Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1322: Explore in the wilderness (37)


Chapter 1322: Exploration in the Wilderness (37)

Daniel turned his head and saw that it was another patrol—and it was a patrol of three strong men, which was a little tricky to deal with.

But at this moment, Daniel has already hidden the body, and he is wearing the attire of thieves, which is not easy to be exposed in the dark environment.

Aside from the kerosene lamps in the hands of the patrol, the only lighting system in the entire cave passage is the flickering torches every ten yards. With this light alone, Daniel could hardly see the faces of the thieves, and the other party should be in the same situation.

Not worried that he will be seen in terms of appearance, Daniel is only worried about his height and physique. But this is not a big problem at all, and it can be fooled with a few rhetoric. Because he heard that Starscream thieves are not limited to any age, even six-year-olds can join as long as they are good at it and want to be a thief.

Furthermore, the opponent was actually only three people, and from their clumsy walking movements, it was obvious that they had not received much combat training. Although it might be a little harder to fight, Daniel is confident that he can subdue these three robbers in case he has to fight.

After giving himself a boost, Daniel boldly said, “It’s okay, I just fell.”

He learned the rogue’s murky pronunciation with Irish and Scandinavian accents, and pressed his voice into a hoarse, deep voice that made him think he was an adult. He thought he had learned it perfectly, because his mother passed away yesterday, and his throat was already hoarse to a certain extent.

Sure enough, the stupid thieves who named him didn’t seem to be suspicious, and one of them pinched his nose and said, “Fall? – uh! That smells! Don’t you urinate in fear when you fall? pants?”

“Nonsense.” Daniel approached the other party generously, cursing as if he was okay: “This is a cesspit, and there is one that doesn’t stink.”

Of course this was just a casual remark from Daniel, but he made the other party laugh: “Uh hahahaha!——Fuck, you’re so right! Hey, Potter, I still remember you. Did you pee anywhere in the hallway after getting drunk last time? Maybe you left the smell behind!”

“Shit, Kelsen! Do you remember that shit?” Another thief responded jokingly.

While the group of thieves were talking to themselves, Daniel kept his hands on the belt around his waist, pretending to be casual. But he actually hides his lightsaber and light gun in his belt, and when there’s a rush, he pulls his sword out of its scabbard and starts killing. But the conversation of this group of thieves was very natural, and it was not obvious that they had any suspicion, and Daniel did not want to fight with three enemies at such a distance (because the only place to hide the body was already stuffed), so there was no shot.

“Speaking of which, are you a newcomer? I don’t seem to have seen you before?” Another thief suddenly asked.

“Yeah.” Daniel snorted as an answer.

It immediately aroused the dissatisfaction of another thief: “Damn it! What’s your attitude? Now the newcomers are so arrogant! Boy, which district are you in charge of, and what is your position?”

It’s time to come, but I can’t help but be questioned. Daniel gripped the hilt of the lightsaber even harder, ready to kill at any time. But he didn’t want Ma Shan to give up pretending to be an expert, so he made up a few words: “I am——“

But just as he said his words, he was interrupted by a bell. The sound of the extremely ancient bronze bell echoed throughout the cave system, as if it was notifying the thieves in the base of something.

“The boss is calling us.” The three thieves plan to leave.

But one of them gave the indifferent Daniel a blank look: “Hey, what are you doing standing here? Do you want to be killed by the boss?!”

“But…” Daniel wanted to say something. The thieves were gathered in one part of the base, and if he followed, he would face hundreds of enemies at the same time! Could it be because his infiltration has been exposed, and the other party has set a trap for him to step on? !

“Stop talking nonsense, you stupid newbie!” The thief reached out and pinched Daniel’s ear: “Follow up!”

No. This shouldn’t be a trap. If you sneak into Lushang, as long as you sound the alarm and send heavy troops to patrol the entire base, it is easy to find and kill Daniel. However, the boss of the other party didn’t do this, he just summoned troops and horses. It can be seen that he is only in the stage of doubt about the infiltration, without real evidence, and will not make practical actions.

For now, it’s better to follow the trend and see where the thieves gather. Although the chance of getting caught in the trap is not small, Daniel’s doing this is more conducive to grasping the actual total strength of the base. If he is lucky, he can even hear the thieves’ defense plan and prepare for the next attack by the Knights.

“I have feet, so I can walk by myself.” Daniel pretended to be unhappy and pushed away the thief’s hand, then made a cursing look, and followed the three to the depths of the cave.

