Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1338: Trapped in the deceitful way (10)


Chapter 1338 Trapped in the trick (ten)

After the two left Prince Saeed’s palace, they quickly crossed the oasis, a short stretch of desert between the oasis and the city of Cairo.

“So,” Father Odin glanced at the Black Moon God Steel weapon in Seglade’s hand: “You applied the spray paint? It’s so uneven, do you have your own ideas?”

“A little meow.” The young Leopard Man fondly played with his long tomahawk.

“Let me see.” Father Odin reached out and asked Seglade for a weapon.

The young Leopard Man deferentially handed the long tomahawk to the old man for inspection.

“Interesting.” Father Odin looked at the Black Moon Shinto Tomahawk.

The paint has stably adhered to Luna Steel, becoming a permanent part of it. The irregular, camouflage-like black cold steel surface of the weapon had a strange beauty, and the glass-like transparent color showed through the cold reflection of the steel, and the whole weapon was like obsidian covered with a thin layer of steel.

“Three layers… No, four layers. The uneven spraying of four consecutive layers causes a wide variation in the phase difference, so that the magic power of the turpentine powder increases explosively. But such a The performance of turpentine will not be stable and lasting.”

“It’s okay, meow,” Seglade said with a grin: “Apply powder after a few uses, anyway, turpentine powder is a consumable, not meow.”

“That’s what he said,” Father Odin picked up the long tomahawk and waved it gently, as if to test its feel: “But in a tense battle, you won’t find a chance to apply powder again. Distraction and smearing can only lead to fatal flaws. Do you think you can win the battle with a few attacks? Don’t underestimate your opponent!”

“I don’t think the battle will be that easy,” Seglade defended himself: “But I’ve figured out a way to quickly replenish the turpentine powder to the weapon, so don’t worry meow.”

“Okay, it’s up to you how to solve it.” Father Odin said casually, then picked up his weapon and continued to examine it.

An additional feature of the Luna steel weapons Seglade made for his companions was the detachable blade. The detachable blade portion is not made of Luna steel, but a reinforced cold steel, a special alloy of tungsten, titanium and aluminum blended in mysterious proportions. The leopard youth cast this special steel with powerful toughness-enhancing enchantments, making it not only hard, but also surprisingly ductile.

This steel is not suitable for sharpening a sharp edge, but it is as durable as rubber. Without the impact of the Luna Steel weapon, this kind of detachable blade would hit the target on the same level as a rubber stick hitting a hard object. But when it is combined with Luna Steel, the power will become very terrifying. The huge mass from Luna Steel is released at the moment of impact, and all the momentum is concentrated on a small contact surface, causing severe damage to objects. . In that extreme case, even a rubber-like blade can be cut to the ground in an instant.

And now this Luna steel weapon can be temporarily enchanted with magical turpentine powder, which is even more powerful. This Black Moon God Steel Tomahawk has three advantages of high lethality, durability and easy enchanting. It is already the best weapon that Seglade can produce at present, and it can even be said to be the final form of the Moon God Steel series of weapons. .

It’s exactly the same as that kid had imagined back then.

“Cough cough—I’ll give it back to you.” Father Odin coughed dryly, and handed the Black Moon God’s Steel Tomahawk to Seglade.

At the same time that the Leopard Man stretched out his hand to take the long tomahawk, the loose nightgown on his body also revealed a gap, which was inadvertently caught by the other party.

“Why are you wearing a diaper?” the old man asked sarcastically.

“Ugh!” Segred’s cat shuddered, grabbing the nightgown tightly with his hands. He blushed and replied: “This is a loincloth… it is a kind of underwear of the ancient Egyptians…”

When he said this, he could still vaguely feel a burning pain in his **** (department) and thigh (department) from the tightly wrapped crotch. The friction when walking brought him a strange kind of discomfort, mixed with pleasure. Could it be the pervert Roosevelt who dressed him when he was in a coma? As a normal person, who would wrap a long linen cloth around someone else’s crotch like this?

“I know that.” Father Odin was amused when he saw Segred’s unnatural way of walking: “But where did your original clothes go? That group of human traffickers is still from you. Have you stripped your clothes? They haven’t done anything to you, have they?”

“No! They don’t have meow!” The leopard youth hurriedly explained: “I was tricked by the traffickers at the time, and I was given a paralyzing drug meow. Then my whole body was out of control, and I lost… ….”

“The pee came out.” Father Odin sneered: “So you are still wearing a diaper.”

Seglade grinned in embarrassment, hating Papa Odin. This **** bad old man obviously likes to tease Leopard youths for fun, and his words are so snarky.

