11)


Chapter 1339 Trapped in the trick (11)

At the same time, somewhere in the Sahara Desert, inside [Golden Ship—Desert Ship].

“Damn, Eve!” Bedivere knocked on the door irritably: “Open the door! Open the door quickly!!”

Not useful. The steel doors made of unknown materials by the ancient gods were unbelievably hard, and they were not something that could be broken apart by the wolf claws of Bedivere alone. The entire sand boat has entered a state of high martial law, and every door and every ventilation opening is tightly sealed, impervious to the wind.

And it’s all thanks to that **** tech support guy – Gwen Greene.

Eve ignored Bedivere at all, as if the lives of the few people in the mechanical warehouse had nothing to do with her. She is trying to deal with Gwen Green who has invaded the database, and she must have no time to worry about other things.

“I didn’t expect to do such a thing.” Evan on the side was still looking for an available escape route, but he obviously couldn’t find anything. The wise ancient people designed everything to be airtight. How could it be possible? Take advantage of stupid modern people?

“It’s absolutely impossible.” Tristan, the murloc prince, gave Bedivere a stern look: “It’s because of this kid’s broken warship that we’re all trapped here.”

“Blame me?” The werewolf snorted dissatisfiedly. At this moment, he was already full of anger, and was looking for someone to vent.

“Of course it’s your fault. If you hadn’t come up with a bad idea in the first place, we wouldn’t have ended up like this, trapped in a tattered sand boat to die!” Huo, scolded unceremoniously: “And what kind of deputy captain you are really incompetent, even a small artificial intelligence in the ship can’t manage well, let her be presumptuous! Are you the deputy captain or she? Is it the vice-captain?”

“I’m not a deputy captain, my acting captain, you idiot!!”

“Is there any difference? Anyway, your captain’s title is just an empty name. Once something happens, it will wither, and you can’t do anything!”

“So, blame me?!” The werewolf roared even more angrily: “It’s not that I want to be the acting captain of this broken ship! Do you have any opinions?!”

“Who wants to be the captain of your wrecked ship! This prince has his own battleship, and it’s a beauty!”

“Enough! Enough for you all!!” Ivan finally couldn’t help interrupting the conversation between the two: “Don’t say a few words! Are you guys?!”

“Phuhuhuhuhu…” Logan, who was sitting on the floor resting, couldn’t help laughing: “Young is a good thing, you don’t need to be shy in front of others.”

“Shut up!!” Bedivere and Tristan yelled at the old man at the same time.

The King of Knights sat on Bedivere’s iron cavalry without saying a word, playing with the machine while waiting patiently. He didn’t stop Bedivere and Tristan from quarreling, but instead hoped that the two could quarrel more fiercely, so as to help him distract the system (Eve)’s attention. Although Eve remained silent so far, King Arthur knew very well that the cold computer woman must still be spying on everyone in the mechanical warehouse.

And his plan has only one chance to execute. If it fails, it will cause Eve’s suspicion. Therefore, everything must be kept secret until King Arthur actually acts.

He stretched out his left hand, a dark flame brewing in the palm of his hand. He secretly poured this strange fire into the cavalry’s arsenal. When a certain weapon on the cavalry is activated, the power of the flame will merge with the armament of the cavalry, enough to be used once.

Only once.

“Gwengreen, Gwengreen, can you hear me?” After Arthur fiddled with the machine, he turned to the communicator and shouted: “What’s going on on your side? Reply!”

No response. I don’t know if it was because of the communication blockage in the sand ship, or simply because the conceited guy Gwengreen didn’t bother to pay attention to King Arthur.

The air gradually became cloudy. That’s of course, after all, this mechanical warehouse is not big, there are five people breathing at the same time, and the ventilation system is blocked by Eve’s **** artificial intelligence.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Bedivere and Tristan were out of breath after arguing, and waved: “Temporary, temporary truce!”

“It should have been done long ago, you stupid, stupid wolf!” The murloc prince was obviously a little breathless.

Time to do it, King Arthur thought. If it drags on any longer, everyone will suffocate to death.

“Come here, Bedivere.” The Knight Dynasty werewolf beckoned: “Let’s discuss something.”

“What, what’s wrong, Arthur?” Bedivere came over curiously despite his exhausted face.

The King of Knights whispered a few words in the werewolf’s ear, and Bedivere’s face changed immediately: “How can it be! It’s too dangerous to do this—-“

“Shh!” Arthur interrupted the werewolf youth’s protest: “Don’t startle, you idiot!”

