Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1279: Hunting on the Silent Night (22)


Chapter 1279 Hunting Demons in Silent Night Twenty-two

Originally dark.

Then there is the cacophony of voices, the cacophony of a group of young and ignorant teenagers.

Daniel opened his eyes and found himself on the ground.

Someone’s shoes were placed heavily on the apprentice knight’s head, covering half of his face.

What’s going on here. Daniel was a little confused at first. But then he felt soreness in his lower abdomen, right chest and left shoulder, which seemed to have been punched hard. The head wasn’t as painful as being hit by a fist, but it must have suffered a serious bruise, probably hitting its forehead when it was knocked to the ground. To make matters worse, the opponent’s foot had been stepping on the back of Daniel’s head, pressing mercilessly. Daniel, who already had a splitting headache, felt that his head might be stomped on at any time.

Got it. was beaten. was bullied.

Thinking back to the occasion in his life when he might have been bullied, it must have been at the training base of the Knights of the North. To be more precise, being bullied by that particular guy in the virtual world used for simulation training.


“What are you doing?” Daniel whispered, his tone full of innocence.

“The routine training has just ended, and the instructor isn’t here, so what else can I do.” The blond apprentice knight pulled Daniel’s hair and shoved him with one hand: “Of course I [love] you, little bastard. “

He threw Daniel out, let him hit the ground hard, and then called for a large group of apprentice knight teens to fight him. The beaten Daniel could only curl up and endure the punches and kicks of the group of teenagers.

“It’s better for a low-class person like you to go back to being a farmer or something, and stop being a knight’s daydream.” Vincent sneered and said: “With your skills, Your family background, your popularity, you still want to be a regular knight. It’s a joke.”


“Let me tell you a fact.” The blond apprentice knight boy ignored Daniel’s rebuttal and continued: “A guy from a commoner who has risen to prominence and became a silver knight in one fell swoop has never happened in history. People who become silver knights have a bit of noble blood in their bodies. It is blood that determines the watershed between black iron knights and silver knights. You may spend your whole life working hard to become a regular black iron knight, but then go up. No Maybe, stop dreaming.

To put it horribly, the Dark Iron Knights are cannon fodder. They were at the front of the line and died first in battle. () You should work hard, then be a black iron knight for a lifetime, act as cannon fodder for the knights like your dead father, and finally die tragically. In this case, you may be able to get a posthumous title after death and get a silver knight. Maybe the title of , ha ha ha ha ha, “

Daniel didn’t respond, it should be said that there was no room for rebuttal. He also knew very well in his heart that most of what the other party said was right.

Born in poverty, this body is like the bottom of the earth.

Spent a lifetime chasing a dream that can never be reached, chasing that illusory happiness. Knowing that he doesn’t have this ability, he wants to be swollen and fat.

His father did just that, so his father died.

The son follows in the footsteps of the reckless man, seeing his father as a generous hero. But when Daniel entered the Knights, he realized that his father’s death was worthless.

There is no merit, no title, the basic salary of a black iron knight a month is only three hundred Pantoracken gold coins. The father, who joined the Knights in pursuit of his dream, earned a monthly salary that he could not even support his wife and children, and had to rely on the country’s poverty alleviation policy to support him.

When he died in battle, the subsidy he received was only enough to pay for the burial, leaving Daniel and his mother no more than a hundred gold coins.

It’s ridiculous, it’s ridiculous.

That is a worthless, false life. A fictional dream that a fool spends his life chasing.

As a result, Daniel has repeatedly asked himself whether it was worth it. Can his dream of becoming a Silver Knight really come true? Or, all he did was just following in his father’s footsteps.

Horrible, terrifying.

History is always strikingly similar, and perhaps the next step is his turn to die on the battlefield. He is extremely poor in understanding, clumsy, and his fighting ability is far lower than his peers, so he has no qualifications to climb up.

However, he still believes that a miracle might actually happen. Just like the feeling of buying a lottery ticket and waiting for the lottery, as a gambler of destiny, people always think that something good will suddenly happen to them.

Until that day.

“This is my greatest tolerance for you, take it.” Golden Knight Vincent

The Baron throws a check to his little servant. His smooth, well-maintained handsome face was both plain and secretly hideous.

