Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1289: Explore in the Wilderness (4)


Chapter 1289 Exploration in the Wilderness IV

At the same time, in the backyard of the Cairo University. Web

“Are you all ready?” Captain Shiloma winked at the Sphinx players and boarded the sand boat on his own.

“Wow.” Albert looked at the imposing small sand boat from a distance. Although the boat is small, it can accommodate at least 100 people. The Sphinx team sent only the main players and a dozen substitutes to the second army. This boat has to accommodate the entire team, of course. Excellent.

Albert also saw Daddy Sphinx. Daddy Lion and Shiloma got on the boat together, and the two walked side by side, and their relationship seemed to be quite close. Of course, this statement is relative to the orcs on the team who have great respect for Daddy Sphinx and are completely afraid to walk in front of Daddy.

“The entire team is Captain Shiloma who is not afraid of Father Sphinx.” Albert asked curiously.

“Of course,” the tiger man Gusta, who was in charge of playing the center position, leaned over and said: “You should already know that most of the players on this team were originally slaves, or poor homeless people. Han, who lived in Egypt and was fortunate to be taken in by Father Sphinx, was able to survive. But that fellow Shiloma is special.”

“Special. How about a special method.

” He was not a slave at first, but came to Egypt as a bodyguard of a rabbit caravan. But he was a gambler by nature, and he paid thousands of dollars in sex, and was finally caught in the Cairo Grand Prison. Right. According to the tradition, the **** person originally wanted to cut off his left hand. But Dad let him go, thinking that Shiloma was smart and a useful talent, so he paid a lot of money to let Shiloma join the club, Playing for the Sphinx is a bit like yours, Little Tiger.”

“Huh.” Albert snorted softly, and walked into the sand boat with Mutter.

The boat’s engine roared, and the backyard gate opened at the same time, and the sand boat jumped out of the private dock of Cairo University in an instant and entered the sand sea. The weather in the desert is as clear as ever, and the morning sun is not too harsh. It falls evenly on the deck of the sand boat, giving people on the deck a chance to enjoy the morning breeze.

Albert looked around and saw the players of the Sphinx team doing some gentle warm-up exercises on the deck. He didn’t dare to neglect himself and started running on the deck.

“What are you doing..” Unexpectedly, Mutter stopped the tiger angrily immediately.

“Uh, I’m running.”

“You shouldn’t do strenuous exercise in the three hours before a game. What if you accidentally strain a ligament.”

Albert was immediately displeased: “Stinky boy. I have my own body score, how much exercise is considered vigorous exercise, you think I don’t know meow. You are not my mother, use I have to take care of me everywhere.”

“I’m just doing it for your own good. You don’t seem to have a clue as to how the athletes work out. Since I’m your personal assistant, I feel compelled to point you out. Am I doing something wrong? Is it…”

“Relax, little devils.” Phileos happened to pass by and saw Albert and Mutter arguing, and quickly persuaded him: “They’re not too small, so they can’t tolerate each other.”

“But this guy wants to take care of everything, even if I run, I’m about to become his slave.” Albert said angrily.

“Then you are indeed wrong, Mutter.” Phileos glanced at the cat boy.

“I’m telling him how to exercise properly, in order to win the game.” The cat boy was blamed and felt very wronged.

“Then you’re wrong, Mutter.” Phileos said calmly, “Mr. Albert is our helper, but he’s not obligated to go to the competition. He has the right to To meddle in today’s game, also have the right to not do our routine training at all, to go our own way completely. We must not force Mr. Albert to do anything he does not like to do, as Father Sphinx ordered. “


“If you don’t agree, you can ask your father to clarify.” Phileos gave the cat boy a white look: “Your job is to assist Mr. Albert and teach him proper training methods. , don’t overstep his authority to control his life.”

“Okay, alright” Mutter drooped his ears, not half a sentence.

Philaos glanced at Albert’s waist again: “Why is he still carrying a weapon.”

“We are being watched, Phileos.” Albert subconsciously touched the saber at his waist, and shrugged: “Yesterday in the elevator and at Mutter’s house, we had a total of I was assassinated twice. Fortunately, I reacted fast enough, otherwise I would have been crushed to death by the elevator, or I would have died in the sea of ​​flames. In short, I will never walk outside with my bare hands again.

