Light Spirit Epic Chapter 127: Shining in the king’s first


Chapter 127 Shining to the King (in)

The Sword of Kings was pulled out by Arthur, shaking off a lot of rust, and gradually, it showed brilliance!

A golden light enveloped the entire sword. This is the excess light emitted by photons.

This ancient weapon is not a lightsaber, nor is it an enchanted weapon. While holding this magic weapon, Arthur learned a little about its special structure.

These photons are the special embodied form of [the third miracle—photon creation]. They are photons from different worlds that did not originally exist in [this] world and flowed from countless parallel time and space!

There are countless parallel worlds, and there are endless photons flowing to this sword! These photons will dissipate in an instant, disappear from this world, and return to the correct time and space that originally belonged to them;

But with infinite parallel time, infinite photons will always flow in!

This magic weapon is the incarnation of infinity. The photons it can mobilize are inexhaustible, its power is inexhaustible, and its possibilities are inexhaustible!

“Ah, Arthur?” Kai asked anxiously, “How is it? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Arthur came back to his senses, “I finally understand what’s going on. This sword…maybe it can really compete with the Celestial Knights.”

“Is this so powerful?” Kai asked.

“You take it and see. Then you’ll know what’s going on,” Arthur said, handing the sword to Kai.

As Kai reached for the sword, the sword lost its luster.

Kai held the sword and wanted to swing it. However, he found that the sword was stuck in the [position] where it was now, as if it was frozen in this time and space, and it did not move at all!

“How come!” He was startled and let go. Just as his hand completely left the Divine Sword, the sword fell to the ground with a bang.

The sword is not “frozen” in time and space, but when someone touches the sword, a large number of photons from another world flow out from the sword. As a result, they became photons of these other worlds, blocking the movement of the sword.

The intense photon buffering effect made the photons of the other world ejected at high speed resist each other with the photons of the original world, and the sword was “stuck” in its position!

It’s the same principle as “wielding a lightsaber with a high concentration of photons will be hard.” However, the Sword of Kings alienated this phenomenon to the extreme, and it became a strange sword that “no one can swing”.

Kay also realizes what’s going on. This sword was probably a failed design. The ancients used various techniques to make a super weapon that could draw photons infinitely from parallel time and space, but it became this kind of weapon that no one could use (wield).

But, why can Arthur?

Why Arthur, why just Arthur?

Kay was frustrated. He understood that this is the qualification of a king. There must be some kind of [speciality] in Arthur’s constitution, and this particularity determines that he is a king.

As if the sword of the king would really choose [King], that sword chose Arthur.

The ambitious Kai should have regretted Arthur.

But, oddly enough, Kai had no remorse. He was relieved.

(Arthur’s fate has been decided, he is to exist as a king.)

(And my destiny is to protect the king.)

(Arthur is protected by me. This wish, from the beginning to the end, has not changed. No matter what the world becomes, it will not change!)

(Arthur, let me protect!)

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