The thin, tough piece of paper lay quietly on the old elm table worn by the years, waiting for the humble footman to pick it up. Daniel gave the check a quick glance. It was a cheque for fifty thousand British gold coins. This amount is neither more nor less, just enough for his mother’s operation.

“After you take this money, you should leave the Knights of the Northern Sky. Heal your mother and go to the country to live a peaceful life.” Baron Vincent looked sad and contemptuous, using a Looking at Daniel with complicated eyes: “Stupid and useless commoner kid, stop dreaming of being a knight.”

“But, I”

“Your father used to be my subordinate. He died of his own stupidity and arrogance.” Baron Vincent’s eyes gradually turned cold: “I just don’t want to see his son repeat the same mistakes.”

Daniel is silent for a while.

“Honestly, you’re not suitable. You’re too weak, unresponsive, and you don’t have noble blood flowing in your body. No matter how much time a commoner spends climbing up, you’ll never get promoted to Silver Knight or above. position.”

Baron Vincent again, repeating words similar to his son.

“The position above the silver knight is a world with pure blood and belongs only to those noble people. The commoners with dirty blood, no matter how high their abilities and skills are, it is absolutely impossible to become a silver knight. So you can only be a black iron knight all your life, a cannon fodder, and finally die like your stupid father. I am merciful, and I don’t want you to follow your father’s old path, understand.”

The young apprentice knight was silent for a while. After thinking for a long time, he finally reached out to the small piece of paper on the table.

“I see,” Daniel whispered, picking up the check.

A relief appeared on Baron Vincent’s face, but this relief lasted only half a second. When Daniel tore the check with both hands to shreds, the golden knight Vincent’s face showed hideous and embarrassed.

“You’re toasting and not drinking.” The baron’s dull tone concealed murderous intent.

“I’m sorry, Lord Baron. I still want to heal my mother with my own hands.” Daniel did not dare to look at the other’s face, he knew that the Baron’s expression must be terrible at this time: “But yours I understand the kindness. I will redouble my efforts to become a regular knight as soon as possible. Maybe, one day, if I get lucky and become a silver knight, I will definitely give today’s kindness tenfold. Return to you, Lord Baron. Farewell.”

“Don’t run,” the baron’s face suddenly changed, he turned into a demon, and his body was burning with terrifying flames: “You can’t run away, don’t think it’s over, I will kill you, Exhausted all available contacts and resources to pull you down, make you disgraced, not even a knight, just wait and see,”

Daniel froze, dumbfounded by the baron’s arrogance. With tears in his eyes, he knew that he would never be able to fight these big men, and how bleak his future was.

However, a figure appeared behind the apprentice knight boy.

The figure was still vague, and Daniel didn’t turn his head to see who he was. However, he didn’t have to look to feel who it was.

Gradually, a relief appeared on the boy’s face.

“You can do anything to stop me from succeeding, Lord Baron. But you can never make me give up on my dreams.”

Daniel whispered.

“Because there is still one person in this world who believes that I can succeed.”

In order to prove everything to those who don’t believe he can succeed, and to prove everything to those who believe he can succeed, even if he bites the bullet, even if he is physically and mentally exhausted, even if the pain is endless, dragging tattered Body, he also has to move on.

The baron’s vision disappeared in front of Daniel, and the apprentice knight boy turned to leave, only to see a canine boy standing in front of him.

“You’re finally here.” Daniel looked at Husky’s apparition and whispered, “Even I don’t believe I can get through it, but you are trusting me. Thank you, Husky .”

The phantom of the canine boy nodded to the apprentice knight boy.

Like experiencing a long dream, Daniel finally woke up at this moment.

“This is the hallucination created by the He looks around. The darkness recedes, and the surrounding scene is disintegrated, pieced together by his memories. And this crumbling world is gradually changing. into chaos, whirling between the edges of light and shadow.

“Did I overcome this nightmare, or was I trapped in a dream.” The young apprentice knight felt extremely confused.

It stands to reason that when a person realizes that he is self

When he is dreaming, he should wake up. However, he hasn’t woken up yet, and everything in front of him is still crazy.

Chaos receded, and the world gradually reshaped into a shape. In front of the endless ice-covered mountains, a figure can’t wait to appear, and before it fully appears, he said to Daniel:

“Welcome back, Infiltrator No. 720.”

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