Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1303: Explore in the Wilderness (18)


Chapter 1303: Exploration in the Wilderness (18)

At the same time (.), somewhere in the Sahara Desert.

Whoosh. . A desert shark jumped out of the sand sea and flew straight to the deck of the sand boat.

Bah. How could Albert let this shark go? He aimed a shot at the shark’s dorsal fin, and a large number of steel **** shot through the monster’s tail fin, and the impact also knocked the shark out. It fell on the sea of ​​sand, and soon it turned into a pool of blood and died. Tiger has long known from the werewolf’s dictation that the weak point of these sharks is the dorsal fin, so he aimed every shot at the shark’s dorsal fin, killing these monsters with high efficiency and killing them within a few seconds. Dozens of desert sharks.

But things are far from over, and more desert sharks swooped in and attacked all parts of the deck. There are so many of them that the tiger can’t keep up with it for a while.

Draw. Plan and plan. Phileos arrived just in time, leaped high, swung the dagger in his hand, and swiftly chopped down three desert sharks.

As soon as Phileos landed, Albert raised his gun and fired again. After several shots, he blasted the other four sharks into the air.

“It’s too late.” The tiger man Albert couldn’t help complaining.

“I already ran all the way from the sand sea.” Phileos said angrily. As a leopard man, his mobility is still very high, he can run over the surface of quicksand quickly, just like traveling on water.

At this time, the sphinx’s guard team also struggled to swim across the sand sea, crawling up from the bottom of the boat covered in sand to help.

Bah ah ah. . Albert shot three more sharks flying: “Everyone is ready. Let’s go.”

“No.” The captain of the guard shouted as he swung his long sword away from the attacking monster, “The ship’s engine has overheated because of the overpowering operation just now, and it has not cooled down yet. We must wait another two minutes. …”

“Tsk.” Tiger’s gun blade had run out of bullets. Before he could change the magazine, he turned his head and saw another desert shark attacking behind him. He immediately raised his gun and fired a burst of energy. shock wave. Although this blow was not powerful at all, its powerful kinetic energy kept the monster in mid-air, and Albert immediately rushed over and slashed the shark’s tail fin with a sword.

More shark sieges are coming, and the situation is getting more dangerous and more chaotic. Just as Albert was worrying about how to get out of trouble, three desert sharks had already swooped in, attacking the tiger from all directions.

Crap. Tiger was startled. It was too late to dodge one by one, and it was impossible to shoot these monsters at the same time. Is it really going to be bitten to death by these sharks? .

At this moment, a strong pulling force pulled the tiger from behind, causing Albert Lang Lang to step back quickly. Albert, who was falling backwards, was not idle either, and he shot at the desert shark that was emptied. The large-caliber steel **** shot out and landed on the belly of the sharks, penetrating the internal organs of the monsters.

“Hmm. Mutter.” Albert turned his head and saw that it was the cat boy Mutter who pulled him in the crisis just now: “What are you doing here, meow. Go back to the cabin. Go hide.”

“You should go back and rest.” But Mutt did not give in, and said aggressively: “It is so dangerous outside, what should you do if you are injured? Do you still need to play the game?”

“You’re a fool meow. If our boat is sunk by the shark army, we won’t get to Ghana at all and the game will end in failure.” , we can go to the game.”

Mutter thought for a moment: “Okay. I’ll help too.”

“You stinky **** can help you. Hurry back to the cabin and hide.” Albert got up and fired at the same time, blasting several sharks away.

“…why are those sharks attacking our boat like crazy.” Mutter narrowed his eyes and observed everything around him carefully.

Albert replied, “Well, because the previous pirate leaders detonated a [shark-inducing drug], which filled their ship with a fishy stench and attracted sharks.”

Mutter calmly asked, “Yes. But why didn’t the sharks attack their boat, but ours instead.”

“Uh, because we were all there at the time, and we were also smelled of shark medicine———” Tiger wanted to explain, but he immediately thought that something was wrong and stopped. .

That’s right, although it seems that Albert and the others were affected by the explosion of the shark-inducing drug, the stench on their bodies can’t compare to the smell at the center of the explosion. The pirates’ ship is full of fishy smell, and the ship is full of corpses, which is the ideal breakfast for desert sharks, but why did the group of sharks not attack the pirate ship first, but went crazy to attack the sand ship of the Sphinx come.

“There must be something on their boat that can drive the sharks away.” Mutter made a quick judgment, “I’ll go get it.”

“Shit. You’re crazy.. You have to swim through this sandy sea full of sharks with your bare hands.”

Mutter shook his head, ignoring Albert’s complaint: “Cover me.”