“Really.” Phileos thought for a moment: “This kind of thing has never happened before. Are other teams afraid of [Sandstorm King] to this extent Interesting.”

“Not interesting at all.” Albert and Mutter groaned in unison.

“Haha.” Phileos laughed dryly, and his expression became serious again: “Do you have any clues about who did it?”

Albert yells, “No way. I’m not familiar with your dark American football game.”

“Perhaps it’s the Ghana Black King Kong team, our opponent today.” Mutter rubbed his cheeks and whispered: “They are famous for their despicable fighting methods. They take all kinds of stimulants, wear protective gear. In short, as long as they are not caught and fouled, they dare to do anything.”

“No way. Even the Ghanaian Black King Kong team can’t be so daring.” Phileos looked a little stunned.

“Or maybe the teams we will meet in the future, God knows.” Albert hummed, “But in time, the answer will be revealed.”

“Yes.” Phileos nodded. “Until then, you have to be careful. By the way, do you need a bodyguard for you, Mr. Albert. For example, let Gusta. The strong man will follow you, so you can take care of you in a critical situation.”

“No. I don’t need it, I really don’t need it.” Tiger hurriedly refused: “Wherever you go, there are a large group of men following behind your buttocks. That’s definitely not a pleasant thing. A long-winded little follower, I don’t need more.”

“But this kid Mutter is not a combatant, he has no combat ability, and he has not received professional combat training”

“I don’t need his protection anyway,” Albert said casually, “If anything happens, I’ll take care of this kid.”

“Who wants your protection…” Mutter suddenly shuddered and turned his face away while humming.

“Huhu. Well then, Mutter will leave it to you.” Phileos patted Albert on the shoulder after speaking, and walked away.

“Mutter, are you alright. Your face is red from meowing.” Albert glanced at the cat boy in confusion. Mutter’s face was as red as a ripe apple.

“Yes, it’s just a little heatstroke.” Mutter covered his face so as not to let the tiger see it as much as possible: “Leave me alone.”

The tiger tilted his head in confusion.

At that time, several orcs who were not dressed as athletes, but in leather armor and fully armed, passed by. Judging from their outfits, they appeared to be the guards of the sand boat.

“So this ship is still guarded meow.” Albert couldn’t help complaining.

“Because navigating in the desert may encounter many dangers, such as desert sharks, or sand sea pirates.” Mutter still kept his face away and replied.

“I’ve heard about the desert shark, but it’s just a group of mindless beasts.” Albert recalled the previous description of Bedivere, and he could probably understand how dangerous the desert shark was. ‘s creature: “But the pirates in the sand sea are idiots. Daddy Sphinx is obviously a dangerous person, and there are people who dare to attack Daddy’s idea. It’s impatient to live.”

“So you don’t understand.” Mutt shook his head disdainfully: “The pirates of the Sand Sea are a group of idiots and desperadoes. They are not afraid of anything, even the former pharaohs are not in the eye. As long as It overlaps with the sailing route of their sand boats, and these **** pirates will snatch, kill and burn them. The only way to deal with these shameless **** is to use violent confrontation, negotiation or intimidation are useless.”

“Yes meow.” Albert gave the fleet guards a careful look. The guards are all fat and strong, and the equipment on their bodies is considered to be excellent. necessary. Although the strength of the Sand Sea pirates is still unclear, there should be nothing to be afraid of.

Click. An inexplicable sound of crashing overhead caught everyone’s attention.

Clap la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la. . .

The solar sail of the sand boat suddenly made a continuous cracking sound, like a glass shattering, which made people feel cold.

Albert looked up curiously. At the time of their conversation just now, something had smashed a hole in the sun sail of the sand boat. The gray-black sail was originally a collection of fragile and fragile silicone plates. After such a smash, dozens of cracks were formed near the hole, and they continued to extend as the sand boat sailed.

“Oh my God.” Albert exclaimed. As an adventurer, he has a lot of adventure experience, and he can already feel that something bad is coming quietly.

As expected, more light bombs whizzed from the sky and fell on the sun sail of the sand boat like raindrops.


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