Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1302: Explore in the wilderness (17)


&nb2 Chapter Exploration in the Wilderness (Seventeen)

Vivian was right.

Since the control room has been invaded by intruders from unknown sources, even if the anti-intrusion system is in the control room, it may take a long time to stop the ship from going out of control. If this continues, the disaster will only further expand! Every minute and every second they waste is life!

The best way to stop the boat from moving is to stop the furnace! If the boat can’t move, the disaster will not expand further, and then everyone just needs to solve the problem of the invasion slowly!

Vivian made up her mind, and instantly turned into a mass of black mist entwined by countless hair strands, moving at extremely high speed, and slipped into the power room of the Explorer within a few seconds!

“Stop!!” The woman mobilized all her hair without much thought, and thousands of strands of hair wrapped around the flywheel of the power stove, slowing down, slowing, and slowing down the entire power stove. ! !

The furnace was about to stop, but Vivian sensed something was wrong. That’s right, her hair is getting tighter and tighter, and the power of the power furnace is getting bigger and bigger, so big that even Vivian’s power can’t resist it! Something seemed to be flickering in the blazing core of the power stove, getting brighter and brighter, replacing the white light of the power stove with its own fiery red light!

Whoa! ! A flaming dart shot out from the center of the power stove, hitting Vivian!

Keng! ! Vivian instantly pulled out a lightsaber, swinging the sword and bouncing off the fireball!

“Is that enough?” Vivienne smiled coldly and began to exert real effort. Her hair turned blond instantly, which was a special phenomenon caused by the magic she injected into her hair. Her hair is so powerful after enchanting it that it forcibly pulled the flywheel on the power stove! And the succubus instantly spliced ​​together the seven lightsabers he carried and turned it into a spear. She aimed at the core of the power furnace and stabbed hard, and instantly penetrated everything in the core! !

Whoosh————–The ship’s furnace has come to a complete stop.

It was originally just a highly charged crystal sphere, but something else was attached to it – some kind of spider-like golem covered in metallic sheen. Vivian’s blow just now pierced the sphere and the spider golem together, but because of the special nature of the weapon in her hand, the power furnace did not explode!

“What a sophisticated structure.” At the same time that Lian Yin rushed over, Vivian also withdrew her weapon, grabbed the completely disabled golem in her hand and carefully inspected it: “With the technology of Great Britain, it should be It’s impossible to make such a precise golem. This is probably the work of the ancient gods.”

“How is it possible! Is it really ancient people——“

“Anyone who digs the ruins of the ancient gods can get one or two similar super-ancient cultural relics, not necessarily the work of the ancients.” Vivian glanced in the direction of the bow: “What about Master Merlin?”

Meanwhile, Merlin rushed into the control room of the Explorer.

There’s really no one in the control room — but something other than [people] is making trouble there: a black mass waving its arms of black mist in front of the console, operating on this ship!

“Evil spirit?” Merlin frowned. He heard the footsteps of Li Daoyuan from the East behind him, and immediately shouted: “Don’t come here, I’m going to block this place!”

As soon as he played with his hand, he released a cloud of black mist, which spread quickly, sealing the porch behind him, covering the entire control room wall, and it eventually isolated the entire control room along with the control panel. Merlin’s shady magic.

“This is a space where the outside world absolutely cannot interfere, and neither sound nor light will leak from here.” Merlin raised his staff and shouted at the strange black thing in front of him: “Who the **** are you! Hurry up! Show up!”

“Huhuhuhuhu——” A sinister laughter came from the black fog. From the height of the tone, it should be the voice of a woman.

Then, a human face, a woman’s face, gradually emerged from the black mist. Of course, she didn’t have sex, and this face was also made of black mist. In this darkness, only the outline of a woman’s face could roughly tell her identity.

Merlin frowned deeply: This woman’s face belonged to King Arthur’s mother, Iglyn.

Of course, the black mist in front of the Prime Minister is definitely not the real Iglyn, the mother of King Arthur, who was burned to ashes by the stake long ago.

But Merlin had seen the same person with this face seven years ago, a replica Yglyn – an android made by the dark queen Morgan. In order to defend the wall of the world, she also fought a battle with Merlin at that time – the result of course ended in Merlin’s victory.

“Are you another android, or the one you used to be?” Therefore, Merlin asked directly as soon as he came up.

“It was the one from the past.” The woman sneered at the mage: “Mage, mage, you thought you had completely wiped out me back then, but didn’t expect a small part of my power to survive, right? Although Queen Morgan has already Leaving us to go to the East, but our goal remains the same – to create a peaceful and comfortable dark world! If this machine threatens our queen’s plans, let it disappear!!”

“It’s really beautiful.” The battle was imminent, but Merlin pondered very calmly: “It’s impossible for you alone to know the control method of this machine, let alone break through the guards of Fort Elsenburg and run away. Come in here.——Who is your soul?”

