Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1271: Hunting on the Silent Night (14)


Chapter 1271 Demon Hunting in Silent Night Fourteen

At the same time, Egypt.

After leaving the casino, Albert followed Mutter, all the way into a slum outside Cairo.

But the ghetto. Could it be that Mutter’s home is in this slum. It might meow. Albert’s heart was full of doubts, but he didn’t dare to ask. Maybe the slums are just a cover, and Mutter’s house is a mansion with hidden secrets, God knows.

“Here it is.” The cat boy stopped in front of a shabby little stone house. He took the key from his gym bag and opened the tattered wooden door in front of the hut.

Albert could hardly believe his eyes when he pushed the door in. This house is as simple as it looks, there is no mystery, and it does not necessarily hide anything valuable.

The house contains only a bed, a wardrobe, a chair, a table, and a slightly worn coarse wool carpet. The wooden bed looked so old that it was falling apart, and Albert couldn’t help but worry that the bed would collapse under his weight when he sat on it.

Mutter walked to the closet on his own accord and took off his soaked pants and panties.

Aside from a broken and rusted refrigerator, the only electrical appliances in the house are the chandeliers on the ceiling. It’s dim and old, it’s not really a qualified light source, and it attracts all kinds of moths to dangle on the bulb, making the whole room flicker in the shadow of the moth. The only good thing about poor lighting is that it makes the bare-ass teenage cat less embarrassing.

In short, this is a very poor home. Mutter lived a substandard poor life, even worse than the vast majority of Egyptians.

“I really don’t understand.” Albert looked away from the cat boy’s tail, and finally couldn’t help but ask: “You’re not a Sandstorm Sphinx player meow. Sphinx. Daddy Kes will pay you a lot of money at the end of every game, so why are you still so poor.”

“Nonsense.” The cat-man boy rolled his eyes at Tiger.

He picked up a cloth and wiped his crotch, drying his soaked lower body: “You have to win the game to get the prize money, and Daddy Sphinx pays it based on the performance of the players. Rewards, and the rewards cannot be too exaggerated, so it won’t be like you imagined, each game will be filled with hundreds of thousands of people.”

After finishing, he put on clean underwear and let out a sigh of relief: “Besides, I won’t ask for a penny of the bonus my dad gave me.”

“Wow.,” Albert just felt incredible. There are still people in the world who refuse to give him money.

“Dad is my benefactor, he redeemed me from the last slave owner. The last slave owner treated me so badly that I was almost killed by him. If it weren’t for Sphinx Father Kes saved me, and it is impossible for me to stand in front of you now and tell you these words.” When Mutter said this, there was some kind of blind vision in his eyes, as if he was in awe of a god: “So, no matter how much my dad gives me, I don’t want it. I only need pocket money for basic living, and this money can be earned as long as I work at the Cairo Grand Hotel.”

The tiger frowned, feeling that something was wrong.

“So, Papa Sphinx bought you back from the last slave owner with money. You’re no longer a slave, but you still work for Papa Sphinx almost for free, intending to die So far. Uh, I need to remind you meow. How different is your current status from a slave?”

“The difference is big,” Mutter glared at the tiger viciously: “I did it because I liked it, and Papa Sphinx didn’t use the whip to force me to do anything I didn’t want to do. I’m free, you know. Iron chains and chains can no longer bind me. The only thing that binds me is my love and respect for Father Sphinx. I can do anything for him.”

Albert was silent for a while. He wanted to ask this question a long time ago, but since Mutter was a subordinate of the Sphinx, Tiger never dared to ask: “So if the Sphinx asks you to kill people, set fire, and do some illegal deeds, you will I will do it without hesitation.”

The cat boy was also silent for a while, then he swallowed and nodded, “Yes.”

The tiger frowned.

Mutter quickly explained: “But Dad never asked me to do such a thing, he knew I was not suitable. My value is only reflected on the football field.”

“What about the other players on the team.” Tiger asked: “They will help Daddy Sphinx kill and set fire.”

“Listen,” Mutter looked at Albert with a displeased expression: “You all say that Daddy Sphinx is the boss of the underworld, a bad guy who does all kinds of evil, but I know he’s actually a good guy. He never gets involved in the really nasty things like drug dealing. Although he is always misunderstood, he is just a good old man who runs a casino quietly, that’s all.”

