Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1320: Explore in the Wilderness (35)


&nb Chapter Exploration in the Wilderness (35)

“So it is.” Mutter looked at everything in front of him and seemed to understand something.

He then turned his head and asked Shiloma: “Is it deliberate to let the Ghana team go first? Captain Shiloma, who is proficient in gambling, is said to have never lost at a gamble?”

“Hmm.” The quarterback responded with a chuckle and readily admitted: “This is the best. Let them attack first, so that we have more time to prepare.”

“Flip a coin?” Albert was about to ask, but he understood immediately. In American football, a coin toss is used to determine the initial attack-defense relationship, and the winning side has the right to decide whether to go first or defend first. Is it some kind of tactic that Shiloma deliberately gave the initiative to the opponent?

At this moment, the referee’s whistle sounded in the field, and Phileos once again threw the Ghana team’s ball-handling player to the ground, preventing the Ghana team’s attack! And he also used up four of Ghana’s downing chances before the opponent advanced ten yards!

Switching offense and defense, it’s the Sphinx’s turn to attack!

“Tsk.” Sheloma let out an irritated low hum, which seemed quite dissatisfied.

“Sorry!” Phileos couldn’t help apologizing as he walked off the court: “Because I saw a great opportunity, I couldn’t help knocking my opponent down.”

“You idiot! You’re not going to delay the time at all!” The quarterback Shiloma cursed angrily: “Forget it! — Then you’ll play too! Make way for this stinky boy. !”

When he said “stinky boy”, of course, he meant Albert. Tiger nodded, sorted out his equipment and walked on the field tremblingly.

However, things didn’t go as smoothly as he imagined. Just as Albert’s left foot stepped into the football field, a referee ran over quickly, as if he had expected something, pointed at Albert’s nose and shouted: “You! Enter!!”


The referee pointed at Albert’s left shoulder: “Look at you! What is this piece?!”

“What the hell?” Even Albert himself felt confused, so he could only look at his left shoulder.

Somehow, on the left shoulder of the Tigers jersey, suddenly there was a pool of bright red things the size of an egg. This red thing is in stark contrast to Albert’s white jersey, it seems to be the trace of some kind of liquid splashed on…?

Blood! ? —————

The tiger’s pupils dilated, inexplicably surprised.

How could there still be bloodstains? Is this his new jersey? ! The blood-stained jersey had already been taken off and replaced, and Tiger had a bath on the sand boat!

Then he took a deep breath and finally figured it out!

Just now, Albert rammed into one of the bodyguards of **Old Bigot! It must have been printed at that time! ! Wearing a non-reflective black suit, the bodyguard didn’t seem odd, but he must have sprayed some kind of red dye on his body in order to create “bloodstains” on Albert.

The appearance of Seth was originally a trap, and I really couldn’t care less!

“This…it’s paint! It’s not blood at all!” Albert tried to defend himself, “and even if it’s blood, what’s wrong with it, it’s always going to hurt here in the last game. , is it not a common thing to have a little blood on the jersey?! What’s the big deal!”

“Shut up, Little Tiger——” Quarterback Siloma tried to stop Albert.

“The problem is that just letting you play like this will have a very bad impact on the game.” The referee replied with a serious face: “It’s okay to be injured and stained with blood on the field. That doesn’t make sense. Who are you? A murderer? Do we have to put a murderer in a game and live stream your every move as a murderer in front of tens of thousands of spectators in Ghana stadiums and in front of hundreds of millions of people in Africa?”

The tiger could not help gnashing his teeth in anger. He was slandered as a murderer with only a little paint stuck to him? !

This referee was definitely intentional! He wanted to make excuses from the beginning to keep Albert from playing! ! He may even have colluded with Seth and his group, and knew early on that Albert’s jersey would be stained with blood!

——This is the black whistle! !

“Damn———” Dozens of blue veins appeared on Albert’s forehead, and he was about to swear.

“Retreat!” But Shiloma grabbed Albert with one hand and pushed the tiger behind him: “Your boy’s body is stained with blood, this is an indisputable fact, the judge is fair and strict, and How can you make a mistake? Do you think that such a fair and law-enforcement referee will take bribes from third parties and deliberately make excuses to embarrass you?”

After listening to Shiloma’s joking sarcasm, Albert, who was full of anger, suddenly lost half of his anger and calmed down. Yes, you can’t contradict the referee. If he contradicts the referee, he will only fall into the hands of the black whistle referee, and he will be fined for the entire game.

