Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1293: Explore in the Wilderness (8)


Chapter 1293: Exploration in the Wilderness (8)

At the same time(?), somewhere in the Sahara Desert.

Albert’s battle with the Sand Sea pirates is still going on…or rather, just started.

Of course, due to the impact of the previous shelling, there were already fifteen seriously injured or unable to fight pirates lying on the deck of the pirate ship, and Albert had to deal with only forty or fifty pirates.

The pirates left on the deck have surrounded Albert. All of them showed a fierce look in their eyes, showed their weapons, and wished they could smash the tiger into tens of thousands of pieces.

These pirates appear to be a cross between giants, trolls, and humans, each burly, a few heads taller than Albert, and capable of crushing a tiger to shreds with one hand. But Albert did not take them seriously, he had dealt with more fierce opponents, and these pirates were not enough!

“Come on.” Albert made a defiant gesture calmly.

As soon as the giants were provoked, they rushed forward in a frenzy.

“Hey, out of ammo?” Albert pulled the trigger on the gun blade with a look of surprise. Seeing this, the leading pirate threw out recklessly, and the sharp axe in his hand fell towards the tiger’s head!

Pounds! ! ——But before he could cut Albert, his head was shot and smashed by a tiger. A dozen rounds of large-caliber steel ball shrapnel directly shattered the pirate’s head, and he fell before he had time to struggle!

“Of course I lied to you that there are no bullets, idiot.” The tiger sneered, caught the axe in the giant’s hand in one hand, and threw it out. The axe spun rapidly in mid-air, drawing a beautiful parabola, hitting the chest of another enemy.

Blood splattered, fascinated the eyes of several people beside the fallen pirate! Of course, Albert would not miss this good opportunity. He rushed forward with two swords and cut off the heads of the pirates!

“Haaaaaa!!!” The other two pirates attacked from left and right, stabbing their spears together.

The tiger leaned over to hide, slashed horizontally, and cut off the giant man on the left! With another vertical stroke, he split the giant man on the right into two halves!

Another Sand Sea pirate swooped in, intending to smash Albert with the giant hammer in his hand. But before he even landed, he was stabbed to death by the spear kicked out by the tiger man youth!

His corpse flew backwards and smashed straight on the other pirate. The spear stabbed in the corpse took advantage of the opportunity to penetrate the second pirate! Two instantly killed pirates fell from the ship together!

Several other pirates were distracted to avoid the flying giant. At the same time, Albert stepped forward and pierced one enemy’s throat with a sword, and another shot blasted a large hole in the lower abdomen of another enemy, and before the other giant could react, he chopped him off. The hand of the weapon, kicked out the opponent’s falling weapon, and smashed another pirate’s knee!

The sand sea pirate who was hit in the knee didn’t even have time to cry out in pain, and his throat was cut by a tiger’s sword!

In less than a minute, more than a dozen pirates were killed, wounded and wounded, and they could not escape even after being seriously injured! The remaining about thirty pirates saw this tragic situation, knowing that they were definitely not Albert’s opponents, and couldn’t help but flinch!

“Great, great!” Someone was clapping their palms, speaking in less than standard English.

Albert looked at the prestige: “You are the boss of the pirates?”

A giant man stepped out of the cabin. The cabin door was designed to be very spacious, but the giant man struggled to pass.

This is a purebred giant. Judging from that thick rock-like skin, he should be a hill giant.

The hill giant was naked, wearing only skirt armor, and under the cracks in his rock-thick skin, he was covered with muscles that swelled with blue veins. His rock skin, covered in blood-red runes, made him look both brutish and terrifying.

The giant holds a huge anchor, and the heavily enchanted weapon glows with a cold light. Only such a huge monster can hold such a terrifying weapon, and only such a terrifying weapon in the hands of such a monster can make it extremely powerful. Even a standard battleship can be easily cut in half by this giant steel anchor!

Compared to the giant holding the steel anchor, Albert is like a grass on a hill, a bug on a boulder, both humble and small.

However, Albert had faced a beast of a shape and size that was much larger than the hill giant, and even dealt with a “god”. For Albert, the hill giant was still not enough to see.

“Little tiger, you are really capable of causing so much damage on my ship!” The pirate leader of the Sand Sea pretended to praise Albert in a contemptuous tone. His huge voice is like a landslide, a roar of a beast, and this sound alone is enough to cause death!

” But, your luck has come to an end. This giant anchor will slash your tiny body with one knife and turn your internal organs out of your body! You can’t hide! Even if you don’t directly touch it , is blown by the wind pressure lifted by the blade, and it will be bloody!!”

“Wait,” Albert could not help frowning: “I always feel that this line seems familiar…?”