The werewolf also glanced around alertly, realizing that Eve might be listening. He restrained his astonishment and replied in a low voice: “But…you don’t mean to put all bets on me? If I fail, we all have to die here. Ah!”

“It doesn’t matter. If we continue like this, we will suffocate to death.” The King of Knights said: “It’s better to gamble with your newly acquired abilities.”

Bediver frowned.

“It seems that this iron cavalry has been refitted,” the king of knights knocked on the anti-gravity airship’s silver metal shell: “And it was also equipped with a weapon – a light gun. Although the power is not How about it, but I fiddled with its shells, which should be more than enough to break the inner walls of this sand boat. The question is what happens next.”


“When we came, the ship was already buried deep in the sea of ​​sand.” King Arthur continued, “Eve opened a temporary passage for us at that time, and we abandoned the dragoon and barely got in. But Now Eve won’t be so caring, that **** computer woman doesn’t even plan to let us live here.”

The king of knights touched the king’s sword on his waist: “Therefore, this time it is up to me to open the way. Of course. The way I opened is definitely not enough for this iron cavalry and the five of us to pass at the same time. It just opened a gap with the outside world, and this gap will be completely buried by thick sand in a few seconds. The next thing is up to you.”

The werewolf swallowed.

“Tristan and the others would not agree to this. Especially Tristan. He would rather die than believe me.”

The King of Knights smiled mysteriously: “How would you know if you didn’t ask?”

“No need to ask at all—“

“Go—ask—him!” Arthur stretched his tone, commanding.

In desperation, Bedivere had to go to Evan and Tristan: “Uh, that…”

“What do you want to say?” Tristan’s face was a little dark red due to lack of oxygen. Although he had a bad temper, he couldn’t get angry: “If you want to quarrel, find someone else, I don’t have time.”

“Listen,” the werewolf scratched his head in embarrassment: “I apologize for my previous childish behavior, let’s truce, okay? But you have to come with me. No. I should say yes, please put you Give me your life, if you still want to live.”

Tristan and Evan looked at each other, thinking at first that Bedivere was crazy and talking nonsense, but they took another look at King Arthur and knew that the king must have a plan, but the plan must go to Bedivere implement.

“Okay, I believe in you.” Evan said first: “But it doesn’t mean that I really believe in you. At best, I believe in His Majesty King Arthur. If His Majesty is willing to believe in you, of course I do too. “

“Very good.” Bedivere nodded and said, “Then please go to the co-pilot seat of the iron cavalry and serve as the gunner.”

He leaned closer to Evan’s ear and whispered: “Your eagle eye should be able to see the weakest part of this mechanical warehouse, right? Just shoot there.”

Evan nodded, walked over and sat in the passenger seat of the iron cavalry.

Bedivere turns to look at Tristan: “How about you?”

The murloc prince rolled his eyes at Bedivere and started walking towards the cavalry: “You’d better do what you say and bring us out of here alive.”

“If I fail, the big deal is to die with you.” The werewolf smiled wryly.

Tristan snorted and jumped into the back seat of the cavalry passenger seat.

“Should I go?” Big Mage Logan also climbed up from the floor holding his waist, “I’m tired of staying here anyway, so I’ll just leave~”

Bediver shook his head irritably and walked to his cavalry: “So… set off?”

He jumped on the driver’s seat of the cavalry, behind him was King Arthur, and behind King Arthur was Logan, and in the passenger seat beside him were Ivan and The cavalry with a limited capacity of four people has already Overloaded, but the modified antigravity airship is so powerful that a little overload doesn’t seem to be a big problem.

And they don’t have to fly very far.

Aware of the abnormality in the mechanical warehouse, Eve’s voice suddenly sounded: “Warning, warning! The ship is currently under curfew, please stay calm and avoid any dangerous actions!”

“Dangerous to your sister, you are the most dangerous!” Bedivere started the cavalry’s engine and lifted the entire anti-gravity airship.

He raised his **** towards the surveillance camera in the distance: “We have to go, bye! I won’t miss you!!”

“At three o’clock, the elevation angle is thirty degrees!” Ivan shouted immediately, firing at the instructed!

Bah! A black light bullet burst out from the photon muzzle of the iron cavalry. Or that it was originally a green ordinary light bomb, but the outer layer was wrapped in a black flame!

Whoa! The black bullet hit the position Ivan said, exactly! The golden inner wall of the desert boat, which was supposed to be indestructible, was blasted with a hole by a light bomb!


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