Whether his choice is a curse or a blessing, it will not be known until the mystery is revealed. But it is better to have someone lead the way than no one. Even in this kind of dark and complicated cave, walking under the guidance of someone who knows the way suddenly becomes like walking on the ground, which saves a lot of physical strength for the black iron knight boy. Daniel followed the thieves through several stone cave corridors that were less than a hundred steps long, passed several rest rooms and a dining hall, and immediately came to the largest cave square in the base of the Starscream Thieves Group.

What a big square. Judging from the height and curvature of the ceiling, this large flat cobblestone-shaped cave is at least 300 yards wide and can accommodate thousands of people at the same time. About ten naturally formed huge stone pillars support the ceiling of this large cave, so that this huge underground cave is never in danger of collapse. The stone pillar is quite sturdy, and four adults of standard height can barely circle around this huge stone pillar.

On a wooden support built around a stone pillar in the center of the big cave, there is an ancient and broken bronze bell hanging. It is still swaying slightly from side to side. Don’t ask any further questions. It is estimated that the bell that called the group members just now came from this big bell.

Several people stood beside the wooden supports erecting the bronze bell, the initiators of this call. From their well-dressed clothes, it can be seen that these people are in higher positions than the ragged thieves, and they are likely to be cadres in the thieves group. According to this logic, Daniel found a black-haired youth in the group of cadres who was dressed in the most lavish and luxurious clothes, and even wore a light armor. This young man is probably the boss of the southeastern branch of the Starscream Thieves.

Wait. Although it can be scrutinized according to the clothes, it is not logically valid to scrutinize from other clues. The black-haired young man looked slightly pale and thin, and could even be said to be polite. He was obviously out of tune with the group of rude and strong thieves around him, like a little white rabbit among a group of wild bears.

Why is this emaciated young man able to become the boss of the southeastern branch of the Starscream Rogues? Daniel was puzzled. Maybe it’s because there’s something personal about that person? Maybe it’s because he is very smart and has a unique experience in commanding operations?

[The boss of the enemy is very smart] This is consistent with the description of this mission briefing. Daniel swallowed hard. The young man in front of him was indeed the head of the southeastern branch of the Starscream Thieves, Franken Oscar.

——One of the most murderous and cunning criminals in British history.

“Is everyone here?” After waiting for a while, Franken Oscar frowned and asked angrily, “What’s the matter with this number? The southeast branch should have five Hundreds of people live?”

“Cough cough.” A senior cadre next to Oscar hummed in a low voice, leaned into the boss’s ear and reported, “More than 300 people died in today’s battle… no , more than two hundred? … In short, a lot of people died.”

“How is that possible! The opponents were just a few black iron knights from Great Britain, and they killed more than 300 of us?” Oscar was even more displeased: “You bunch of rice buckets! Obviously I have a plan, but Even a few Great Britain knights can’t handle it! Why don’t you all die!”

Daniel wondered. In the battle in the jungle, Daniel’s group did kill more than 200 thieves. The more personnel losses of the Starscream thieves were basically caused by Daniel after he infiltrated the thieves base. That is, he slaughtered more than 100 people in more than an hour after sneaking into the base – even he himself thought it was incredible.

Only two hundred thieves remain in this lobby, and this is the last remaining force in the southeastern branch of the Starscream Thieves!

“That’s right.” Oscar suddenly remembered something, and immediately stretched out his hand and shouted at the thieves: “Go to hell!——From now cadres below the level The people killed each other in this council hall until the last fifty people were left!”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone present shocked! Not to mention those thieves with lower positions, even the cadres who have nothing to do with them were scared into a cold sweat!

“Boss… What did you just say?!” A cadre asked nervously.

“I’ve made it very clear, I want you scumbags to kill each other!” The young branch manager repeated with disgust: “Did you hear? Too low combat power is fundamental It’s just ineffective combat power. People like you are a waste in front of the knights of Great Britain! You don’t even have the qualifications to be cannon fodder!!

If you want to prove that you still have some usefulness, pick up the weapons in your hands and slash at the people around you! Every time you kill one person, you will be able to get one thousandth of the total dividends from the Southeast Branch’s looted property last year! If you kill ten, you can immediately get the qualification of the fifth-level cadre!

——Whether you want to stand out, or die under the sword of your former comrades, depends on your own good fortune! ! “




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