Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1277: Hunting on the Silent Night (20)


Chapter 1277 Hunting Demons in Silent Night (Twenty)

“I was still in the process of rehabilitating when I noticed that my body had become unusual.” The cat boy whispered: “That is really… a very strange thing. The broken hands and feet, after the bones re-healed, mutated. As long as I concentrate, my hands and feet can bend, lengthen or shorten like a rubber.”

Having said this, Mutter stretched out his arm about three feet, put his fingertips in front of Albert, and flicked the tiger’s nose.

” The therapist said that this kind of [rubber man] ability, which was originally a gift of the cat people, originally required a lot of training to do it, and it was impossible to have this kind of softness. And mine The situation, I am afraid that it was tortured for a long time in the limit state of [Octopus Pot], and the body gradually mutated into this state for self-protection.”

“The situation is the same as Phileos’ super-recovery ability.” Albert muttered in a low voice.

“Perhaps.” Mu Te nodded: “In short, it is probably like this. This ability of mine is gradually awakened by long-term cruel torture. It is an unnatural physical mutation. It’s almost impossible to achieve the same effect. But if you want to try, I can do it for you. Let me smash all your hands and feet, put you in a vase for two or three years, and the same ability may Awakened.”

Tiger shuddered: “No thanks, I don’t want to die yet.”

Mutter rolled his eyes at Albert, and suddenly changed the subject: “Aren’t you tired, you’ve been sprinting since just now, and you’ve been running for nearly an hour.”

“Shhh,” Albert was too absorbed by listening to the story, and after Mutter said this, he suddenly realized that his lower limbs were extremely sore. His feet started to go limp, and he slipped off the treadmill with a snap.

“Ow. Help, help me…” He lay on the ground and found himself unable to get up.

“Look, if you’re willing to do it, you can still do the training well.” Mutter took out a bottle of milky white drink from the refrigerator in the kitchen and handed it to Albert: “Protein drink, drink it quickly. Right. Go to bed right after drinking, and the super recovery effect will make you stronger.”

“I have to take a shower first——” Albert struggled to get up, and found that his feet were so sore that they almost melted, and the sweat just made him feel sticky and uncomfortable. Extreme. He drank the oddly-tasting protein drink, and while it wasn’t very tasty, Albert was refreshed by its coldness.

“I’ll wash it tomorrow. Anyway, go to bed now.” But Mutter ignored Albert’s objection and threw the tiger on the bed: “Take off the soaked clothes and put an ice pack on your legs. . Other matters will be dealt with tomorrow morning.”

“Hey,” Tiger took off his coat, took the ice pack Mutter threw, and asked by the way, “The stories you just told were not made up, I always thought they were for me Distracted and deliberately said,”

“Hehe,” Mutter smiled maliciously: “You just realized it now,”

He threw another ice pack at Albert while turning down the temperature of the room’s air conditioner: “Don’t be long-winded, go to sleep.”

Albert had just taken off his sweat-soaked trousers when the drowsiness struck suddenly. His eyelids sank, and he fell asleep immediately.

Mutter walked slowly to Albert, used a towel to wipe off the sweat on Al’s body, and covered the tiger with a quilt. At this moment, the phone of the cat boy rang.

“It’s me.” He replied with a flat face: “I’ve successfully coaxed him to sleep. I’m going to sleep too, and I’ll report the situation to you tomorrow.”

“Did you let him drink the medicine?” A mysterious voice came from the microphone. The voice was changed, and it was impossible to recognize who was speaking.

“Drinked.” Mutter replied dispassionately: “He didn’t notice anything unusual except that he thought the medicine tasted bad.”

“Very good. Continue to monitor him and give him regular medication. The call is over.”

The cat boy nodded and hung up. Then he threw the phone on his bed and climbed into the bed to sleep.

At 10 pm, London, Great Britain, the base of the Knights of the Eastern Sky, Elsenburg.

Daniel sneezed from the cold as he crawled out of the refrigerated hibernation chamber. The knight Pariston who was in charge of receiving him had already handed over a blanket and hot cocoa for warming up.

“Thank you.” The apprentice knight boy wiped the frost on his body and hurriedly poured hot cocoa into his stomach, finally warming up a little.

“Does it work, that cryopod,” a girlish voice asked.

Daniel turned his head slightly in astonishment, and found that it was Juliet Roosevelt, the Deputy Director of the Weapons Development Department of the Knights of Winter.

The apprentice knight boy quickly put on his pants: “Miss Juliet, why are you——“

The girl smiled sweetly: “I introduced you to use this frozen dormant warehouse, of course I have the responsibility to supervise it to the end.”