“Inner response? Who needs inner response! Ahahahahaha——” Iglyn the replica sneered: “Look at my body! I’ve been completely spiritualized! I have any wizard in the world. Unparalleled power! It’s so easy to penetrate your poor and lax security!!”

“Really, it’s fine if you don’t want to tell me.” Seeing that Merlin couldn’t get any useful information from the enemy’s mouth, he had no choice but to give up: “Since you are so dangerous, this time I will use more extreme It will kill you completely. Please don’t revive it again, it’s annoying, you know.”

“Humph!” Iglin didn’t say much, just a dark missile slammed into Merlin’s head. The strong magic bullet and the power bonus of the dark son make this dark missile powerful, and if it hits someone, it can instantly cut the flesh and bones!

However, Merlin dodged swiftly, and the Dark Missile could not hit at all!

“Master, I haven’t seen you for a few years, and my skills have improved a lot!”

“Walking around with a group of knights, what if you’re not good enough!” Merlin waved his staff and drew an arc of flame. To deal with the spiritual body composed of dark sons, high heat is the most effective.

However, the black mist also swiftly dodged. She couldn’t help but dodge, and she began to dance at a very high speed!

“You can’t be faster than me, stupid mage!” Iglyn the imposter sneered triumphantly, circling around Merlin! She is currently just a spirit body composed of dark sons, almost weightless, and the speed of movement is unmatched by ordinary people! She instantly released several dark balls, forcing Merlin to jump left and right, so embarrassed!

“I see. You think you can’t hit any magic because of your speed.” Merlin swung his staff after dodging the last dark ball: “So, what about this trick?”

The Great Mage suddenly released a burst of fire from the staff. It was a lavender flame with extremely high transparency. Its power is entirely focused on the temperature, so it’s not very bright. But it is extremely deadly, with a high temperature of tens of thousands of degrees!

The ultra-high temperature flames spread in the shady barrier instantly, and the surrounding became a sea of ​​fire!

The replica Iglin was stunned: “Are you crazy? Set fire in such a confined space, and even you can’t escape yourself?!”

“You don’t need to worry about my affairs, worry about your own affairs first.” Merlin released another super-strong protective shield to cover himself. This protective cover is very bright, and it is obvious from the outside that it is double-layered. There is a vacuum area between the two protective covers, no matter how hot the outside flame is, it cannot penetrate the vacuum and affect the people in the protective cover.

"伊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊—————————"大火朝着四方八面Spreading, Iglin was finally ignited by the purple flame. The black mist on her body became very layered in the firelight, it was a kind of beauty in the moment of destruction!

“Wuhuhuhuhu——” The fake Iglin was gradually swallowed by the purple flames, because there was nowhere to run. She gave up resistance, but she wanted to go deeper and make Merlin buried with herself, which was also earned. So she sneered proudly: “It’s useless. Even if you use a protective cover to protect your whole body, the oxygen in the cover will quickly run out — you will suffocate and die!!”

“Who said I needed to breathe?” Merlin sneered dismissively.

That’s right, Merlin’s body began to petrify after releasing the two super powerful magic tricks. As a light spirit, he was originally just a group of photons. This body was borrowed, and he used the immortality technology of ancient people. After this body is petrified, not only does it not need to breathe, it is extremely hard, and it is not easy to be destroyed.

“Damn, what a thoughtful thought!” With a desperate sigh, the fake Iglin was completely swallowed by the ultra-high temperature purple flames, and gradually disappeared in the burning of the fire.

The battle of the mage doesn’t require a lot of flamboyant magic, and sometimes it just requires a lot of brainpower to decide the winner.

“Hmm——” The crab man Li Daoyuan in the control room looked at the shady magic that Merlin unleashed, and couldn’t help but worry for a while. He believed that Merlin would win, but it was unknown what the control room would look like in the battle of the mages.

“How’s it going?” Vivienne and Lian Yin had already solved the problem in the power room and rushed over to support Merlin.

“The Prime Minister is fighting in the shady barrier he released It is still unclear what the situation is.” Li Daoyuan shrugged and replied. The outside world can’t peep the situation in the shady barrier, let alone hear the sound inside, everything is unknown.

“I’ll go check the disaster situation in the town first.” Lian Yin turned and walked away.

Vivian narrowed her eyes and continued to look at the dark wall in front of her, which was the outer wall of the shady barrier. Since this barrier was set by Merlin, as soon as the battle is over, it should be lifted, right?

Sure enough, within a few seconds, the shady scene began to disintegrate.

The control room is a mess, and there are still some flames waiting to be extinguished. But the console remained intact, and Merlin probably wrapped the entire console carefully when he put the shady screen to prevent it from being damaged in battle.

The enemy has been burned to ashes by the ultra-high temperature flames and has disappeared.

The chancellor Merlin turned into a stone statue and stood quietly in the center of the control room.





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