Light Spirit Epic Chapter 130: The Northern Sky


Chapter 130: The Chapter of the North Heaven (Beginning) Exploring the Dark History (Part 1)

At night, in a temporary military camp.

“Really? Things are really getting messy,” Kay said. “But be optimistic, you did stop the civil war. Wouldn’t it be nice that no one would be killed or injured?”

“That’s right, I was chased and chopped by the Heavenly Knights, that’s fine,” Arthur said badly.

“To be honest, are the Heavenly Knights stronger or are you stronger?” Evan asked, “Can you beat Dad?”

“Probably not, if you face it head-on.” Arthur said, “After all, those four are the strongest knights in the entire Pantoracken.”

“Isn’t there any chance of winning even with the holy sword?” Bedivere asked, “Isn’t it very powerful that you blocked the sword of the Grand Duke of Palinlor today?”

“It’s just because the weapon is excellent.” Arthur said, “Probably because the photons concentrated on the sword greatly softened the impact.”

Before being pressed down by Palinlor with a light sword, even the floor would sink. If you really take a full blow, I am afraid that you will be smashed into bones, and not even a piece of meat will be left.

And the housekeeping skills of the Celestial Knights are definitely more than that kind of strange power.

A good weapon alone cannot reverse the disadvantage.

“Yo, boys, are you all gathering here for a battle meeting? Would you like to drink together?” The Grand Duke of Leon Digens suddenly broke into the camp.

“Don’t get too close to Arthur! It’s not all your tricks, so that we can get the King’s Sword and give you a chance to become a king?!” Kai couldn’t help scolding.

“Hehe, don’t be so fierce, fair competition, everyone has a chance.” Leon Dickens laughed, and the smell of alcohol spread in the tent.

“Tell you the good news, the battle of the Five Kings is not allowed to use magic, which is an advantage for you who can’t use magic.” The Grand Duke said.

“But?” Arthur asked, seeing that the other party seemed to be hiding some rules.

“However, you can use a creature that has a contract with you.” Leon Dickens said, “You can call your pet dragons as much as you want.”

One of the conditions for being upgraded to a celestial knight is to make a contract with at least one epic photon creature. That’s how it was used.

“Of course, you can’t win with dragons alone.” Leon Digens said, “there is still a week left, so I advise you to explore how to use the sword in your hand.”

After speaking, the Celestial Knight walked away.

“What is he here for?” Evan said, “So good to give us tips?”

Arthur looked at the sword in his hand: “Does this king’s sword hide any secrets? Is there anything we don’t know yet?”

“Why don’t you ask Vivian?” Kay asked.

Arthur made an embarrassed look, “Remember how she scolded us last time? I think it’s better not to disturb her for a while.”


“Pantolaken Royal Central Library.” Evan said, “It should be the best place to find information about ancient civilizations.”

“Want to go to [Second Capital] London?” Arthur’s face suddenly showed hesitation.

“Uh, did I say something wrong again?” Evan was surprised to see both Arthur and Kai looking solemn.

“Let’s not talk about where the guys from the council gather,” Kay said. “To get into the library, you have to go through [Royal Square]. That’s true for Arthur—”

“Kay!” Arthur stopped.

“Are you still reluctant to say it now? Well, I won’t say it, and you will tell them yourself later.” Kai said displeasedly.

“Arthur, you still can’t trust us?” Bedivere asked.

“No.” Arthur said, “It’s just… it’s just the past, it’s too unbearable. I don’t want to mention it again. Maybe when I’m brave enough, I’ll tell you. Yes. But not now, Brady. Not now has said it to the point where Bedivere can’t ask any more.

“You don’t need to go through any square.” Evan said, “Find someone to bring Lian Yin in first. When the memory of the library is available, Lian Yin can use teleportation to bring everyone in!”

Everyone looked at each other.

“If the library doesn’t have a protective barrier, it’s possible.” Arthur said, “The problem is that you won’t know if you don’t look for it once.”

“Anyway, let’s go to London first. Be careful to hide your whereabouts and you won’t be troubled by the Parliament.” Kay said, “Fortunately, the [Battle of the Five Kings] has caused the whole country to be in chaos, and the Parliament must be in chaos.”

Despite deep disgust, Arthur finally agreed.

[Second Capital], London. It is the city where the capital was re-established after the fall of the Holy Camilo in the [First Capital]. The headquarters of the Parliament, the center of the administration of the Pantoracken. It is a luxurious and beautiful city, and at the same time, it is also a world full of money and money.

The knights hidden in the shadows of the city are out of tune with this splendid city.

Since teleporting into London, Bedivere has only seen Arthur shaking.

Arthur, who has no feelings and doesn’t know what to fear, is trembling subconsciously!

Arthur, who was already struggling to restrain himself, but still trembling — what made him so frightened?

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