Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1321: Explore in the Wilderness (36)


Chapter 963: Searching for seclusion in the center of the earth (thirty-six)

Boom! Lightning flashed and exploded in the depths of the monster’s stone body!

Currents scurried through the colossus’ stone body, wreaking havoc within it, burning the monster’s icy core to ashes.

Clap la la la la la la la la la la! ! Once the last core was shattered, the remaining four ice crystal dragon heads began to shatter at the same time, turning into ice chips before they shattered Ivan’s armor and scattered all over the place!

“Huh… I’m saved.” The half-dragon youth gasped: “You’re so bad at killing me!! Ouch——“

As soon as he was excited, the wound on his body pierced by the dragon teeth spurted blood, like a very fine fountain.

“Calm down. Is your injury okay?” Palamidis withdrew his spear and came over to check on Evan’s injury.

Actually Evan’s injury isn’t as bad as it looks. He was just bitten by the ice crystal dragon head, and a hundred finger-like holes were pierced by dragon teeth. It was his excellent armor that saved him and slightly delayed the speed at which Ivan was torn apart by the ice dragon. As long as he can’t die, the half-dragon youth will always repair these wounds with his half-dragon blood.

“Remind me not to believe your ghost tricks in the future.” Evan complained bitterly: “Now, before we are overtaken by other colossus monsters, let’s get out of this ghost place!”

“Of course.” The big cat grinned: “Do you want me to carry you, kid?”

“No! And don’t call me a kid!” Evan stood up, looking like he could walk by himself.

Touch, touch! The footsteps of the monsters got closer. If you don’t run now, you won’t have the chance to run later.

The two looked at each other and immediately ran into the depths of the labyrinth.

At the same time, in a certain virtual world, in the depths of Zhang Ren’s castle, in front of a storage room in the dungeon.

A small head poked out from the corner at the end of the corridor, peering into the storage room through the darkness of the night.

The guards in the dungeon of Zhangren Castle were almost killed, with only a few remaining to retreat upstairs. They probably thought that the number of enemies who had invaded the city was large and that the upper floors needed reinforcements, so there were almost no guards on the dungeon floor.

The only people standing in front of the storage room were the poor two Zhangren guards, holding spears, a weapon that was not very suitable for close combat. As long as Husky and the others deal with it carefully, they should be able to solve it easily.

“Very good.” The canine boy returned: “Calvin, use your ice fog technique to cover Husky, and Husky will be responsible for solving their puking.”

“Yes.” The little murloc prince shook his head disapprovingly, raised his dagger as a staff, and was ready to cast magic at any time.

The dog boy told another friend: “Hal stay here, ready to support Huskies.”

“Mmmm!” The Leopard boy also grabbed his dagger, ready to attack at any time.

“Then—the barking started!” The canine boy dashed out and circled around the corner of the corridor!

Calvin raised his staff at the same time, releasing a cloud of ice.

As soon as the gatekeepers saw Husky’s figure, ice fog followed. The white and thick ice mist floated at the right height, which not only blocked the sight of the Zhangren guards, but also accommodated Husky’s height, so as to avoid affecting the movements of the canine boy.

As a result, Husky easily rushed to the feet of the two guards, and his swords were slashed! Jian Feng cut off the octopus legs of the Zhang people mercilessly, and these poor guards screamed, lost their balance and fell!

They haven’t completely fallen yet, and Husky has already swung his sword towards the Zhangmen’s throats. He has killed so many Zhang people, and he already has experience. He knows where the weak spots of this kind of enemy are, and when it is best to attack.

One of the swords successfully cut the throat of a Zhangren guard. This guy spurted transparent blood from his throat, and it was estimated that he was not saved. But the other Zhangren fell to the ground faster than expected, and instead of hitting the throat, Husky’s sword left a deep scar on the enemy’s forehead.

The undead Zhangren just fell to the ground, and immediately stabbed the long spear in his hand and stabbed the canine boy’s chest! He knew that he was not far from death, just to take away one more enemy before he died, which was a suicidal counterattack!

But Husky has noticed the opponent’s attack. He was lucky, if the opponent attacked him with a long sword, the dog boy might not be able to dodge this fatal blow. But the opponent uses a long spear, which is long and inconvenient, and can only stab straight, and the attack range is still very small. In such a close-range battle, the shorter the weapon, the more advantageous it is. Husky with the long sword will not lose!

Husky smiled and twisted his waist confidently, and the spear slid weakly over his shoulder, leaving only a shallow scar on his shoulder. In the next second, the canine boy had already grabbed the spear guarded by Zhangren with one hand, restricting the opponent’s movement, while the other hand raised his sword and slashed out, directly cutting the monster’s head in half!