Seglade sighed: “I have to change this dress when I go back. Can I borrow some clothes from you?”

“You won’t be able to wear my clothes. I can lend you a set of my son’s clothes. But you have to return them tomorrow.” Father Odin said dispassionately, his attention already focused The edge of the city of Cairo.

“Thank you, Meow.” The Leopard Man replied casually. Speaking of Father Odin’s deceased son, Seglade immediately remembered the real purpose of coming to Father Odin today. Although it took a long circle to get this opportunity to ask, but it’s better to be late than never, Seglade plucked up his courage and asked, “Speaking of which, Father Odin, this Luna steel weapon is really mine. Made meow?”

The old man’s slightly wrinkled brows suddenly wrinkled, with unconcealed hesitation: “What kind of problem are you doing? This weapon was collected and smelted by yourself. You made it by yourself. , are you still doubting yourself? You really were drugged by that group of people, and your brain is not normal, right?”

“It’s not meow.” Seglyde explained after eating: “But…but when I first made Luna Steel, it was just a whim meow. I followed my instinct to buy materials. , I built a weapon according to an idea that popped into my heart, and finally I made this kind of thing. Before I built the weapon, I didn’t even know how capable it was, let alone how it would turn into what it is now, meow . This is really too convenient, as if——“

“It seems that someone is secretly giving you a hint, so that you can use your hand to create a Luna steel weapon, right?” Father Odin understood Seglade’s words: “And you think that secretly gave you the Am I the one who prompted?”

The leopard youth nodded nervously.

“Fart!” The old man roared instantly, causing Seglade to shrink back in fright.

“Don’t be stupid, you stupid cat!” Father Odin said angrily: “If I knew how to make this kind of moon **** steel, I would have made it myself and made a lot of money, and I still need you. help? I really don’t know anything, this special steel is your original!”

“Really…really meow?” Seglade muttered: “But there are so many coincidences in the world, and you can make this kind of dreamy material just by intuition… ?”

“A truly excellent craftsman not only uses materials to forge weapons, but also listens to materials and creates them according to their characteristics.” Father Odin hummed: “Well, I’m afraid you still can’t say that. Just accept it. . . . The truth is, everything you make now is a little bit similar to what my stinky boy made back then.”

“You stinky boy…?” Seglade froze for a moment and then exclaimed: “Your son meow?!”

“Yes, my son Hank.” This topic seemed to touch on some unfortunate past events of Father Odin, and the old man’s connection suddenly became serious: “That kid has made similar things before. Crystal weapons that are a bit transparent. But they are all crude products, and they will be broken as soon as they are used. They are far from the current Luna steel.”

“Mr. Hank, what does he know about meow?” Seglade hurriedly asked: “How did he research meow?”

“God knows. I don’t know where he got his black skills, but that kid has always been very rebellious. If he didn’t inherit his family business well, he knew that he was hanging out with a group of friends. I heard that they also fought Egyptian tombs. Maybe I got something interesting in the process of digging the tomb.” Father Odin’s face became more gloomy: “But the dragon hunters have their own ethics and will never make any weapons other than dragon martial arts. He has Instead of learning the production method of Longwu, I set up a separate portal. I was very opposed to it at the time and had a big argument with him. As a result, you should also know that that stinky boy ran away from home, was kidnapped, and never came back. .”

Seglade tried to find even a hint of sadness in Father Odin’s weathered face, but he couldn’t find it. When the old man talked about his son, his face was so It was like describing a passer-by who had nothing to do with him. On the contrary, when the young Leopard Man heard this, a trace of sadness appeared in his heart.

“…Do you think Mr. Hank is still alive meow?” Leopard asked in a low voice.

“Impossible.” Father Odin rubbed his nose subconsciously: “His breath has completely disappeared from this world and can never be found again.”

If Dad said that, it must be right. The ancestors of the dragon hunters gained their power from the blood of dragons, and with the accumulation of generations, the power of the dragons became stronger and stronger. Father Odin also has a photon sense of smell comparable to that of dragons, and can smell a person’s breath thousands of miles away. Dad was able to easily find the kidnapped Seglade, thanks to this ability.

So Father Odin’s son Hank is no longer in the world, and the source of the Luna steel weapon has nothing to do with Hank? Seglade sighed, and even the only clue was broken, and the matter could no longer be pursued.

Sure enough, is it just a coincidence that he made the Luna steel weapon?

After crossing a high steel fence, the two entered the edge of Cairo’s city. Their figures gradually disappeared into the complex and dilapidated buildings of the slum.


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