Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1291: Explore in the Wilderness (6)


Chapter 1291: Exploration in the Wilderness (6)

At the same time, somewhere underground in the Sahara Desert, in the supply station of the ancient gods, in the [City of the Dead].

“Wow.” The next day, Bedivere came to this glass-built underground botanical garden again, and looked at the zero area that had become an open space, and couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

The technology of the ancient gods is amazing, and even a simple food supply station is full of their wisdom. Not only did they build such an extremely concealed and hard-to-find supply station underground, they also used some kind of special glass to maximize the sunlight on the ground and send it to the ground without attenuation. Relieved from the torment of wind, sand, and heat, protected from excessive water loss, and greatly accepted the endless sunshine in the desert, the plants in this underground supply station grew amazingly lush, almost to the point of madness.

And it’s also very habitable because it’s cool and humid, with a regular daily “rain”: distilled water dripping from the huge glass ceiling. They may be from the transpiration of the plants here, or maybe some kind of water extracted from the underground water veins by the ancients, in short, this glass world is like an all-encompassing greenhouse, a harsh desert full of intoxicating green little small Heaven.

“You never know, it’s actually emery.” Arthur grabbed a handful of sand from the ground, the kind of sand that is highly transparent but extremely fine-grained. They appear slightly white from a distance, but when people look up close they realize that they are actually very fine glass shavings. But their surface is sanded so smooth that it’s not scratchy at all.

“Carborundum?” Bedivere was confused for a moment.

“The compound of silicon and carbon has almost the same hardness as diamond (diamond). Emery is generally the main component of bulletproof glass.” The murloc prince, Tristan, gave Bedivere a look: “What’s the matter, even Don’t you know this common sense?”

The werewolf rolled his eyes at the murloc prince: “As for me, I usually only remember knowledge related to combat. It doesn’t matter whether I remember those things that are of little use or not. Memorizing too much is just stuffing my brain. Garbage—like some stupid fish.”

The veins on Tristan’s forehead immediately became prominent, and he drew his weapon with one hand: “What are you talking about, say it again?!”

The king of knights on the side was immediately displeased: “Are you elementary school students? Can’t you stop once in a while?”

“Humph!” Bedivere and Tristan hummed in unison, crossing their arms in front of their chests, turning their faces away in disapproval.

“Sometimes I think these two guys have similar personalities—the same childishness.” Evan interjected coldly.

“It’s not!””Never mind!” Immediately, Tristan and Bedivere scolded him. This naturally attracted King Arthur’s fierce stare, so the two young people had to shut up.

Bediver walked deep into Area Zero as he collected sand samples from the ground, but he was quickly stunned.

More correctly, he was taken aback by the sight in front of him.

This underground supply station is made of emery and is a highly transparent world. Therefore, from the middle of the zero area, you can already see the outside of the supply station, that is, the underground glass sea in the Sahara Desert.

Of course, the young werewolf had already seen the wonders of the underground glass sea once. But at that time it was evening, the sunlight on the ground was not enough, and Bedivere was anxious to find a way out, and was then besieged by a large group of desert sharks, so the werewolves had no conditions to appreciate this glass sea at that time. of beauty.

And now it’s morning, the sun is shining, and countless beams of light pour down from the glass ceiling of the underground glass sea, and from those big quicksand pits, turning into a bond of thousands of beams of light. In response to it, hundreds of thousands of feet underground, the fire of lava seeped out from the sea of ​​glass sand with extremely high transparency, and turned into another sea of ​​fire from bottom to top.

Such a spectacle stretches for hundreds of millions of miles, as if the entire Sahara Desert, and even the whole of Africa is included in it, its majestic momentum can indeed shock anyone in the world, even heroes who are used to seeing big scenes have no choice but to He bowed his head in admiration.

“It’s grand, isn’t it?” King Arthur walked up to the werewolf and whispered, “It’s hard to imagine that this thing was formed naturally. And it is very likely that it was indeed man-made, in some ancient war, for this planet. scars left behind.”

“This scene…? Was it caused by war?!”

“Mass collapse technique.” Tristan also came over and whispered: “According to the research of geologists, it should be this forbidden technique to create such a miracle. In an ancient war, a certain person who was not afraid of death The guy used one of the four forbidden techniques, the ultimate magic [mass collapse technique], and then the entire desert collapsed centered on this man, and it continued in an uncontrollable chain reaction. The whole magic continued for a long time. Time, then the mass collapse reaction occurs, the highly compressed sand in the desert turns into an extremely hard emery, and a sea of ​​glass is re-formed under the stratum. In contrast, the part of the desert near the ground is pushed up and continuously receives mass Affected by the power of the collapse technique, part of it has become a glass ceiling, and part of it has been restored to yellow sand, covering all the secrets of the ground.”

“It’s like a scab.” Evan couldn’t help sighing.


