Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1276: Hunting on the Silent Night (19)


Chapter 1276 Hunting Demons in Silent Night (XIX)

At the same time, the Grand Hotel in Cairo.

After saying goodbye to Vice President Castro, Albert left the old guest room he shared with Palamidis and took the elevator to the top floor of the hotel, intending to check out his newly acquired luxury suite.

After swiping the key card, the tiger was almost blinded by the extravagant arrangement inside the door. However, he had stayed in the luxurious room for several days, and it was no surprise to those splendid decorations. What really attracted Albert’s attention was the spaciousness and versatility of this room.

In addition to a very comfortable-looking open plan twin bedroom, the special VIP room has a separate open plan kitchen, a great large passenger elevator, and a games room with its own pool darts and bar. There is also a small swimming pool extending outward from the terrace. The pool water is surrounded by a glass curtain wall, giving people a pleasant illusion of swimming in the sky. Next to the patio is a training room with some treadmills, exercise machines, weight racks and other equipment for guests to exercise anytime, anywhere.

As for Mutter, the kitten has already had a bath and is practicing yoga on a rubber rug in just a pair of shorts. The softness of the cat boy’s body is simply unparalleled. He twisted his limbs to an unbelievable level, making his entire cat almost rolled into a ball of fur. In addition, Mutt’s muscles were already soft and carried. The fluffy and soft fur made him look more like a cat hairball.

“Wow~” Albert whistled at the cat boy.

But Mutter just gave the tiger a blank look: “You’re back, the fitness equipment here is very good, come and exercise.”

“You’re crazy,” Albert sneered casually: “I’ve been working hard all day, and I want to go to bed immediately, but you want me to continue exercising,”

“Hiloma has said that it is necessary to do a lot of physical exercise an hour before going to bed.” Mutter explained solemnly: “Push your body to the limit, tear the muscles of your body, and then go to bed. Rest. This way you can trigger the super recovery effect of your body when you are resting, and when you wake up, your muscles will be stronger than before.——By the way, the [super recovery effect] mentioned here is not Fei Uncle Leos’ super recovery ability, [Super recovery] Any normal person has it, but you just don’t realize it.”

“Humph——” Albert lay on the luxurious big bed with a look of disdain. Mutter himself certainly did not understand these theories anyway, but was just copying what others said.

“It’s a waste of you to go to sleep without doing anything.” Mutter continued, “So Shiloma is right, the reason you are so weak is not because you are born weak, but because you are lazy. “

“Sh meow,” as if being humiliated, Albert bounced off the bed with blue veins on his forehead, looking at the cat boy angrily: “What meow you said just now, dare to say it again. once again,”

“I said, you are so weak because of your laziness.” The cat boy was not afraid of Albert’s threats, even though the tiger could tie him up and beat him at any time: “I also watched your game. It was broadcast, and to be honest, you had a terrible fight in that fight.”

More veins emerged from Albert’s forehead as he clucked his fists and was about to come over and give Mutter a good beating.

“Your movements are stiff and your reactions are slow, resulting in a lot of attacks that you can easily dodge, but you can’t dodge.” Mutter continued nonchalantly: “You rely too much on your talent, but you never Knowing that if you practice **** the basis of the original, as a result, even your strong explosive power as a tiger man is dispensable and completely wasted. And your own skills are terrible, and your talents and weapon performance can’t be fully utilized. In short, you are a sad slacker.”

“Woo—” Tiger was deeply stabbed by the other’s words. Although he thinks he has done his best in today’s fight, Mutter’s words don’t seem to be completely unreasonable.

“So you think that if I practice enough, I can improve my fighting ability, and adding a few ounces of muscle will make me stronger, hehe, there is no such good thing in the world.”

“So you still don’t understand.” Mutter sneered: “It’s true that the result of practice is only to increase muscle mass, but it’s just a variable of very little significance. What really makes you stronger is practice. Process. Improve the coordination of your limbs and nervous system through a lot of physical exercise, hone your will and improve your self-confidence through hard training. We American football players rely on the mentality. If there is no steel will And absolute confidence in your own abilities, when an opponent dozens of times stronger than you sprints towards you, you are likely to be too frightened to move.”

Albert frowned, but the blue veins on his forehead completely disappeared. Although reluctant to admit it, Tiger knew that Mutter was right.