“Uh…” Daniel moved his muscles. Although the fatigue of his body has not been completely eliminated, he feels refreshed and refreshed, and the fatigue of his brain has indeed been greatly eased by freezing and dormancy, as if he slept for three days and three nights in a row.

“It should work,” replied the apprentice knight boy vaguely.

“Then quickly summon the evil star and let him take you to hunt nightmares.” Juliet deliberately concealed the feelings she expected and urged indifferently.

“Uh…,” Daniel felt a little strange, but was too embarrassed to ask more, so he took out the dragon scale left by the evil star from his own personal belongings, while concentrating on summoning the evil star, Go outside.

Whoosh. Xinghuilong appeared in the corridor in an instant, startling Daniel. As soon as Sha Xing passed the portal, he immediately spit out a small box from his mouth. The canine boy in the box jumped out and kept getting bigger at the same time, which startled Daniel again.

“Brother Daniel, are you ready?” Husky asked with a smile.

“Husky, are you here to see me off, thank you.”

“No, Husky will also go to Wang together.” The dog boy said wagging his tail.

“But the place we are going is very dangerous.” The apprentice knight boy was a little unhappy: “What if you are also attacked by a nightmare.”

The dog boy pulled Xinghuilong’s hand: “Uncle Shaxing will protect Husky’s wang. Husky promises to only watch Brother Daniel from afar, you try to fight against the nightmare, and don’t add trouble to the wang.”


“This matter has been decided, don’t waste time discussing it.” Sha Xing hummed unhappily: “I can’t convince this kid, and you can’t convince him even more with your eloquence. This time the road is quite long. , we have to set off immediately to be back before dawn.”

The canine boy tilted his head and asked: “Uh, why is it so far away? Can’t Uncle Shaxing’s teleportation technique be able to reach anywhere in an instant?”

Xinghuilong just smiled: “You will know the reason soon.”

He jumped out of the window next to him, and just jumped out of the window before returning to his original form. The giant dragon grabbed a corner of the wall and said to the two teenagers, “Come on up.”

“Do you want to fly?” Husky was a little confused.

“Because I’m a [demon-free], right.” Daniel climbed out of the window without much thought and jumped onto the dragon’s back.

Husky then understands why. Because brother Daniel is a demonless person, his physique is extremely resistant to magic. It is impossible for Uncle Sha Xing to use the teleportation technique with brother Daniel, and it is even more impossible to shrink brother Daniel into the box (and mouth).

The only way to get somewhere without a demon is to fly.

“Okay, okay, Wang…” The canine boy cautiously climbed out of the window and slowly touched the dragon’s back. At this time, he began to regret following him.

Xinghuilong grinned, as if he had planned to teach Husky, a nosy brat, a lesson here.

Clap. Unexpectedly, in addition to Husky, someone else jumped on the back of the evil star.

“Hey. What are you doing?” Xinghuilong looked back angrily and found that it was the girl named Juliet. She was wrapping her arms around Daniel’s waist from behind and sandwiching Husky between them, making the two little boys flush.

“I’d like to follow along and find out, if Archduke Fiend allows it.” Juliet smiled slyly: “If this kid didn’t have a notary in the process of hunting nightmares, God knows if anyone would help,”

“You bastard, do you want to insult me?” Sha Xing grinned angrily: “Dragons are all about their words and value glory. I said that I was only responsible for taking this kid to the nightmare, and it was impossible to help him. Hunting nightmares. People in the knights should already have a consensus on this matter, how can you let this little girl point at me.”

“Probably not under normal circumstances, but if it happened in an unknown corner of the earth, it is difficult to say what the benevolent Archon of the Fiend would have done.” Juliet laughed: “Perhaps the knight The people in the group are willing to believe on the surface that you have not helped this child, Grand Duke Shaxing; but there is no reason to say it There will always be some people who will make irresponsible remarks about you behind your back, so it is best to let A completely neutral person is better as a notary, only I can shut up those who dare to make irresponsible remarks.”

Xinghuilong gritted his teeth, holding back the swear words that almost reached his mouth, and thought for a while. Although the feeling of being led by the nose is really annoying, the evil star also knows that Juliet’s words are right to a certain extent.

“You will die.” The evil star can only threaten: “I have no obligation to protect you too.”

“Nightmare is a piece of cake, I beat it once when I passed the Silver Knight exam half a year ago,” Juliet said nonchalantly.

Shaxing hummed and said nothing.

“Huhu.——Pariston, stay here to meet us.” Juliet Roosevelt patted Xinghuilong on the back: “Now, can we go?”

The evil star reluctantly jumped from the edge of the castle, spread its wings and slapped it, and suddenly climbed into the air. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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