The half-dragon youth nodded: “This planet, this piece of nature, is full of mystery and mysteries. People have a way to use forbidden techniques to inflict heavy damage on it, and open huge wounds on its body, and it has a way to heal itself, Scabs on the wound. This sea of ​​glass was supposed to be a hellish scene after the war, but what I saw was a peaceful and magnificent spectacle. Seeing all this, I have to admit that there may be some Some kind of huge force is ruling everything and maintaining the balance of the world.

Man is very small, but a speck of dust in this vast universe. We may all be the puppets of fate, each acting as cogwheels, propelled by some great force. No matter what we do or how far we go, we can’t get out of the hand of fate. “

Unexpectedly, he was immediately slapped on the back of the head, and Tristan said contemptuously: “Forget it, great poet. If you have time to express your feelings, it is better to complete the investigation as soon as possible and move on to the next destination. “

Evan muttered from the depths of his throat, but did not speak further.

The werewolf couldn’t help scratching his head and asked boldly: “Since all this is caused by the residual effects of the forbidden art – that is to say, one day, when the effects of the forbidden art have completely subsided, the glass Will the great desert at sea collapse?”

The entire Sahara Desert is sinking into the ground below a thousand feet. What a terrible natural disaster.

“Maybe, maybe not.” The King of Knights looked at the glass ceiling of the underground glass sea and thought: “That glass ceiling still looks pretty solid, doesn’t it? Maybe most of the sand will pass from Those quicksand pits poured down, burying this sea of ​​glass, but the ceiling wouldn’t collapse?”

At this point, Gwengreen, who had been silent for a long time, finally spoke: “It will collapse. I have simulated it with a computer, and it will collapse.”


Gwengreen’s mouth curled into a malicious smile, and continued to explain: “According to my measurements, the total area of ​​this underground glass sea is three-quarters of the Sahara Desert, and the entire area has no support. Except for the support of a few rock formations along the glass sea, the zenith of the entire glass sea is completely supported by the buoyancy provided by the residual magic power of a forbidden technique. When the effect of the forbidden technique subsides and the abnormal buoyancy is completely eliminated, those few people on the Sahara Desert will be completely supported by the buoyancy. Hundreds of millions of tons of yellow sand will overwhelm the zenith and bury everything here.

The impact from the high-altitude yellow sand may even crush the ground of the glass sea, triggering a chain reaction of underground lava. Then the Sahara Desert will become a **** of endless splattering lava and scorching yellow sand. In this state, even sand boats cannot sail safely, and the whole of Africa will be swept away by sandstorms, and life will be devastated. “

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“Huhuhu, this underground glass sea is actually a time bomb waiting to be exploded, a kind of revenge of nature to human beings. One day, it will explode at one time and make African guys suffer a little. But this has nothing to do with Great Britain at all, and the people who died were not British nationals, whatever.”

“How can you talk like that, kid—” Bedivere finally couldn’t hold it any longer, clenching his fists to give Gwengreen a hard blow.

But King Arthur grabbed the werewolf’s hand and shook his head: “Don’t touch him. Gwen Green is not a combatant, you can make his head move with one punch. But we still need his genius head, he’s Great Britain One of the irreplaceable treasures.”

“Humph!” Bedivere had no choice but to withdraw his fists, pouting and sulking. He knew that Gwengreen was sneering at him maliciously, but the werewolf had already turned his face away, out of sight.

Bediver then glances down at the ground. There are many looming shadows under the endless pile of sand, which are set off by the firelight of the lava deep in the ground, but they do not look like rocks.

“Speaking of which,” the werewolf couldn’t help but ask curiously: “Since this is the supply station of the ancient gods, there was a protective cover in this No. 0 area before, and everything was managed so strictly, that is to say, This supply station must be controlled by some kind of system?”

“Yes, but we haven’t been able to detect the location of the system King Arthur hummed with dissatisfaction: “The technology of the ancients was far more advanced than ours, and most of their machines were made of special invisible alloys. made, extremely difficult to detect. “

Speaking of this, Bedivere couldn’t help but interject: “Uh, could those shadows under the ground be just…”

“It’s very possible, but do you know how deep the shadows are buried?” Arthur smiled wryly: “The glass in this sea of ​​glass can deflect light. You see those shadows and feel that they are close to Chichi, But in reality they may be buried millions of feet underground. Plus this sea of ​​glass is inherently unstable, and we can’t move it without strong enough excavation technology.”

“Indeed.” The werewolf was fascinated by the continuous shadows in the ground.

Although I can’t be sure, Bedivere always has the feeling that the shadows are not so much a collection of machines as they are a whole underground ruins. It’s a pity that this underground glass sea is too close to the lava layer. If you dig it randomly, it is likely to cause a large eruption of underground lava. It’s better not to mess with it.





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