Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1290: Explore in the Wilderness (5)


&nb Chapter Exploration in the Wilderness (5)

“Enemy attack!!” shouted a tiger man leading the guards, “all non-combatants go back to their cabins for shelter!! Combatants follow me in formation!! The gunnery room is reloaded and ready to go. Meet the enemy sand ships!!”

“Damn, this kind of **** happened just after leaving Cairo!” Mutra said, holding Albert’s hand: “Come with me!”

“No,” Albert pulled out the gun blade from his waist: “I’ll join in the fun too. This must be a good warm-up exercise.”

“Are you crazy?!” Mutter tried to force Albert into the cabin.

“Shut up!” Albert put his finger on Mutter’s kitten nose: “Don’t—order—order—me!”

The cat boy remembered what Phileos said just now, and suddenly flinched like a deflated ball: “Okay, you can do what you like, it’s better to die, anyway, I can’t control it!”

After speaking, Mutter and the rest of the team ran into the cabin.

This sand ship was specially made by Father Sphinx. The middle layer of the ship has a powerful enchantment generation device, so long as the crew hides in the cabin, they can avoid the attack of artillery fire. There are a total of twelve photon turrets with powerful firepower on both sides of the ship, which are specially used to expel all enemies encountered in the desert. The turrets stretched out from the side of the ship, and they were fully charged, and they could fire shells at any time to meet the enemy.

But Albert looked around, in the vast sand sea, but couldn’t see any trace of other sand boats at all?

“Where are you hiding?” Albert asked curiously.

The leading fleet guard glanced at Albert. In fact, the tiger youth is wearing an American football jersey and protective gear, and it is obvious that the tiger is going to play. The captain of the guard couldn’t help frowning: “What are you doing here? Why don’t you hurry up and take refuge in the cabin?!”

“You don’t need to worry about my business.” Albert flicked the blade of his gun blade with his finger, and the weapon immediately made a crisp sound with a “bang”. The storm spear blade itself is well-made, and it is a good weapon that many warriors dream of. Anyone who sees this extremely windy spear blade can judge that Albert’s skills must be extraordinary – at least the tiger I thought so.

The captain of the guard shrugged, and without asking any further questions, he returned to command his team: “Hasta, Mueller, Cottle, you are in charge of the port side! Matters, Carolence, Buffett, You are in charge of the starboard! Report any movement immediately!”

Whoosh whoosh! ! More light catapulted, just about to land on the sails of the sand boat. The ship made a sharp turn, avoiding most of them. But there are still three flares that hit the bow, the middle of the deck and the sails!

“Tsk!” The captain of the guard rushed over to the bow, swinging his sword and deflecting one of the bullets. Since there is a very important navigation device in the bow, he has to protect it first! But the other two bullets have already fallen separately, and even if the captain turns back, it is too late to deal with them!

“Leave it to me!” Albert grabbed the mast with one hand and leapt lightly onto the sun sail of the sand boat. The solar sail is the most important source of power for this sand boat, and it cannot be destroyed!

Facing the incoming light projectile, the tiger deftly slashed a sword with his backhand, and his storm spear slashed steadily on the light projectile, deflecting the deadly cannonball! However, Albert’s hand couldn’t help being paralyzed for a while, because the light bullet was very heavy, and it could be seen that the output power of the turret that fired it was extraordinary. If it did land on the broken solar sail, the consequences would be disastrous!

However, the matter is far from over, there is still a light bullet left in the air, and it is falling straight to the center of the deck! It’s coming so fast that the guards on both sides of the ship couldn’t catch up, and neither the captain of the guards at the bow nor Albert on the sail could catch up!

Boom! Someone rushed out of the cabin and slapped the light bomb away.

“Mr. Phileos!” Albert jumped off the sail with a delighted expression.

“Fortunately, I also have weapons with me.” Leopard man put away the photon dagger in his hand: “I’ll help too.”

“But, where did those light bullets come from?” Albert looked around, but still couldn’t see the sand boats of the pirates.

“Either they were attacking us with anti-aircraft guns from far away, or their sand boats had stealth devices that completely concealed their traces in optical camouflage. Anyway, this time the pirates don’t seem to be taking it easy. .” Phileos said calmly.

Albert then narrowed his cat eyes and looked around again. In the vast sand sea, the surrounding horizon is flat and vast, but nothing can be seen. If the enemy is attacking the sand ship with anti-aircraft guns, they need to fire from at least a dozen kilometers away. No matter how well-targeted their artillery systems are, it’s still very difficult to get the projectiles to land precisely on the moving sand boats from that great distance! Therefore, the possibility of long-range shooting can almost be ruled out.

Then the remaining possibility is that the other party’s boat has optical camouflage!