Albert still frowned, knowing that Mutter was too poisoned to be dissuaded: “If you think this is the truth, believe what you want to believe. But I still advise you. Well. If you continue to follow the Sphinx like this, one day, you will lose your life.”

Albert seemed to have long expected to say this. There was neither anger nor fear on Mutter’s face, only a trace of sadness: “I know. This is my destiny.”

The cat boy packed some clean clothes from the closet to take away, stuffing his gym bag full. Since the gym bag couldn’t fit, Mutter could only hold a worn-out teddy bear puppet from the closet.

“Pfft.” Albert sneered when he saw Mutter hugging the bear.

“Laugh if you want.” The cat boy touched the puppet’s forehead: “I said I wouldn’t accept Daddy Sphinx’s reward, but this is an exception. That year we won the super Cup, Daddy gave me this teddy bear. You’ll think it’s stupid and childish, but it’s my treasure.

Albert is still sneering.

“To be honest, I’m a little envious of you.” Mutter looked at the tiger quietly again: “Papa Sphinx is never close to people, even Mr. Phileos, who is closest to him, old man. Dad will always keep a distance from him. However, the old Sphinx, who is never close to people, will actually laugh at you, comfort you, and anxiously call the best therapist when you are in a coma. . . . it’s all incredible, grotesque enough to make the sun rise in the west.”

The smile on Albert’s face disappeared.

“So, I really want to know, who are you from Daddy.” The cat man stared at the tiger man youth intently: “Are you really his relative.”

This question alone left Albert speechless and unable to answer. The same doubts, it is not that Albert did not ask himself.

In order to deceive Rosetta, Queen of Gems, the Sphinx falsely claimed that the Palamides and Albert were his sons and grandsons. Now that he has achieved his goal and negotiated business with Rosetta, this lie has no meaning.

Unless, the Sphinx is really a blood relative of the Palamides and even Albert.

However, this is theoretically impossible, after all, the Sphinx’s age is too far from Albert, and even Palamides. And Albert obviously only has one father, Patriarch Robert of the Fierce Fang Tiger People. Robert obviously couldn’t have a lion as his father. In fact, Daddy Sphinx was a lion-headed man, and everything was wrong.

So it is true that the Sphinx’s caring feelings for Albert are faked. For what. Albert is obviously useless to the Sphinx.

Oh no, Albert’s useful value is to be the running back of the Sphinx. However, this is still unreasonable. After all, Father Sphinx only needs to hire Albert as a player normally. Everything is based on interests, and there is no need to play extra emotional cards.

So what the **** is Daddy Sphinx doing? I can’t really guess.

“Hey,” Mutter tugged at Albert’s shirt and pulled the tiger back from his contemplation: “Have you been stunned? Let’s go back to the hotel when we’re done.”

“Of course.” The tiger said in a low voice, and tried not to touch the sore spot of the cat boy, and reminded: “After you go back, remember to take a shower. The cough and cough on your body, the [smell] has not been fixed yet. drop.”

“I know,” Mutter said, embarrassed and annoyed, with a blushing blush on his face, “I’m a dirty kitty peeing my pants, you can humiliate me as much as you want. But I’m still Your personal assistant, from now on, you have to strictly follow the plan of work and rest, exercise and nutritional intake,”

“I’ve become your slave now.” Albert said sarcastically.

“You want to get stronger, faster, and be a better player, you have to listen to me.” Mutter said dispassionately, taking a bottle of strange things from the refrigerator: “Now hurry up. DRINK THIS PROTEIN You need a lot of protein after every strenuous workout, so that torn muscles can regenerate stronger.”

“Fantastic, I just happened to be thirsty.” Tiger drank the mystery drink without thinking, but as soon as the drink reached his throat, he began to regret it. He wanted to spit out the weird-smelling thing, but the cat-man boy pressed the bottom of the bottle with one hand, forcing Albert to drink the whole bottle.

“Wow,” the tiger took a sigh of relief before he began to complain: “This is a jerk, it’s like spoiled milk, it’s very unpleasant to drink,”

However, he could not read the dense Egyptian writing on the bottle.

“You think too much, things made with protein powder always have this kind of weird taste.” A strange smile flashed across Mutter’s mouth, but he subtly didn’t let the other party notice: “That’s mine too. The last bottle is in stock, there is nothing left to take away, let’s go back to the hotel.”

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