Light Spirit Epic Chapter 129: Disputes over the 5 kings (li)


Chapter 129 Disputes over the Five Kings (in)

Arthur looked at the surrounding Celestial Knights.

What happened? This doesn’t look great——

“It’s all your fault that it’s like this, Leon Dickens.” said the Heavenly Knight of the Southern Sky Knights, the Grand Duke of Hall.

“Really? I think it’s kind of funny. Everyone has a chance, didn’t I say that before?” Leon Dickens laughed.

“Don’t pursue any responsibility, now we have to reach a consensus.” The Grand Duke of Yones said, “This kind of thing has no precedent in history, what should I do?”

The four heavenly knights whispered together one by one, not a word that Arthur could understand.

“He’s just a commoner!”

“But he drew his sword.”

“That’s not against the rules!”

“The rules are ass! Whether such an ancient rule is still reasonable is still inconclusive!”

“But I don’t even know if he has crossed the warrior’s grave!”

“That sword may be forged!”

“Stupid! This also needs to be questioned?”

The Duke of Leon Dickens turned to Arthur and said, “Boy, put your sword on the ground and let them try to draw it.”


“Just do it!”

Arthur reluctantly stuck the holy sword on the ground.

“I’ll come first,” said the Grand Duke of Palinore.

One by one, the Celestial Knights came to draw their swords. Not one is up to scratch.

Then they looked at Arthur strangely again.

“This kid is so thin that he will fall down when the wind blows! How could it be? Did he use some kind of trick?”

“He used a ‘blind eye’ to fight with his sword all the time? Are you an idiot? You haven’t fought him before, what tricks can he play in front of you?”

“But, but this is not scientific——!”

“That,” Arthur finally couldn’t help it, and asked, “What’s going on? What are you talking about?!”

“Boy, do you know what [Encounter of Four] is?” asked the Grand Duke of Palinlor.

Arthur shook his head.

“The [Battle of the Four Kings] is a duel in which the real [King] is selected from the previous heavenly knights.” The Grand Duke Youns said, “The sword in your hand is originally a heavenly knight only qualified. Possessed, used to choose the ancient weapon of the real [King] of Pantoracken.”

“Originally, only the highest-ranking knights of the Knights were qualified to enter the warriors’ graves to get their swords,” said Grand Duke Hall.

“But it has been two thousand years. During this period, no Celestial Knight has ever been able to successfully draw the holy sword.” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens said sarcastically.

“Now it was pulled out by a commoner boy, do you know what that means?” Palinlor asked.

“Uh, don’t know?” Arthur asked tentatively.

“Humph. The Celestial Knight who originally drew his sword will face off against the other three Celestial Knights,” Leon Digens sneered. “If whoever loses, exchange the holy sword. Ownership, then the new holy sword owner, and then the other three heavenly knights duel again, and so on and so on.”

“Until the other three Heavenly Knights are defeated and the real [King] is selected,” said the Grand Duke of Yones.

“But now you, a commoner, came to participate.” Grand Duke Hall said, “I have to include you as well. The five of us are here to fight the [Battle of the Four Kings].”

“This, is this a joke!?” Arthur was at a loss for a while.

“It’s serious.” The Grand Duke of Leon Dickens said, leaning in front of Arthur, “Boy, from today onwards, I’ll be your opponent. I won’t be soft-hearted in a duel. Everyone has the opportunity to become King, isn’t it?”

“I don’t want to be a king. I quit.” Arthur said.

“You have no right to quit!” The Celestial Knights shouted together, “You want to run away with the holy sword!?”

“Uh!” Arthur was shocked by the momentum of the Heavenly Knights for a while.

“Let’s draw lots to decide the order of the duel with this kid,” Palinlor said Is this fair? Palin’s lottery luck is always the best. “The Duke of Lyon Dickens protested.

“Noisy! It’s not necessarily how bad your lottery will be!”

Five minutes later.

“Am I the first? No luck,” said Celestial Knight Leon Dickens.

“I’m third,” said the Archduke Hall.

“Two.” The Duke of Yones said, “Sure enough, Palin’s lottery is the best.”

“Best? No.” Celestial Knight Palinlor said, “I originally wanted to be the first to play, so I will teach this arrogant boy a good lesson in the first game.”

“Then you backfired,” said the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens. “Anyway, he will lose before he faces you.”

“Uh,” Arthur couldn’t help asking, “Aren’t you still fighting a civil war?”

“Don’t fight, the trouble is dead!” said the heavenly knight Palinlor. “The council was only used as a proxy during the king’s absence. Now that the king is about to decide, the power of the council is frozen. “

“Are you proud?” Ewans looked at Arthur with a teasing smile, “No matter what the outcome, you finally stopped the civil war!”

“[The Four Kings….[The Battle of the Five Kings] will take place in a week. Prepare yourself in the meantime.” Celestial Knight Leon Dickens said.

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