Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1340: Trapped in the deceitful way (12)


Chapter 1340 Trapped in the trick (12)

Incomparably strong, a wall that was supposed to be untouchable by any weapon was blasted with a black light bullet!

But of course. Because what is wrapped on the surface of the light bullet is the black flame of extinction created by King Arthur with the sword of extinction. That is a force that directly obliterates the law of causality, and can directly eliminate the existence of objects from reality. No matter how strong the walls are, they will be “destroyed”!

Or, the wall just became “never existed”!

At the same time that a hole was blasted out of the wall, Bedivere also drove the iron cavalry towards the entrance of the hole! Even if the hole is actually as big as a human head, it is not even enough for a single person to drill through! The sand flows in quickly from the outside, like a pouring spring!

“Oh no—————————————–!!” Tristan began to scream, seeing that the cavalry was about to Hit the wall and there’s a big explosion!

“It’s now!!——” Arthur wrapped his arms around Bedivere’s dog’s waist, and took advantage of his strength to dodge to the left side of the cavalry. The hole that was blasted out was a stab!

Zha! ! A blade of light hundreds of feet long shot out from the Sword of the Holy King, it penetrated the ground of the desert and reached the sky! The “channel” to the outside world has been formed. Although it is not enough for people to pass through, the communication signal composed of photons has been unimpeded!

At the same time, Bedivere also released the joystick of the cavalry and slapped the two bracelets on his hands with both hands!

His right hand slapped the Demon Sealing Bracelet on his left, driving the teleport button on the Demon Sealing Bracelet! Because the communication has been restored and the teleporter can be used, a portal appeared in front of Bedivere!

And his left hand slapped on the silver bracelet of his right hand, flipped the switch of the bracelet, and injected [accelerating water] into the werewolf’s body! !

A large amount of “time” poured into Bedivere’s body instantly, and the world in front of him instantly froze!

He raised King Arthur with one hand and threw it into the portal before his eyes could see things completely. Then he nimbly climbed to the passenger seat, picked up Evan and Tristan, and threw them into the portal! He had better go by himself, and rolled into the portal with a flip!

At the moment of passing through the portal, the acceleration effect on Bedivere is released!

Pounds! ! Something emerged from behind and stabbed Bedivere hard in the ass. Although his iron cavalry failed to pass through the portal completely, it still passed through most of it!

“Ow!” The werewolf hit several reels and slammed his head into the wall of the teleport room of the battleship Britannia. He was injured both in the head and in part!

But it was his iron cavalry who was heartbroken. He just got up from the ground, rubbed his bruised buttocks, and immediately ran over to check the condition of his anti-gravity airship.

The situation can be described as tragic. Portals are generally opened to people, and the protection device is only to protect the people who pass through it from being cut off, and inanimate machines do not have this privilege. The portal that closed instantly cut off the rear quarter of the cavalry neatly, leaving it on the other side of the door. The iron cavalry that has just been repaired has now lost a part of the engine, the entire jet port, and a large number of photon reflectors at the tail! From its neatly cut off most of the fuel tank, fuel was leaking frantically and spilled all over the place.

“No!——” Bedivere screamed.

“I’m sorry, Brady.” King Arthur held back his laugh and came over and patted the werewolf on the shoulder: “But at least we’re all back alive. Life is the most important thing, your iron cavalry– –It can always be fixed.”

“What happened here?!” Aware of the commotion in the teleportation room, the Knight of the Round Table, Cador, who came after hearing the news, only saw a mess made by Bedivere and others. He couldn’t help but look angry: “Who is going to explain what’s going on?!”

“Mission failed.” The King of Knights shrugged: “The security system of that [Desert Ship] is tighter than imagined, and that kid Gwen Greene acted without authorization, which almost caused us to be locked in the In the warehouse of the battleship.”

Cador glanced at the crowd: “So, Gwengrin didn’t come back?  …died in the desert boat?”

“God knows!” Bedivere’s heart lit up when he spoke of Gwengreen’s little ball: “He should still be in the golden ship’s data room, trying to crack the ship’s firewall! Since he’s so magical Guang Guang, let him find a way to escape! Anyway, I don’t care about him!!”

“Beddie—” Arthur pulled Labe Deville’s tail, letting the werewolf youth shut up first.

“Hmm…” A figure came out behind the Knights of the Round Table, Cador. Judging by the man’s style, it was estimated that he was also a big man.

“The dog has caused you trouble, and I apologize to you on his behalf,” said the big man.

