Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1301: Explore in the Wilderness (16)


&nb1 Chapter Exploration in the Wilderness (16)

At the same time, in Elsenburg, Great Britain, Prime Minister Merlin’s research institute, in a large mechanical warehouse.

“It’s so beautiful.” Lian Yin sighed as she looked at the huge machine in front of her.

“I just hope this actually works,” Vivian said dispassionately, looking at the same giant machine.

“It will live up to expectations.” Li Daoyuan, an oriental man, walked into the machine and tapped the machine’s shell with his huge and peculiar crab claws. The machine immediately gave a heavy echo.

The machine in front of them is said to be twenty feet long and ten feet high and wide, like a giant baguette. Its outer layer is a shiny black, nodular armor plate, but there is almost no gap between the armor plates, but is connected by a layer of small armor plates that are twice as thin. This thing is a perfect whole, without any structural weaknesses, it has no doors and windows, no wheels, and no vents, and no enemy can find a dead end to invade it.

Its armor is very thick, and it is made with the technology of [Defuzzy Armor] used by the crab people, which can completely isolate the erosion of the outside world. Not only that, but it also inherits the strong heat and pressure resistance of the turbidable armor, which allows it to move freely in the underground lava layer.

Is this a submarine? From the outside, it does look a bit like a submarine. But it’s a little different.

This machine is called [Explorer]. According to the original idea, it can carry several crew members, including King Arthur, through the underground lava layer, through the wall of the world, and reach the dark continent in the east, so as to achieve the purpose of exploring the dark continent.

It’s much safer than exploring dangerous lava formations and dark continents on foot when everyone wears a piece of turbidity armor.

The machines contain all kinds of resources necessary to sustain life – food, water, and air, and even a device specially designed to remove the dark particles that erode the human body. That is to say, even if King Arthur and his party who were exploring outside were corroded by Anko due to the damage of their protective clothing, as long as the erosion is not too serious, they can return to the [Explorer] in time for treatment and remove the Anko in their bodies. Lose.

As a vehicle for exploring the most dangerous areas in the world, this [Explorer] is arguably the most reliable machine in the world. However——

Vivian looked left and right around the giant machine. After looking at it for a long time, she asked in confusion: “I can’t find its propeller, what does it rely on to propel it?”

“Kinetic energy, pure kinetic energy.” Li Daoyuan chuckled lightly: “It’s a technology borrowed from the mermaid tribe. It directly uses kinetic energy magic to create propulsion for the outer wall of [Explorer], making it move forward. Its Every armor plate is a propeller, so there is no embarrassment of the propeller being damaged and unable to move.”

“Wait—but there are no photons in the dark continent, all photons in nature have been replaced by dark photons. Where do you go to find [fuel] for the propulsion machine?”

This time it was Merlin’s turn to laugh: “That’s not a problem at all. After all, darkons are also a special kind of photons. As long as there are darkons in the atmosphere, we can collect them. The method decomposes dark particles into photons, which can be used by [explorers]. There is a collection hole at the top of this machine, and dark particles are collected every 24 hours, and then decomposed into photons for storage, which is enough for the entire machine to use forty-eight Don’t worry about things like battery fuel, the machine is quite large, and its subspace can hold a lot of stuff.”

Vivian nodded, completely convinced.

“Next we just need to complete the remaining sets of de-voicing armor, and the plan can begin.” Merlin glanced at Lian Yin: “Lian Yin, I said before that your son Husky is a little boy. Naughty, wrecking king, but now I take my words back. That kid does have a lovely side, and when we adults are on the cusp of death, he inspires us with a single sentence and makes a major breakthrough in stagnant research. Maybe we all You should learn from that child, not to fight in the same direction, but to make a sharp turn in your brain.”

“Uh, thank you.” Seeing her son being praised, Lian Yin pursed her lips, feeling a little embarrassed.

“Lian Yin.” Merlin smiled at his female assistant again: “As long as it doesn’t affect the work, you can bring the child to the institute occasionally to play. You have been busy with work, and you spend time with your mother and son. There are very few, and it is really bad for him as a child.”

“Understood. Thank you, Master Merlin.” Lian Yin said gratefully.

Vivian was playing with the beautiful metal casing of the [Explorer] at this time. She finally found a button hidden in the armor plate and pressed it. A large plate of armor rose up, opening the door into the [Explorer]. The first thing that appeared in front of the woman was a small room that was just enough to accommodate two adults. There are plenty of fumaroles around the room, and the door to the room is locked.