“Okay…I’m just exercising…” The tiger man walked to a treadmill dejectedly and started jogging.

Mutter said nothing, and continued to practice his yoga, stretching and twisting his limbs to an even more incredible level.

The atmosphere in the room instantly stiffened.

“So—“In order to ease the atmosphere, Albert asked as he ran: “If I practice hard, my body may one day be as soft as yours, with superhuman softness,”

“Save it, it’s impossible.” Mutter denied.

The tiger began to look smug: “You really think it’s impossible, I’m a man who even mastered the [Sandstorm] of the Sphinx.”

“Impossible is impossible.” The cat boy hummed: “My body is no longer the result of simple exercise, but some kind of unnatural mutation.”


“Do you really want to hear it,” Mutter paused for a yoga session, rested on the rubber rug, and stared at Albert with a slightly mischievous look: “I’ll say next. The story is not a pleasant experience, it’s **** and cruel, and it might give you nightmares.”

“Oh, please, I’m a monster hunter, and I’ve killed countless terrifying and brutal monsters, as well as people. Is there anything else in this world that can scare me,”

“That’s good.” Mutter showed a [you asked for it] expression and began to narrate: “First I have to ask you, do you know what [octopus pot] is,”

“Octopus pot, the kind of vessel used in marine parks to let octopuses live,”

“No. The [Octopus Pot] I’m talking about is a torture tool.” The young cat man smiled indifferently.

“Did you know that when a slave is too sick to work and is deemed unlikely to be of any further benefit to his master, they are generally cast out mercilessly. They are either killed or Made into a [toy] for slave owners to enjoy. The [toy] I am talking about here is not something as gentle as a teddy bear doll. It is very cruel. [Octopus pot] is one of the materials for making such toys .”

Albert frowned, a chill started to run down his spine, and he felt that something terrible was about to happen.

Mutter pointed to a nearby vase, which was about a foot high: “[Octopus jug] is basically a reinforced glass vase about the size of that vase. It has a hole in the bottom that allows dirty Keep the things in the jug clean to a certain extent. Because such a jug is the permanent habitat of a slave who has been made into a [toy], and once it is stuffed in, it will never come out again until death. .”

Albert glanced at the vase and retorted disdainfully: “Nonsense. How can such a small bottle mouth fit a person,”

“Oh, I can definitely hold it.” Mutter suddenly said a scary sentence: “After all the bones of the slave’s limbs are broken, they can be stuffed in. If necessary, even the bones will be Crack it into pieces, and that person will become a veritable mass of meat puree that can basically be put into any suitable vessel.”

Tiger took a deep breath, a nausea swirling in his throat.

“Yes, this is [Octopus Pot]. It’s very perverted.” Mutter said this with a hint of hatred in his voice: “Slaves with broken bones will be put into this transparent In the glass jug, only one head is left out of the jug. From then on, he can no longer move. He can only see the mood of the slave owner, and occasionally get some [nutrient solution] to maintain his life. They are basically for the slave owners. For enjoyment, the situation is like putting flowers in a vase to decorate the environment.

They are naked and ridiculed in transparent glass bottles, on the one hand for slave owners to show off their wealth; They work hard not to let themselves fall into this.

Slaves who are made into [toys] will lose their last bit of human rights and dignity It is better to die. If it is played to death, the slave owner is just losing a slave who is not able to work in the first place, and it is no big deal. “

“Don’t, don’t say it, it’s disgusting…”

“Huhu.” Mutter gave a pale smile: “Two years, two full years. I was stuffed into that jug, made into a [toy], stored in a dark dungeon, and subjected to exhaustion. Abuse. Humiliation. How many times I wanted to bite my tongue and kill myself, but I was so weak that I couldn’t even bite my own tongue. But when I was most desperate, Father Sphinx bought me from the previous slave owner. Down—you know what, he bought an [octopus pot], a total worthless piece of junk. Instead of playing with me like a toy, he broke the octopus pot and put the dying I was rescued. He ordered someone to heal me with broken hands and feet, and I have become a cripple. For a worthless slave like me, Daddy Sphinx is the first and probably the only one in the world. , merciful to me.”

Speaking of this, Mutter had tears in his eyes, but he still insisted on finishing his words: “Then, after about a month, my body began to mutate.” () “Act of Light” only represents The author Raven D. Vixas’s point of view, if you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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