Albert sneered and grabbed the white: “Then you will say: [I’ll let you choose. Will I kill myself and die happily? Or will I smash it with a knife and turn it into pieces of meat mud. Fill the deck of this ship, waiting to be eaten up by rats? But even if you break it yourself, it will be smashed after you die!]”

The hill giant opened his mouth wide for half a second: “Hey! That’s my line! Why do you know what I’m trying to say?”

“Hmph, what kind of good lines can your single-celled brain come up with? It’s basically just those few lines.” Albert held the blade of the storm spear, disapprovingly: “Well, why don’t I choose the first one?” Three things: kill you!”

“Ha ha. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!” As if hearing a ridiculous joke, the giant on the hill laughed: “What a foolish boy! Are you really not afraid of death?”

“You can kill me!” Albert smiled disapprovingly.

Then the two of them confronted each other. The giant swung the giant steel anchor and swept over. It didn’t even need to aim.

What unfolded before Albert was actually a wall of air. To be more precise, a distorted airflow storm created by the giant anchor cutting through the air! This crazy air wall is pressing vertically, and it is about to tear the tiger to pieces!

Albert, however, just unhurriedly raised his storm spear blade, aimed it at the gust of wind, and pulled the trigger three times in a row!

Bang bang bang! ! Three loud noises passed, and the air wall pressing against Albert completely disappeared and disintegrated!

The pirate leader was quite surprised: “Boy, what did you just do?!”

“Using airflow isn’t your forte meow? You can’t even see through this little trick?” Albert sneered cryptically.

The principle couldn’t be simpler. The airflow can be offset by the same or greater airflow. The storm blade in Albert’s hand is equipped with two plug-in systems, one of which is a mechanism for firing bullets for the gun, and the other can be freely assembled – Tiger made it before going out this morning. The weapon is equipped with the most common and easiest to use plug-in, the one that generates a vacuum shock wave. Albert fired three shots in a row just now, and the three vacuum shock waves shot out, the force just offset the air wall of the pirate leader!

Although the opponent’s giant anchor is powerful, the damage range is almost impossible to dodge. But the weapon in Albert’s hand was just enough to resist the impact of the air wall, and the air wall alone could not kill the tiger man youth.

“So it is.” The hill giant held the giant anchor high, and pulled its handle with both hands, as if there was something new: “It seems that you can’t kill you without actually hitting you with this weapon.— —Forget it! I’ll go there myself and let you die more thoroughly!”

Under the giant’s pull, the giant anchor actually split apart. It split into two from the middle and turned into two sickle-like weapons. Since the weight is dispersed, its lethality will also be greatly reduced, but it has become lighter, which also means that the attack of the pirate leader will be accelerated exponentially!

“Ha ah ah ah ah!!” The giant waved the scythe in his left hand and dragged an arc on the deck! The sickle slashed the deck, and the sharp shock wave cut straight to Albert, about to cut the tiger in half!

Compared with the air wall with a large attack area but less concentrated power, the straight shock wave cut by this sickle is more terrifying. Its power is so concentrated that the vacuum shock wave from the plug-in in Albert’s hand can’t be counteracted at all. The tiger had to dodge to the left to avoid the fatal blow!

However, this is not over yet. The scythe in the right hand of the pirate leader swept across, and raised a sharp shock wave towards Albert!

The tiger squatted down again, and the shock wave of the scythe swept over his head, only cutting off a few cat hairs!

Quick! Albert sighed inwardly. Although the opponent is a hulking hill giant, the pirate leader has indeed received a lot of combat training, and his moves are both power and speed! I am afraid that he will continue to brandish the two scythes, chasing after Albert until his shock wave catches up with the tiger and chops Albert into pieces!

Something must be done to contain this guy’s When Albert thought of this, he immediately ran around the pirate leader, and after a few steps, he was already behind the leader! This direction is very beneficial to Albert, because there are dozens of sand sea pirates behind him, that is, the subordinates of this pirate leader! No matter how ferocious this guy is, forgive him that he doesn’t even dare to attack his own subordinates, right?

But the giant on the hill didn’t care about it at all, and slashed it with a scythe in its backhand, and the shock wave it raised swept straight to Albert’s waist! The tiger has not yet fully stood on his feet, so he had no choice but to stick to the ground with a sliding shovel, and the shock wave swept past his left shoulder!

Pounds! ! The shock wave hit the deck ten yards later, sending the pirate gang flying away!

Albert can’t help but look dumbfounded: “You even have your own subordinates——“

“Hahaha, they’re just a group of mercenaries, it’s not a pity to die!” The pirate leader sneered cruelly, turning his head to look at the tiger: “If you can bring back the head of your [Sandstorm King], you will get The reward is enough for me to hire ten more fleets of mercenaries!”

After he finished speaking, the two scythes of the hill giants came out, raising two crossed shock waves, frantically pressing on Albert!



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