Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1272: Hunting on the Silent Night (15)


Chapter 1272 Demon Hunting in Silent Night (15)

“Damn.” Albert exclaimed when he saw the thing smashed through the glass of the window and flew into the room: “It’s an incendiary bomb. Dodge.”

Mutter’s reaction was a little sluggish, not realizing how terrifying it was. In desperation, Albert had no choice but to rush over to pick up the cat boy, and hit the floor on the side, as far as possible from the impact of the incendiary bomb.

“No. Mr. Harrison.” The cat boy didn’t hold the bear puppet firmly at that time, and the teddy bear flew out and was left in place.

Clap. The incendiary bombs fell to the ground, shattered, and the gasoline in them spilled everywhere, creating a sea of ​​fire that flooded half the room. And the teddy bear that fell on the spot was naturally not spared, and was immediately ignited by the flames.

“No.” The cat boy screamed hoarsely: “Mr. Harrison. Mr. Harrison…”

He wanted to jump into the fire to save his cub, so frightened Albert quickly grabbed him: “You are crazy. You will be burnt to charcoal in a few seconds in that sea of ​​fire.”

“But. But my Mr. Harrison.” Mutter cried and cried, and nearly collapsed.

“That’s just a stupid teddy bear.” Albert said angrily: “If you want to escape, hold on to me.”

Mutter still struggled stubbornly, wanting to break free from the tiger’s grasp and go back to the fire to save his puppet: “No. Put out the fire. I want to bring Mr. Harrison back.”

“Stinky brat.” Tiger didn’t bother to argue with the cat boy again, and punched Mutter directly in the stomach. The fist was so powerful that it knocked the cat boy unconscious in an instant. Albert picked up the unconscious Mutter and broke through the window.

“Hey.” As soon as he ran out of the house, he saw a sneaky shadow. Just as he was about to say something, the shadow turned and ran away.

If Mutter is still awake and doesn’t need to be carried away, Albert must have gone after the arson suspect desperately at this moment. However, he had an extra burden, and he had “goods” in both hands, which could not be excused, so he could only let the shadow escape.

Ten minutes later, on the coast of Cairo. The awake cat boy squatted on the beach and sobbed softly.

“Oh, please, let’s go back to the hotel.” Albert was chilled by the sea breeze: “It’s not just a **** puppet meow. I have money, and I will sell ten more when I go back. to you.”

“You don’t know anything,” Mutter roared, “Mr. Harrison is special, he is the only gift Dad Sphinx ever gave me, the only good thing in my life, and you Let him burn to ashes,”

(You are more concerned about this meow than your home being burnt down,,)

[It’s not the only good thing in life],[you will definitely meet more good things in the future],[you have to look forward to being a man]——Albert thought about it a few times. Thousands of excuses to unravel Mutter. However, when the tiger saw the loss on the cat’s face, he knew that Mutter had been poisoned too deeply, and he could not extricate himself from the “Sphinxism” like a fanatic. Albert knew very well that saying anything to the madmen of faith would not work, they only believed what they wanted to believe, and their minds were rigid and never understood.

Therefore, the tiger man youth changed his method to solve the cat man youth: “So, as long as it is a gift from Daddy Sphinx, you can meow,”

Mutter was still full of tears, but at least he stopped sobbing and turned to look at Albert: “That’s right, but what can you do,”

“I’ll help you win the Super Bowl, and then I’ll ask the Sphinx to give you another teddy bear. This time, get a guy ten times bigger than Mr. Harrison and crush you kid so far.”

Mutter’s eyes flashed with eagerness, but he immediately turned his head and sighed: “Impossible. Since the European teams joined the Super Cup, the competition has been super fierce, and we are the most competitive. In a good year, I only won the third place, and I didn’t dare to hope to win the championship.”

Albert was dumbfounded: “This is not an American football game in Africa, why are the guys from Europe coming to participate,”

“Because there are too few strong teams in Africa, the big people think the game is not enough fun, so they merged European football games.” Mutter explained in a low voice: “It happens that the dark American football in Europe is booming, They seem to be replacing training with the violent sport of football…”

“Ow,” Albert scratched his head: “Whatever, no matter what, I’ll help you win the championship, and I’ll get Mr. Harrison II for you, so don’t cry. , quickly dry your tears and go back to the hotel to rest,”

The cat man thought for a long time, finally reached out and wiped his eyes, and looked at the tiger man suspiciously: “I hope you can do what you say, otherwise——“


“Otherwise I’ll hate you for the rest of my life,” Mutter pouted.

Albert was dumbfounded.

(Too similar. Almost identical.)

“Go back. You shouldn’t be afraid to take the elevator in the hotel,” Tiger suppressed the sour feeling in his heart and reached out and rubbed Mutter’s cat’s head. It was unexpectedly soft, like a fluffy ball of marshmallows.

