Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1278: Hunting on the Silent Night (21)


Chapter 1278 Hunting Demons in Silent Night (21)

The original scenery was the bustling night lights of London. () But the male star flew very fast, and it only took half a minute to fly out of the urban area of ​​London.

And the countryside of Great Britain is extraordinarily quiet and sparsely populated. Looking from a high altitude, the dotted lights make it impossible to identify the direction.

Husky shuddered, flying at high altitudes was terrifying and cold, even though the canine boy had been sandwiched by two humans from front and back, and the star dragon he was sitting on was also high in body temperature, like a self-made Seat with heating function.

“How long do we have to fly to our destination?” Husky whispered against the cold wind.

“About three hours.” Shaxing sneered.

“What meow!?””If you want to be fast, I can increase the speed. But trust me, this journey will be bumpy.””I don’t care.” Juliet, who was sitting at the end, seemed to be as if nothing had happened. Got used to this kind of wind and waves.

“I want to hurry too,” Daniel whispered. His body did feel a little frozen, and he was worried that if it was too frozen, it would have an impact on the next nightmare hunt. After all, this was his own task, and he had to do everything himself.

“Okay, hold on tight.” Xinghuilong murmured a few words, as if he had deployed some kind of protective shield around his body. The shield blocks some of the oncoming air, allowing the dragon to fly faster. The evil star “ignited” its own wings even more — in fact, it added magic power to its own wing membrane, making it glow like a flame — this makes the dragon flap its wings. Larger, of course, the speed will increase explosively.

Husky just felt like he was riding a train through a dark tunnel. The shield not only deflects the airflow, but also deflects the light; it dims the remaining stars and moonlights in the sky, and pulls out a trail of afterimages in high-speed flight.

Maybe it’s just an accident, maybe this is what the evil star did on purpose, in short, it’s impossible to identify the direction and distance in this darkness, they were led by the star dragon all the way, and where they are going is completely unpredictable. , only the evil star knows where the destination is.

Although there is no reference, Husky can still feel them moving at high speed. Because of the heavy pressure caused by the high-speed movement, a powerful force pressed the dog boy almost out of breath. Turn left, turn right, then turn left, followed by a long straight flight. Uncle Sha Xing’s flight path seems to be quite random, even a bit like he deliberately drifted left and right in order to play tricks on the boys and girls on the dragon’s back.

(*Note: It is due to the photon friction effect and has nothing to do with acceleration or air resistance.) After about an hour or so, the flying speed of Xinghuilong finally slowed down. Then the protective cover was cancelled, and the original darkness of the world was replaced by the light of the stars and the moon again. Husky looked at the ground curiously and found that there was already a large island under their feet. The outline of half of the island can be seen from the sky, and it is looming in the reflection of the sea.

Something glows red in the center of the island. Husky took a closer look and realized that it was actually a crater, and it was an active volcano. It is the lava that is constantly emerging in the crater, which flows slowly along the rocky crevices on the edge of the volcano, and completely cools down on the mountainside, finally making the volcano look like a giant lamp from a distance. This volcano has neither the danger of a complete eruption, nor the tendency to be completely extinguished. It maintains a delicate balance in a dangerous state, and is the ideal residence for some creatures who love heat.

For some reason, Husky’s first thought was not the nightmare, but the dragon. It’s more like a dragon’s lair than a nightmare’s lair. But Uncle Sha Xing brought them to search for nightmares, so there shouldn’t be a wrong route, right?

“It’s about to land, you all hold firm.” Xinghuilong slowed down the rhythm of flapping his wings and used his huge wings to glide on the air current. They stopped on a relatively flat rock platform on the mountainside of the volcano, and the evil star turned into a human shape as soon as the crowd was put down.

“Pay attention to the terrain around you.” The evil star reminded. “If I fall into the lava and burn to death, I will not be responsible.” Husky looked around again. This active volcano is actually not as dangerous as it might seem at first glance. The rocks that make it up are extremely hard volcanic rocks, which have condensed and agglomerated in millions of years of precipitation and become so thick that even the lava that flows down the cracks in the rocks cannot erode them. Also because the rocks are very thick, the heat from the ground can’t actually be transmitted to the ground very well. Husky stepped on this kind of rock through his shoes, but he only felt a little warm on his feet. As long as you take care to avoid those glowing lava rivers when climbing, you should be fine.

“Strange, nightmares can appear in such a place?” Juliet also questioned after inspecting the environment. She didn’t understand much about these magical creatures, but she also knew that nightmares were not the type of monsters that liked heat, and generally did not build nests in craters.