Pounds! The two Zhang Ren were killed in one hit, and the props exploded in the moment they were completely dead.

“Huh.” Husky breathed a sigh of relief and subconsciously touched his left shoulder.

Hal has arrived, originally to cover Husky. But the canine boy had already dealt with the two guards by himself, and the leopard boy had no need to take action—Hal, who couldn’t help, had to send out a concerned greeting: “It hurts meow?”

“Huh? It doesn’t hurt.” Husky moved his shoulders and replied disapprovingly.

The little murloc prince interjected sarcastically: “Huhu, the game’s system automatically blocks our pain, have you forgotten?”

“Oh, to meow—-” Hal turned his face away in embarrassment, a look of discomfort on his face.

He set his eyes on the iron door of the storage room: “Come in and retrieve our luggage, and then get out of here meow. It’s late at night, so I need to rest as soon as possible meow.”

“Of course.” Husky picked out the key to the storage room from the pile of props on the ground, and went over to open the door: “Look at what good things are in here.”

As the locker door was pushed open, a damp and musty smell rushed towards the teenagers, and Husky couldn’t help coughing: “Cough cough!——This game smells something else. I didn’t do it well, but the musty smell is so real!”

“Oh, disgusting!” Calvin took a few steps back: “What a dirty storage room, shouldn’t there be cockroaches in it? This prince won’t go in and will wait for you outside.”

“Walk as you like.” Husky, too lazy to pay attention to the murloc prince, crept into the storage room.

Hal also flashed a torch and walked into the dark, damp storage room.

Firelight illuminates the wet talc walls in the storage room, giving the impression of being in an underwater cave. All kinds of sundries were piled up and down around, messy, with a faint stench. All kinds of disgusting bugs crawled around in the corners of the storage room, and some even settled on the wooden shelves where weapons were placed, gnawing on the wood and laying eggs of various colors.

Husky and Hal are close together, lest some nasty little bug flies towards him. They went deep into the darkness of this storage room, and only the light of the torches could drive away those pesky snakes, insects, rats and ants.

“Ah, found Wang.” Husky saw their luggage on a rotten wooden table at the end of the storage room, their clothes and weapons bundled up and haphazardly stacked together.

“It’s so dirty here, I hope the clothes won’t be bitten by mice. Wang.” Husky walked over to check the equipment, and by the way, he lit a torch: “Hal, you look around here to see what else is worthwhile. What we loot, take them away, too?”

“Okay, meow.” The leopard boy replied briefly, but in fact he didn’t like this disgusting storage room at all, and wanted to leave this dark, damp and moldy ghost place immediately.

That being said, but they do need supplies. Tomorrow’s battle will be tough, after all, there are only three of them, but the entire castle is full of Zhang people to deal with. Considering the low-key escape from the vent, they’ll need something to distract the enemy, as well as some assassination-friendly props like bows and arrows.

Hal looks around, what he’s looking for isn’t there. Zhang people are all masters of water magic, they do not lack the means of long-range attack, and they never prepare toys such as bows and arrows. This storage room is littered with all kinds of rusty and moldy longswords, spears, daggers, shields, but no bows and arrows.

There is no alternative but to use other alternatives. The leopard boy took some knives in the past. They’re rusted and dilapidated, but if you sand them on the stone, they should still work. At least it can be thrown out, giving Zhang people a fatal blow from behind and destroying their heads.

“ are you okay?” Husky had packed their bags and was ready to leave.

“It’s almost ready, meow.” Hal hurriedly cleaned up, picked out the junk-like equipment from the wooden shelf, and put it into his inventory. It’s getting late at night. If you continue to stay in such a ghost place, you might as well go to the underwater cave to hide, build a campfire to keep warm, and get a good night’s sleep to recover your strength.

While the leopard boy was hurriedly packing up his equipment, a black figure sprang from the corner and approached Howl secretly.

The leopard boy stretches his cat paws to another wooden weapon rack that is rotting to pieces, ready to remove a short sword from it. Unexpectedly, the shadow was already very close. Taking advantage of Hal’s distraction, he pounced on the leopard boy!

“Wow!” Howl’s dynamic vision is so good he can see things pounce on him. Panicked, he raised the only “weapon” in his hand—his torch—and the thing that flew toward that was a stick!

Boom! Seems to be hit. But the shadow didn’t flinch, instead, it wrapped around the hand of the leopard boy holding the torch, and took the opportunity to bite on Hal’s arm!



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