Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1270: Hunting on the Silent Night (13)


Chapter 1270 Hunting Demons in Silent Night (13)

At the same time, Great Britain, in Vivienne’s Institute.

“Yoah,” Husky leaped and thumped into the bath.

“Ow.” Hal, who had been soaking in the bath, was splashed with the bath water. He wiped the water off his face with a little dissatisfaction, pouted and said to his friend: “Husky, why are you so excited meow,”

“But Uncle Palamidis is back and we can watch your papa or brother’s game tonight,” Husky wagged his tail, his puppy’s tail forming a stream in the water: “Since someone doesn’t want to teach Husky how to fight, Husky has to watch other people’s actual combat to learn Wang.”

When he said this, the canine boy also glanced at Shaxing secretly, secretly accusing Xinghuilong of promising to teach him swordsmanship, but he still hasn’t taught him at all.

And the evil star, who has turned into a fist-sized lizard, floats on the bathtub and soaks in the hot water, too lazy to pay attention to Husky.

Seeing Uncle Shaxing ignoring him, the canine boy thought it was very boring, so he changed the subject and said, “Speaking of which, Hal, your father is better than Wang, isn’t Uncle Palamidis taking a bath with us? Wang,”

“Dad and mom have something to discuss meow.” Hal said gloomily, dipping half of the kitten’s face into the water.

Meanwhile, in Vivian’s lab.

“Is that what?” The woman looked at the two Luna steel gauntlets that Palamides had just removed. The crystal clear armor now lay quietly on the table in the laboratory, looking extremely fragile, but surprisingly strong and strong.

“It’s really surprising.” Vivian sighed: “I didn’t expect that Seglade could forge such a magical weapon in such a harsh forging environment. Moreover, Zephyr is so short-lived. The plug-in system of the new weapons of Great Britain was also transplanted within the time limit.”

“A mother like a son. You must have taught those two children a lot about blacksmithing and electronics over the past seven years,” Palamedis flicked his finger on the Luna steel arm. First. With a thud, the armguards echoed with a metallic texture.

“Huh, it’s not.” Vivienne gave Palamidis a white look: “I have borrowed them from my laboratory less than ten times in the past seven years. I arranged them in Turkic, originally hoping that they would Elephant people study medicine and hunting knowledge so that they can become qualified orcs. I really don’t know where they learned the knowledge of blacksmithing and electronics industry. Is this also one of the talents of the leopard people?”

The leopard warrior shook his head: “I’ve only heard of the leopards being good at building houses out of wood, never heard of them being good at blacksmithing. It’s even more unlikely that a talent in the electronics industry would be— –Look at me, just glancing at those complicated circuits makes you dizzy.”

The big cat pretended to faint, making his wife smile. Vivian supported her husband with a lock of hair, and used dozens of other locks of hair to operate the control panel on the laboratory table, and began to adjust the Luna Steel Armor—the main purpose was to adjust the plug-in system. to perfection.

“To be honest, I’m a little scared of those two kids,” Vivian whispered suddenly repentantly.

“Afraid, why,”

“I admit that I am not a good mother. I have never been a mother before. I really don’t know what to do to be a good mother.” The woman sighed: “I know that I am inexperienced, and I am afraid Things were messed up, so I put all three brothers in Turks, and handed over the main rearing work to the elephants. If I use teleportation, I can go to Turks to see the children every day, but I am obsessed. work and rarely see them.

No…I’m probably just running away.

I think of you every time I see the faces of Zephyr and Seglade, and it breaks my heart to think that you’ve never recovered from your petrified state. I haven’t done my duty as a mother at all, so the three brothers must hate me. “

“Nonsense.” Palamidis reached out and stroked Vivienne’s black hair: “It’s the same as before, Syfer and Seglade respect you, not to mention little Hal. .”

Vivian and Palamidis looked at each other with pain in their eyes: “In the past few years, Zephyr and Seglade have never looked at me directly.”

“You think too much, Vivienne.” The big cat smiled disapprovingly: “They are just rebellious, their personalities are a bit awkward, and they don’t want to get too close to their parents.”

“If it’s true…” Vivian muttered.

“Dad,” Hal ran out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel, with Husky following behind him: “Hal finished washing up, Dad, hurry up too, the replay of the race is about to start meow,”

“That’s right, come on woof.” The canine boy also said: “Husky has a lot of things he wants to ask Uncle Palamidis wang,”

“Okay, I’ll go right now.” Palamidis interrupted the conversation with his wife, smiled sweetly at the two children, and walked out of the laboratory.

