Light Spirit Epic Chapter 128: Disputes over 5 kings (list)


Chapter 128 Disputes over the Five Kings (List)

On a plain in Wales.

The combined army of the Knights of the Northern Heaven and the Knights of the Western Heaven is facing off against the knights of the Knights of the Eastern Heaven. The Southern Sky Knights just stood still, watching the battle and helping the wounded on both sides from time to time.

Since the war between the two armies, both sides have wounded each other. So far, the cumulative number of wounded has exceeded 10,000. However, almost no one died.

The Pantoracken is waging a bizarre civil war rarely seen in history.

“Leon Digens,” the celestial knight of the Eastern Knights, the Grand Duke of Palinlor raised his sword and said, “We have been fighting for days and nights in a row, are you tired of this old bone?”

“Not tired, not tired!” The Grand Duke of Lyon Digens, the Heavenly Knight of the Knights of the North, said leisurely while drinking the wine from the jug, “With good wine, I will fight several more times. You won’t be tired for a month. But you, you don’t need to go to the toilet or something? Hurry up when you go, I’ll wait for you to come back with a drink.”

“Noisy! Who will give you time to recover your stamina!” Palinlor rushed up and slashed with his sword.

Leon Dickens raised his sword with one hand, and set off his opponent’s savage blade like a storm.

“Should you show your real skills? This kind of tepid attack can’t be won for 10,000 years?” said the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens.

“If I’m serious, you’d already be dead.” The Grand Duke of Palinlor said, “But I won’t let you die. I have to take you back to the council for trial.”

“You speak to the Parliament, you are really a loyal dog of the Parliament.” Leon Dickens sneered.

“I am not loyal to the Council, but to the Creed of Knights.” Palinlor said, “Even a traitor like you has the right to a fair trial.”

“Is it fair?” Leon Dickens sneered, “the fairness and justice in your heart are shallow enough.”

“You—” Palinlor’s face was flushed with anger, and blue veins appeared, “Stop talking nonsense, accept your life!” Palinlor rushed over, swung his sword with all his strength, and slashed a powerful blow!

Famous for his monstrous power, Palinlor, the Celestial Knight who can destroy a city with a single blow, can’t resist a single blow with all his strength!

Leon Degens is about to be chopped to a pulp!

——- Keng.

A thick and mellow voice echoed in the wilderness, shaking the air.

The knights who were fighting were stunned by the strong shock. They thought that the two heavenly knights had already decided the outcome, so they turned their heads together and wanted to know what happened.

However, it wasn’t what they expected.

Sandwiched between the Grand Duke of Palinlor and the Grand Duke of Lyon Dickens is a young man.

This young man, wearing a tattered but rare black dragon armor, holds an ancient sword with a golden glow in his hand.

That shock was not caused by the fighting of the Celestial Knights. It was the young man who raised his sword to block Palinlor’s full blow, and the shock wave that erupted instantly.

The legendary celestial knight Palinlor, who had the power of ten thousand people, had the most powerful blow, but was simply blocked!

The knights couldn’t help but wonder: Where is this kid so holy? !

“Yo, Arthur.” Leon Digens, the celestial knight on the side, said, “I haven’t seen you for a few days, it seems that you have grown a lot?”

“Where, Lord Grand Duke.” Arthur said coldly, “I just upgraded the equipment.”

“That, that sword! Could it be ——!” Grand Duke Palinlor stared at the golden sword in front of That’s right, you and I have never The one that can be pulled out. King’s Sword Caliburn. “The Duke of Lyon Dickens mocked.

“This kid is not even qualified to be a Heavenly Knight, how could he be!” Palinlor said.

“Ahahahahaha!” Leon Dickens laughed, as happy as a child who succeeded in mischief, “Don’t you know? The qualifications are only for the Knights! But I just fired this kid not long ago. The knights are out! He is now a commoner—civilian—!!—pian—min—!! The knights rule that non-celestial knights can’t draw swords, but there is no rule that commoners can’t go Draw your sword!”


The conversation between the two heavenly positions left Arthur at a loss. But he couldn’t control it anymore, so he opened his mouth and said: “Do you still want to fight, Grand Duke of Palinlor? There is no need for the Grand Duke of Leon Dickens to make a move, let me meet you again, a shame!”

“The kid is so arrogant.” Palinlor said but withdrew his sword, “I will fight you, but not now.”


“Lion, you’re so **** good. Is it the old man’s prophecy that it will become like this? Are you teasing us all the time with the mood of watching a play?!” Palinlor said.

Arthur noticed that the other two Celestial Knights had also approached. Arthur was surrounded by four Heavenly Knights.

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