Before the tiger understood what the Catman boy meant by “covering”, Mutter rushed to the edge of the deck and threw his arms at the opposite pirate ship.

His arms stretch like rubber bands, a special ability of the cat people. He grabbed the mast of the opposite pirate ship with one hand and pulled it hard.

Mutter’s arm was shortened in an instant, and the cat boy was immediately dragged over, leaping to the deck of the pirate ship.

Of course, Mutter’s big move also attracted the attention of the sharks, and several desert sharks had already swooped towards the cat boy. Tiger hurriedly raised his gun to shoot, and three shot blasted away the sharks who were about to bite Mutter.

“My God.” Mutter yelled angrily as soon as he landed on the deck of the pirate ship opposite: “You hit me in the back. Fortunately, I was wearing protective gear, otherwise I would have died…”

“Don’t ask too much. This is a shotgun, and it’s not accurate.” Albert had to make up excuses for himself.

Mutter muttered a few words, then rushed into the pirate ship’s cabin to find something. If there is no accident, he should be able to find some kind of equipment or medicine to drive away the desert devil shark. But with no clue, can he really find the right item in a short period of time? Really worrying.

“Okay.” The captain of the garrison shouted at this time: “The engine has cooled down, and the boat can be sailed. Start now——“

“No. Mutter is still on that pirate ship.” Albert shouted, “Wait a little longer.”

“Can’t wait.” The guard captain slashed another desert shark with another sword: “If this continues, the ship will be sunk.”


“Wait for another three minutes.” The voice of Father Sphinx came from the cabin: “If he doesn’t come back, we will set off immediately.”

The big boss said so, and the captain of the guard had to do as he did: “Tsk……. Start the engine and keep it ready to go. Wait another three minutes, and then start the boat immediately. …”

“Mutter that idiot.” The tiger was sweating coldly on his forehead, and while frantically shooting away the shark, he silently prayed for the cat boy to return as soon as possible.

The desert mackerel army also seems to realize that the Sphinx’s sand ships are about to leave, and they also launch a final general attack on the sand ships like crazy. Hundreds of sharks jumped out of the sandy sea at the same time, and the scene was terrifying.

“Defend the solar sail…—————–” In this suffocating scene, the last thing Albert heard was the shouting of the captain of the guard. .

The cannons of the sand boats fired one after another, and a burst of indiscriminate shooting smashed dozens of sharks, and Phileos also jumped on the solar sail, jumped at the desert sharks, first cut off the tail fin of one of the sharks, Then take advantage of the force to jump to another shark, which is a fatal knife, and then leap to the other shark to kill it.

Albert was not to be outdone. He jumped high and slashed one of the desert sharks with his sword. Then he stepped on the dead shark’s forehead and jumped back, punching the other three sharks in the face three times in a row. gun.

He smashed the sharks, and before he even landed, he sent a vacuum shock wave to the ground, using the reaction force to jump higher, aiming at the abdomen of another desert shark in the sky and stabbing it.

Zha. He stabbed the shark and fired at the same time. The steel ball smashed the entire desert shark, and also brought a stronger reaction force to Albert. The tiger descended sharply to the ground, The back of the other shark was targeted and fell.

Wow. The shark bisected by the gun blade died before it had time to scream, and the tiger just landed on the deck. He was not idle, and when he raised his gun, it was another vacuum shock wave, which blasted the upper body of the desert devil shark with two copies like a cannonball. The hapless shark slammed into the other desert shark in the air, shattering both at the same time.

Bah ah ah. . Albert shot out the remaining shrapnel in the gun blade at the same time, and then smashed the five attacking desert sharks one by one. At this time, the situation was extremely critical. The surrounding air was full of sharks, and the tiger’s ammunition had bottomed out.

“I can’t wait any longer. Start the boat…” the guard captain shouted into the walkie-talkie.

The ship is moving It is about to leave the pirate ship, leaving Mutter, who is still searching on the pirate ship. .

“Wait. One minute, no, half a minute is enough.” Albert begged in a hurry.

“No. If we go on like this, we’re all going to die..——Open the shield and drive away from this hellish place at full speed.”

Crap. Albert’s heart froze. These orcs didn’t care about Mutter’s life or death at all, after all, the kid was just an American football player. There are as many substitutes as he wants. .

If it goes on like this, Mutter will be abandoned in this vast desert, surrounded by sharks to death. No one can help the child. .

(History, always strikingly similar meow.)

(This time, I will abandon the child again, meow.)

“Give me another half a minute.” Albert calmly persuaded in a low voice, as if he had suddenly come to a realization:

“This time, I will help you get it back.”


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