At the same time, the Cairo Grand Hotel, the rooms of Syfer and Seglade.

Ding dong. Someone is ringing the doorbell.

“Zefeel, you can go——” Seglade glanced at his twin brother, but he didn’t expect that Zafel was too tired to prepare the Luna steel weapon, and was already whimpering on the floor Big sleep.

“Brother, you idiot meow.” Seglade reluctantly put down his work, picked up the sheet and covered his brother, and then ran to answer the door.

The moment the door was opened, Seglade recognized the masked, black robe in front of him as King Arthur.

“Your Majesty—“

“No gift.” The young Leopard man was stopped by the king of knights just as he wanted to salute. King Arthur during the private interview did not want to be too extravagant: “Are you Zephyr or Seglade, I can talk to you two times. sentence,”

“I’m Tovir Meow.” The leopard youth smiled mysteriously: “Zefel has fallen asleep. He has a game tomorrow, so he needs to rest well.”

“Just right,” the King of Knights lowered his voice, walked into the room, and took the door behind him: “I talked to Zephyr yesterday, and now I will briefly talk to you about your [wish]. “

“Actually, there’s nothing to talk about, meow.” Seglade sat down on the sofa in the living room, trying to stay away from his sleeping brother: “My brother and I have the same wish, as long as either of our brothers becomes The knights of the round table will make this wish, meow.”

“Sure enough, they are twin brothers.” The king of knights sank and said in a low voice, “It doesn’t matter whether your absurd wish can come true or not. Wouldn’t you feel sorry for Vivian if you make a wish like this?”

“But this has nothing to do with Aunt Vivian meow.” Seglade’s face was flat as water: “We just want to resurrect our real mother, and it won’t affect Dad and Aunt Vivian. The feeling of meow.”

“How could it not affect.” Arthur had the urge to curse, but he resisted: “Listen, Palamidis already has Vivienne, and they are living happily as a couple. If you If you go to resurrect Palamidis’ former wife, the marriage will be messed up and it will only cause them trouble. Do you really have the heart to ruin your father’s happiness?”

However, Seglade still calmly dismissed: “Dad and Aunt Vivian have their own happiness, but me and my brother meow,”

The King of Knights froze for a moment.

The leopard youth turned his head and glanced at his sleeping brother: “I’m good, I have lived a happy life with my parents since I was a child. Before that disaster came, I was at least with my mother. Happy memories, meow. But what about Zephyr, my brother, he lost his parents since he was born, and he had to live a miserable life in the research institute. I just wanted to see my mother once, but in the end it turned into a tragedy and killed my mother with my own hands. I just want to resurrect my mother, so that my brother and mother have a chance to really get along for a while, so that he can also have some good memories, is this the case? It’s also wrong, meow,”

Looking at Seglade, whose eyes were wet with tears, King Arthur was speechless.

After a long time, the King of Knights continued: “However, your plan to resurrect your mother is just deceiving yourself. It is impossible for the dead to be resurrected, and the one [resurrected] is just a fake. To resurrect a fake, please go to Mogos, that witch, is not a wise move.”

Seglade wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes: “She is your sister, and I heard that she has changed her mind, meow.”

“Trust me, Morgoth will never turn her back on her wrongdoing. She was born to be a bad child.” King Arthur hummed: “She will never give you anything, she will only take more from you. She It is impossible to watch your mother and son reunite happily if you take pleasure in the pain of others.”

Seglade was silent for a moment and that’s it. “King Arthur stood up and planned to leave:” Tovir, for the sake of our previous friendship, please do it yourself and your brother. If you can’t become the Knights of the Round Table, don’t go privately begging that sorceress Morgos to resurrect your mother. This matter will definitely not have a good outcome, even the [Knights of the Round Table Mutual Aid Program] may not be able to help you. “

The Leopard Youth reported with a sigh: “I know…but we have no choice meow…”

“You have a choice. It’s the best choice to look forward to everything and let the past be the past. Believe me, you don’t want to see your long-dead mother as much as you think, and even if you do, you’ll be disappointed. “The King of Knights said without emotion: “One day, you will call Vivian your mother from the bottom of your heart. Because you know very well that in this world, she is the only one who loves you as sons. “

After speaking, King Arthur waved his cloak and walked away, leaving only the young Leopard Man with a complicated mood, alone in the darkness of the room. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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