Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1292: Explore in the wilderness (7)


Chapter 1292 Exploration in the Wilderness Seven

After a cursory survey of the City of the Dead, King Arthur flipped a switch on some kind of remote control, opening the portal. A group of experts and scholars from Great Britain came to Sanwei’s bookstore to continue to conduct a more in-depth investigation of the ancient ruins.

And the king of knights also winked at the werewolf Bedivere: “Let’s leave it to this group of investigators here, and let’s move on to the next target.”

Bedivere nodded knowingly, and pulled out two metal rods from his waist, the treasure of the Murloc, the metal detector.

“Would you like to go back to the ground on a dragon ride first,” the werewolf asked.

“No, just go from here.” The King of Knights pointed to a huge glass crack at the edge of Area Zero. The fissures form a long corridor leading to the subterranean sea of ​​glass outside.

“Aslan, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Bedivere couldn’t help complaining: “The Glass Sea is the territory of the desert sharks, and it’s no joke to be attacked by sharks there. “

Actually, the werewolf was attacked in the glass sea the day before yesterday, surrounded by thousands of desert sharks, and almost lost his life. The underground glass sea is simply a death trap. He has already walked through it once, and he is unwilling to leave no matter what.

“Oh, don’t be so timid, it’s just a thousand sharks, we have five people” Tristan glanced at Gwengreen: “Ahem, no, four people can fight, and there is a dragoon How could I be afraid of those desert devil sharks,”

“You don’t get it, they can sneak through glass and it’s almost impossible to guard against,” Bedivere defended.

Tristan looked sarcastic: “Yes, the perfect wall-piercing technique, the super-advanced magic that mermaids can’t use, but these brainless monsters know how to use it, haha,”

“You have to admit it’s crazy, Bedi.” Arthur patted the werewolf youth on the shoulder: “Desert mackerel can swim in the sand, which is understandable. But the glass sea is made of It is made of high hardness emery, and it is not easy to penetrate these emery. You are sure that you were not hallucinating because of a concussion,”

“Even you don’t believe me, Aslan,” Bedivere just felt wronged, but he had no evidence to refute it. There really was no proof until he actually saw those desert sharks swimming in the glass.

“Let’s start from the sea of ​​glass.” Arthur advised: “If that [Desert Ship] was a boat that was sneaking in the sea of ​​sand, it would be difficult for us to track it from above the desert. But from here we can Everything can be seen, and we can easily spot it no matter where we dive. You have to admit, the subterranean sea of ​​glass is the most efficient way to track the [Desert Ship].”

“Okay.” Bedivere had to give in: “But when we were besieged by a horde of desert sharks, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

“Dragon rider’s speed and flying ability can easily get rid of these monsters.” King Arthur jumped into the airship: “And we still have Evan to guard, everything will be fine.”

The werewolf muttered a few words in dissatisfaction and jumped into the passenger seat of the dragon rider.

“Ten o’clock,” he said, holding up two metal detectors.

At the same time, Great Britain, in Vivian’s Research Institute.

“Hey, mom has already gone to work meow,” the leopard boy Hal shouted dissatisfiedly while sitting at the dining table. A housework golem passed by in front of him, pouring oatmeal and hot milk into his bowl.

“They have urgent things to do, there is no way.” Palamidis ate the sausages and fried poached eggs on the plate: “Dad will go back to Egypt later, you two children are honest in the Knights of the West. Don’t get into trouble.”

“Cough cough.” The evil star had turned into a fist-sized flying dragon and crouched on Husky’s head: “Also, the Western Heavenly Knights now have that kid Aoyun watching over them, so there won’t be any trouble. I’m not boasting, but that boy Aoyun has become very reliable in terms of strength and fighting ability. Maybe it’s time for me to retire and give up the position of the Heavenly Knight to Aoyun, hehehehe.”

Speaking of this, Palamidis couldn’t help but scrutinized Yones carefully. Sure enough, the years are not forgiving. It had been seven years. During the seven years when Palamidis was turned into a stone statue and slept, Yones had indeed aged a lot, and the wrinkles on his forehead could reach ten figures.

…It is surprising that this old man in his 70s can have a young son with the queen of the mermaid clan.

“Okay, okay.” The big cat looked helpless, and he didn’t know where to vomit: “Then the children will be handed over to you, Grand Duke Yones. I have to go back to Egypt too. .”

“Okay, let’s go.” Ewans waved his hand: “Have fun in the round table trial.”

“This is not playing…” Palamidis pressed the green button of the Demon Sealing Bracelet even more helplessly.

At first he was a little worried that the signal might not be able to reach the battleship so far from Great Britain. But his worries were completely superfluous. The Demon Sealing Bracelet only waited for more than a second to react, and opened a portal in front of the big cat, leading directly to the transmission room of the British battleship Palamedis.

“Oh, yes.” Palamides drew a dagger from his waist.

This is the lizard-tooth dagger forged by Seglade on their previous adventure. Although its blade has been blunted over a long period of time, it will not be of great use in battle, but it is just right that it will be relatively safe to give this unsharp dagger to children to play with.

The big cat grinned and threw the dagger to the younger son: “Hal, I’ll give you this. This is a souvenir made from the teeth of the East African plateau thunder lizard.”

“Wow,” Howl played with the dagger, hesitantly. He admired the streamlined shape of the dagger and the golden gems set on the hilt, and couldn’t help admiring: “Brother Seglade’s hands are so skillful that they can combine such rough materials into such a beautiful piece. Artwork Meow.”

When the big cat heard this, he couldn’t help but wonder: “Uh, how do you know this is Seglade’s work,”

“My brother has a bad habit of making weapons. He likes to carve his name on the hidden part of the handle of the weapon. Look here: In 526 AD, Seglade Palamides made meow.”

“Okay.” Palamides shrugged, “Although the dagger is blunt, it is still a lethal weapon, so be careful when you handle it.”

“Hal got it, The leopard boy nodded, and then he subconsciously fumbled around his waist to find a place to store his weapons. At this time, his pet fish was already out of its nest. Swim out, looking at Howl’s dagger curiously.

“Pooch, can you hide this meow,” Hal asked.

“Tweet,” the balloonfish let out a cheerful cry, taking the lizard-tooth dagger with its fins and dragging it into its den.

It’s actually a Warp pocket, more than enough to stash a little clutter.

The big cat looked at the cute little son and his pet fish, and couldn’t help laughing: “Then, Dad is gone. You children should be obedient and avoid trouble, okay,”

Husky and Hal nodded obediently, and Hal’s little goldfish also joined in the fun and swam to the side of the leopard boy.

Palamidis gave a sullen smile and jumped into the portal.

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