Albert is no fool, he knows that no matter how good the optical camouflage, as long as the ship is constantly moving, it will definitely show flaws. And the higher the speed, the bigger its flaws should be!

“Raise the sand boat to the limit!” Albert shouted.

“What?!” The captain of the guard immediately objected: “Our solar sail has been damaged, and if we put more load on the ship’s engine in this way——“

“It’s not a big deal if the engine burns out, at most we can go ahead with a repair. If the sails are destroyed, we’re really in trouble.” Albert said dispassionately, “Stop here. It will only be shelled by the pirates and become a living target. Only by accelerating forward can the deadlock be broken.”

“But that’s crazy! Too much engine noise can even attract hordes of desert sharks——“

“Listen to him.” Daddy Sphinx’s voice came from the cabin: “Raise the speed of the boat to the limit.”

“Uh… well!” Since it was the boss’s order, the captain of the guard had to obey. He shouted into the walkie-talkie: “Engine room, did you hear that? Go!”

Rumble Rumble Rumble! ! Amidst the frantic vibrations, the sand boat of the Sphinx roared forward, and the stern raised a thousand feet of yellow sand, drawing a huge line of wind and sand in the desert at an unbelievable speed!

pound rumble rumble rumble! ! More artillery fire followed the sand boat, but their speed was obviously not as fast as the sand boat. They were thrown far behind the boat and fell into the sand sea, causing violent explosions again and again!

Nevertheless, the sound of the guns behind the ship did not stop. A certain pirate ship is still chasing after the Sphinx’s sand ship, and it’s not letting them go!

“It’s useless! Our sails have been partially damaged, and the output of the engine is definitely not as high as the opponent’s!” The captain of the guard said: “If this continues, we will definitely be overtaken, and our engine will be completely burnt out by then. , there is no way to escape…”

“You don’t need to worry about that.” Albert sneered confidently. With the speed of their sand ship, they really couldn’t let go of the opponent’s pirate ship. But that wasn’t Albert’s plan from the start. Tiger had other plans.

That’s right, I thought that the Sphinx’s sand ship was escaping quickly, and the opponent’s pirate ship had to catch up in a panic! They are wearing optical camouflage, thinking that this can deceive people, but the optical camouflage is flawed. It has gradually failed and become unstable during the high-speed sailing of the pirate ship! Coupled with the thousands of feet of yellow sand raised by the Sphinx’s sand ship, it was constantly bombarded like waves, and the optical camouflage shield of the pirate ship began to tear!

Albert opened his eyes and watched carefully, and he could already see the pirate ship that was supposed to be invisible from a distance!

The tiger roared triumphantly: “It’s there! Stop the ship’s engine completely! All the turrets are pointed in the direction of seven o’clock!! We’re going to counterattack!!”

“Emergency stop!! Hold on tight everyone!!” shouted the captain of the guards.

At this time, the guards on the deck grabbed the edge of the boat, lest they be thrown away by the impact of the stop! Albert did the opposite, sprinting towards the stern, using his own speed to offset the inertia when the ship stopped! When the sand boat came to a sudden stop, the bow down and the stern up and the stern tilted forward violently, the tiger man youth just ran to the stern! The dumped sand boat just became a springboard for the tiger, throwing Albert into the sky!

“Umm…that idiot…” The captain of the guard just took a breath, and seeing the pirate ship that followed, he had no time to take care of Albert, who flew away. , had no choice but to shout loudly: “Fire all the guns!!”

pound-pound-pound-pound-pound-pound! Twelve cannons fired simultaneously slammed the pirate ship hard. And Albert leaped, just met the chasing pirate ship, landed firmly on the deck of the ship, and slid less than five yards on the wooden floor! The pirates on the ship were surprised when they saw someone invaded, and wanted to draw their weapons to fight. But they didn’t have time to do it at all, and more than a dozen bright bullets shot in the face fell on the pirate ship, smashing the pirates on the deck!

“Wow wow wow wow, how can you do this!” Albert jokingly dodged left and right, as if he had grown back eyes, he avoided looking back and shot one by one without looking back of cannonballs. However, in fact, it was not because of how powerful the tiger was, but because he had memorized the position and aiming angle of each cannon on the sand boat before he jumped out of the sand boat of the Sphinx. Where to shoot!

Thinking that they could attack the sand ship with optical camouflage, the pirates were caught off guard by Albert’s witty counterattack. By the time they climbed out of the rubble, the tiger had already stepped forward with his sword raised and had killed nearly ten unsuspecting pirates!

“Come on!” The tiger grinned and made a defiant gesture towards the fifty or so pirates remaining on the deck: “I’m so bored! Come and play with me!”





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