“This is the [disinfection room].” Li Daoyuan walked into the small room and knocked on the surrounding walls: “The occupants returning from the outside must first [disinfect] the whole body, and the The inside of the Explorer can only be entered after all the shadows have been removed. Therefore, the interior of the Explorer is absolutely clean and will not be polluted by the shadows, and the crew can take off their protective clothing and move freely. In addition to [disinfection], it also It is responsible for the functions of ventilation and air pressure regulation, and even when operating in the lava sea, the lava can be isolated from the outside of the cabin.”

Merlin murmured in a low voice: “Humans in this era have already invented space capsules. Is it because the photon civilization is too developed…”

“What did you just say, Master Merlin?” Lian Yin couldn’t hear Merlin’s self-talk clearly, and couldn’t help asking curiously.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” Da Mage interrupted quickly.

“When the [disinfection] is completed, the real entrance will open.” The Oriental pressed the button beside the door and opened the door to enter the interior of the [Explorer].

Merlin, Vivian, and Lian Yin followed behind the Crab Man and entered the interior of the Explorer. At first glance, this place is really unique, the whole space is doubled, and there are comfortable rest equipment around it, making it look like the interior of a large luxury RV.

Vivian Mosuo hummed from the soft and metallic sofa: “Arthur will love this, that kid likes luxurious and comfortable things since he was a child.”

“Here is the lounge and activity room, the cab is in the front section, the weapons storehouse and food storehouse are in the last two sections, the penultimate section is the equipment storage room, and the last is the medical room.” Li Daoyuan Waving the big crab claws happily, he explained: “Of course, this is just a basic model now, and many instruments have not been installed. It will be completely completed in two days.”

“When will it be run and tested?” Renine asked impatiently.

“Just this afternoon.” Merlin replied, “To do a full performance test of the armor’s hull, we’d have to drive the machine into a lava layer and let it actually walk around. A test of resistance to shadow contamination. It is more troublesome to prepare, and it will take a few days to prepare.”

Oriental also said happily: “As long as there is no accident, [Explorer] will be finished within this week. It’s great that we can finish everything before the capital of Great Britain.”

Li Daoyuan has a plan that must be accomplished with the power of King Arthur. To this end, he did not hesitate to climb mountains and waters, cross the extremely dangerous underground lava layers, and come to Europe. However, he also knew very well that the King of Knights did not intend to save Li Daoyuan’s clansmen, and the King might not even intend to save anyone from the Eastern Dark Continent. The only thing King Arthur cared about was whether there were any remaining fragments of the Holy Grail hidden in the dark continent of the East. They are just using each other. However, this is also possible, whether they use each other or have no intention to save people, Li Daoyuan’s plan is only to guide King Arthur to the dark continent, which is enough.

Just as everyone was looking at their research results and enjoying themselves, there was a sound from this [Explorer]. Immediately afterwards, the strong shock shook everyone almost to the ground

“Hmm! What’s going on?” Merlin held onto the edge of the sofa to avoid falling.

“It’s moving?!” The strange oriental man couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Why?! There is obviously no one in the control room? Is the automatic navigation system malfunctioning?!”

While shaking, Vivian leaned against the wall and stumbled towards the control room: “The technology of the navigation system is provided by me, it is very reliable, and it cannot fail so easily. There is only one possibility: it was invaded.”

Merlin’s face suddenly turned pale: “Wait… Since the automatic navigation system is moving, that means——“

Pounds! ! ———[Explorer] The whole thing Its hull penetrated the gate of the mechanical warehouse of the institute, like a cannonball, from the flank of Elsenburg The whole fly out! ! Merlin could hear the sound of the castle’s outer wall collapsing, so he could imagine how hard the ship hit!

Rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble! !

———— With the sound of metal tearing, the hull shook even more!

The Explorer has completely penetrated the outer walls of Elsenburg and crashed into the city of London! Its frantic and unstoppable pace, tearing bricks and cement like a piece of paper, smashed a large number of houses in London to pieces in just a few seconds! If this continues, there will be heavy casualties in London, and there is no time to hesitate!

“Humph.” Vivian snorted, but when everyone was at a loss, she remained calm and thought of a way.

She suddenly changed the direction of travel, instead of crawling in the direction of the ship’s control room, she ran towards the other end of the ship: “Go and stop the power furnace!”





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