“The elevator in the hotel is quite spacious and there is no problem.” The cat boy walked behind the tiger: “I often have to take the elevator when I work in the hotel, and the stairs are too slow.”

“You work in a hotel, mainly for what,” Albert asked casually as he walked.

“Some chores. Cleaning the room, etc.” Mutter also replied casually: “Occasionally go to the kitchen to help with cooking.”

“Oh, great, if the special VIP room comes with its own kitchen, I can have breakfast every day when I wake up.”

“I’m not your servant,” Mutter said angrily, “and your breakfast is a protein drink, it’s better to eat less of other things,”

“Shut up, who wants to drink that stinky and disgusting thing,”

The backs of the two gradually disappeared at the end of the slum, but behind a tree on the coast, there was a sneaky shadow, secretly observing Albert and his party.

At the same time, Great Britain, in Vivienne’s Institute.

“Hoo~,” Palamidis walked into the living room carelessly after taking a shower, wearing a pair of shorts and holding a can of beer.

“Dad…” The leopard boy Hal, who was waiting in the living room, was dumbfounded.

“What’s the matter,” the big cat got a little drunk after drinking a few sips of beer, and walked staggeringly. He sat on the sofa and put his arms around his little son, hehe smiled: “Wow, my little cat, you are really soft and smooth to the touch, how about pinch one,”

He grabbed Hal’s face with both hands and rubbed it like he was pinching plasticine.

“He’s completely hilarious.” Shaxing (shrinked to the size of his fist), leaning on the back of the sofa, said casually.

“Fortunately, Husky’s dad won’t be so embarrassing.” The canine boy whispered.

“Dad, Daddy,” Hal struggled to break free from Palamidis’ face-rubbing attack, and asked pleadingly, “Stop playing, we can start watching the game meow,”

“Oh, of course.” Palamidis picked up the remote control of the TV, his hand was still shaking: “Are you going to watch my game, or your brother Seglade’s game, I think it’s better for you to watch the Syglade game because, uh, Dad’s opponent was weak, and my game wasn’t a good one.”

“It’s because you’ve been so ugly in the game that you don’t want to be seen by your son,” Shaxing’s words hit Palamidis’ point of view.

“Uh.” The leopard warrior trembled for a while: “That’s not the case…”

“Then let’s watch Daddy’s game meow,” Hal laughed. He was really eager to know how strong his dad really was, so he could brag to his friends later.

“Ow… ok.” Palamidis reluctantly pressed the button on the remote and kept selecting the channel until he got the right one.

Because dozens of TV channels in Great Britain broadcast different events, other races flashed by while they were being selected.

Swipe, the TV screen flashed the moment when Bedivere used his sword to open the chest of the great mage Logan.

“Hmm,” Husky frowned, as though he had seen the uncle on TV there.

And yet Palamides picks stations as fast as he runs, jumping into dozens of stations a second. The big cat finally stopped on a radio station that had blocked the gore and was just starting to replay the match between Palamides and the swordsman Selun.

“Ah, the cameraman didn’t grasp the angle properly, and I looked fat in the camera.” The big cat looked at himself on TV, got up from the sofa, and complained: “So, Guys, enjoy the game, I have to walk away.”

“Hey, Dad won’t come to watch meow,”

“This is my own game,” the big cat scratched his head embarrassedly: “I’ve experienced it myself once, and it’s embarrassing to watch any replays, you know.”

“Anyway, it’s because of my poor performance in the competition that I’m afraid of being laughed at by the children.” Xinghuilong pointed out Palamidis’s thoughts sharply again.

The big cat gave him a wink, and quickly finished his beer, saying, “I’ll be back soon after walking away, you guys have to be good. Shaxing, please supervise these two children, don’t let them Randomly turn the table.”

This was originally intended to prevent kids from accidentally watching channels with unblocked game gore. But doing so also sparked someone’s displeasure — Husky frowned again. The canine boy had planned to turn the channel to check the channel where his dad flashed by while Uncle Palamidis walked away. But now it seems to be out of play.

And Palamidis, who took the opportunity to slip away, also turned his head and walked into Vivian’s laboratory: “Vivian, are you still busy?”

“ His wife glanced at the big cat, and there was a slight naughty smile on the corner of her mouth: “You watch the game with the children dressed like this, the majesty of being a father is all I don’t want it anymore.”

“It doesn’t matter, I only need your love.” The big cat detoured behind his wife and hugged her, looking like he was going to make out.

“Wait, it’ll be over soon.” Vivian pretended to be indifferent, but she was working on modifying Palamidis’ Luna steel gauntlets, as if she would be able to work with Pala once the job was done. Midis is doing business.

“Oh hehe~” The drunk cat hugged his wife from behind, watching Vivian finish her work. When the last part was assembled, the big cat pushed Vivian to the ground with a quick push, and the two kissed fiercely.

And one of the Luna steel armguards also fell off the table because of the couple’s passionate collision, smashing a hole in the laboratory’s extremely hard reinforced metal floor.

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