Bediver couldn’t help but carefully survey the big man in front of him. The man was unshaven, with shoulder-length hair, and his slightly gray hair almost joined his beard. He was wearing a low-key but powerfully enchanted armor, his walking movements were steady and powerful, and he looked like a high-level knight with a head and face.

This is because knights generally keep their hair short because of the helmet, and at least trim it very short if not shaved. In this way, their heads can better fit into the stuffy helmet, and they won’t be disturbed by sweating after wearing the helmet for a long time. There are not many people who go to battle without a helmet, but very few – such people are either fools who love beauty, or really skilled warriors. The former are generally dead in a few battles, while the latter are rare.

Looking at the battle-hardened look of this big man, it’s probably the latter. He didn’t wear a helmet at all, just reluctantly wore a headband on his forehead—the kind of magic headband used to generate a protective cover and protect somewhat against bullet attacks.

“I’ll introduce.” King Arthur raised his hand: “This is Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table, Gwen Green’s father;——this is Bedivere.”

“Gwen?” Bedivere wondered. It is rare for a man like Gwengreen to have a father who is unexpectedly stable and well-bred.

The Knight of the Round Table, Gwen, nodded politely at the werewolf, and immediately asked King Arthur, “Is there a way to contact Gwen Green? If possible, I want to scold him.”

“The situation is not very optimistic.” The King of Knights knocked on the communicator in his ear: “The ship already has a strong barrier to block communication, and it is still buried deep in the sea of ​​sand, trying to communicate with Gwen. Green can only get in touch with the excavation team to dig the way.”

“The coordinates of the ship have been confirmed, and an excavation team has been dispatched.” Knight of the Round Table Cador also looked at the electronic notepad and said: “It is estimated that it will take two hours to dig the way into the sand ship. The time to break the protective barrier on that ship is included.”

“Will it take about four or five hours to get in touch with Gwen Green?” The Knight of the Round Table, Gwen Gwen, analyzed expressionlessly: “If the blockade of that ship is as serious as you say, then that boy will I’m afraid he’s suffocated to death.”

Bedivere was about to scold in his heart that Gwengreen deserved it even if he died. But Gwen’s attitude was so sincere that the werewolf couldn’t help but feel a little unbearable. No matter how hateful and self-righteous Gwen Green is, he is still someone else’s son, and Gwen, the Knight of the Round Table, must be worried about his own child.

“Your Majesty,” pleaded the unshaven knight of the Round Table, “please allow me to use [that]. Using [that] should be able to complete the excavation work in an instant, and with luck, even destroy the ship’s Protecting the barrier. It may not be appropriate to use that power for personal gain, but as long as Gwengreen is rescued first, I am willing to take on all the responsibilities that follow.”

Bediver listens quietly. Although Gwen didn’t say it explicitly, the werewolf also knew clearly that the [that] the Knights of the Round Table said was of course the Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit varies from person to person, and some Holy Spirits can even create destructive power comparable to the ultimate magic. Summoning the Holy Spirit to carry out a strong tactical strike against the location of the Desert Ship should remove the sand and the ship’s protection in an instant.

“Yes. Let’s do it, I approve.” King Arthur said: “But you must be careful when using the Holy Spirit. According to the current monitoring data, the underground glass sea in the Sahara Desert is in danger of collapsing when it is severely impacted. Its collapse There will be a chain reaction of destruction that will set a third of Africa in flames. You don’t want to see that happen.”

“Understood, Your Majesty.” When King Arthur uttered the word “Holy Spirit” Gwen gave Bedivere a wary glance.

“Take Bedivere with you too.” The King of Knights continued calmly: “This kid is also the [acting captain] of the sand ship anyway, and he is most familiar with the situation inside the ship. Even if you I can use the Holy Spirit to break the protection of the sand ship and rush into the ship to search, but its internal defense mechanism will also be activated in a short time. If there is no one to lead the way, it will run into a wall.”

“Arthur——” The werewolf immediately looked at the King of Knights worriedly. He had just escaped from the desert boat with great difficulty, and nearly died in that boat — three times. To be honest, he really didn’t want to go back to that broken ship again.

“Don’t you want to go?” The king of knights also knew the thoughts of the werewolf youth: “How about I give you some more rewards? If you are willing to help us complete this task, we will repair your iron cavalry, plus 600,000 ( Egyptian coins) as a reward.”

“It’s not about the money, I—“

“Beddie.” King Arthur looked at the werewolf seriously: “There may be very important information hidden in the database of that ship, and we must get it no matter what. If you don’t want to. , I could have someone else do it for me. But we will never stop trying.”


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