“So you really don’t know anything,” Shaxing walked in front of the team, leading everyone around dangerous lava rivers and heading towards the top of the volcano: “This was originally a dragon’s lair. Well, you know, I always like to collect treasures. Even if I don’t take the initiative to plunder, adventurers from all walks of life will automatically come to die for the sake of hunting dragons. The dragons usually kill the adventurers, dispose of the corpses, and leave only the treasures. Over time, a big treasure will accumulate in the dragon’s lair.” Daniel listened silently, although he didn’t understand at all.

“Generally speaking, if the dragon has been guarding its own dragon lair, other monsters will not dare to disturb it. But if the dragon in this dragon lair goes out for a long time, or dies and does not return for any reason, the dragon lair will not come back. It will be completely vacant, leaving only a big treasure full of gold and silver property. At this time, some greedy creatures will occupy the nest and come in to find the idea of ​​the treasure and the dragon’s lair.” “That’s it. Nightmare really likes the light of treasures.” The smart girl has roughly guessed the ending: “This is a dragon’s lair that has been vacant for a long time. Its treasure light has attracted a nightmare, and it will stay here forever, right? “”That’s right.” It seems that because he is very familiar with the terrain, Shaxing walked very fast, and climbed to the place close to the top of the mountain in a few strokes. Then he suddenly helped him down, and gestured to everyone: “Hide!” Husky and the others immediately crouched down nervously, using the uneven black volcanic rocks around them as a cover to cover up skillfully.

“Look there!” Shaxing carefully touched over to join the crowd, then stuck his head out of the cover and pointed to the distance: “It’s that nightmare!” Husky and Daniel went out to look at the same time. About fifty yards from where they were, among the treasure piles in the depression of the cave, a black thing was slowly moving left and right. There is black air floating around its body, which is incompatible with the surrounding golden treasure light and the red light of the volcano’s lava. It is like an ugly shadow beneath the gorgeous light of good things.

The evil star didn’t say much, and pulled Husky with one hand, while using his father’s ancient sword to draw a circle on the ground around his body. The circle soon formed a sort of faint golden shroud that seemed to be dedicated to fighting the Nightmare’s mind-disturbing magic.

“Listen to me, kid.” Xinghuilong said to Husky: “No matter what happens, you must not leave this protective circle. If you are caught in the nightmare of nightmare, even I can’t save it. You!” Husky nodded obediently, even though he had other ideas. And Juliet Roosevelt is also hiding behind the evil star, within the protective circle, it seems that she does not intend to intervene in the nightmare hunt.

“Then it’s up to you.” The evil star said to the apprentice knight Daniel again: “Rush from here, as soon as you are discovered, the nightmare will launch a mental pollution attack on you. No one can help you, You can only rely on your own strength to break the hypnosis of the nightmare. It is up to you to live or die.” Daniel swallowed, nodded towards Xinghuilong, and slowly walked out from behind the cover: “What if I succeed in breaking Nightmare’s hypnosis? What should I do after that?” Death. The only scary thing about it is the mental pollution. It can’t move when it uses the mental pollution attack, which means that as long as you can wake up from hypnosis, it can only stand there and be slaughtered by you. Nothing to be afraid of.” Daniel frowned. Simple to say, but actually very difficult to do. Every year in Great Britain, at least 3,000 knights who participate in the assessment are seriously injured by the spiritual pollution of the nightmare, and even die in severe cases. If you can’t escape from the nightmare, the human body will be continuously corrupted by the magic of the nightmare, and eventually (all or part) of the internal organs will turn into black mucus and flow out of the body, which is a very terrifying way to die.

Now that I think about it, it’s still too early to tell if he is still an apprentice knight to challenge Nightmare. But Daniel has no way out. He needs to be upgraded to a regular knight as soon as possible, and needs an emergency fund from the knight order for his seriously ill mother to operate.

Young man clenched his teeth and walked out slowly One step, two steps, three steps. He tiptoed, intending to get as close to the monster as possible. Maybe he was lucky enough to think that he could get close to the Nightmare without being discovered by him, so that he could kill this terrifying monster in one fell swoop.

But, of course, that’s absolutely impossible. No matter how skilled people are at stealth, the Nightmare is always better at seeing through stealth. After walking less than five yards, Daniel had been spotted by the monster.

“Sesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss of a nightmare. The black air around its body also began to spread, surrounding everything around it.

In an instant, the flames of lava or the golden light of treasures were all drowned in this evil darkness.

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