As Captain Shiloma always says, no matter how vile the opponent cheats, we will win with dignity. American football is a sport that speaks of strength, and only the weak will cheat or shout injustice.

Seeing that Albert was not fooled, the referee turned and glared at Shiloma: “Be careful what you say. If you make a speech that provokes the referee just now, I can send you off!”

“Hooho, it’s scary.” The quarterback smiled sinisterly: “What I said just now is just a hypothesis at best, and it won’t constitute a crime of provoking the referee. How about now? Are you going to let me play, referee adults?”

The referee was stunned for half a second. In terms of treacherousness, he couldn’t even compare to 1/10,000 of Hilomar’s. He couldn’t help this quarterback who relies on wisdom, so Hilomar was forced to play.

“What should I do?” Albert angrily watched Hiromar and Phileos play.

“Don’t worry.” Phileos walked into the arena and explained again: “Wait patiently, someone will send a new jersey soon. Father Sphinx is very foresight, not only prepared Mutter’s jersey, and a new jersey for you.”

Albert breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly became uneasy: “Wait. Are you calling Cairo on the sand boat and asking the people over there to send jerseys urgently?!”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“The communication is likely to be eavesdropped, shouldn’t the person in charge of delivering the jersey be sniped?”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about this little thing.” Phileos smiled confidently: “The person in charge of the courier is an expert. Even if he is attacked, he can definitely deliver the jersey safely.”

“Okay.” Albert stepped back and calmly sat back on the cold bench. Since the Sphinx team is no longer anxious about the game, there is no need for him, an outsider, to be impatient. Just let them figure it out on their own.

There is one thing that caught the attention of the young tiger people—the “expert of express delivery” that Phileos said.

Who the **** is he, and why is he so trusted by the Sphinx? According to how violently Albert and the others were attacked on the sand boat, eight out of ten times during the courier process, they would also be severely sniped by the big boss. Unless the person in charge of the delivery is escorted by an entire team of heavily armed escorts, I’m afraid it’s difficult to survive that kind of sniping, right?

But here comes the question: how long will it take for a heavily armed team to arrive in Ghana with Albert and their jerseys from Cairo later than the Sphinx’s sandboat? An American football game can only last for a maximum of three hours of four quarters plus halftime and time-out. By the time the courier team arrived, most of the game was probably over, or even worse, it was over, right?

Just now, Captain Shiloma wanted to delay the Sphinx’s defense round as much as possible, just to wait for the best evidence for the delivery. But the total time of the game is basically the same, even if the delay tactics are used, it will not change the current trend? !

Anyway, let’s see how the Sphinx handles the offensive round. The resourceful Captain Shiloma always comes up with a solution.

Kickoff! Sure enough, quarterback Siloma passed the ball to running back Phileos as soon as he received the ball. But this attack is different from the previous one, it is not based on Phileos’ personal sprinting ability to dash forward! Phileos hides behind center Gusta and turns into a tactic opened by the big Gusta! Several guards from the Guinea Black King Kong team rushed over to stop Gusta, but the fat tiger man directly pushed the guards away one by one! He didn’t run fast, but he was more calm and powerful, as if he could smash through all the people in the world who stood in his way!

Boom! The duo advanced twelve yards before Gusta and Phileos were heavily surrounded and fell! Get the lead! Although this distance is nothing special, Gusta’s tactic to clear the way for Phileos is full of unstoppable momentum, which can greatly reduce the morale of the opponent!

“Amazing!” Sitting on the bench in the lounge area Albert sighed. In the previous battle against the giants who were far taller than the orcs, Gusta’s huge size did not seem to show any power. But now the Sphinx team is fighting against black people who are almost the same as the average physique of the orcs. Gusta is almost the tallest and mightiest person on the court, even the group of black people who have been doping is not his opponent!

“This is a [swipe].” Mutter, who was also sitting on the bench, explained while drinking a sports drink: “It’s not a complicated tactic, just relying on Mr. Gusta’s It’s just a big push. But that’s enough. Although the push is slow, our team’s attack will definitely not be blocked. Under the conditions of the same size, there is no guy in this world who can wrestle with Mr. Gusta. .”

Tiger raised his eyebrows: “If that’s the case, isn’t this tactic already invincible meow?”

“It’s hard to say.” The cat boy looked at the sky thoughtfully.

“Roar ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah” After another short distance promotion, the center Gusta yelled and tightened tightly The three black guards who hugged him shook off. Although he looked mighty, his forehead was dripping with sweat.




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