Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1262: Hunting on the Silent Night (5)


Chapter 1262 Hunting Demons in Silent Night (5)

Albert stopped the timer before he hit the ground in the final seconds of the game!

“Well done, you help us win the last chance to attack!” Captain Shiloma hurried over to help Albert: “Just keep going like this, and beat the Giants in one go!”

“But we only have one second left… can we really win meow?” Albert was dumbfounded.

They were eleven yards from the Giants’ baseline. Running eleven yards in one second is obviously an impossible task.

“Don’t you understand the rules of the game of American football?” Siloma the Tiger laughed slyly: “Even if the game time runs out, as long as the ball is still in the hands of the runner, the player is eligible to continue running with the ball. Array——until you fall to the ground.”

“Yes, so meow?!”

“That’s right! The rest of the fight is up to you! I’ll pass the ball to you as soon as I get it, and the process will consume that last second. Then you don’t have to worry about anything, just focus on Let’s run in the opponent’s position! During this period, we cannot pass the ball or fall, but as long as we finish the last eleven yards, the victory is ours!!”

“This… is crazy?!”

This also means that Albert has to run alone without any support from his teammates, overcoming the heavy obstruction of the enemy defender and making no mistakes in the middle.

This is a real last stand.

But what about that **** cheating giant guard? Albert could never think of a way to crack the air wall!

“Listen, kid.” Shiloma pressed her left hand on Albert’s helmet, and persuaded: “Suddenly asking you to use [Sandstorm] is really hard for a strong man. No pressure, you Just do your best. I don’t blame you, no matter how this match turns out. . . . The Sandstorm Sphinx players don’t blame you!”

The players of the Sphinx also stepped forward and pleaded with Albert: “Don’t give up!” “Please!” “Please!” “Please help us win this game. Come on, King of Sandstorms!”

“Please take us to the Super Bowl!”

Albert swallowed. This is also the first time in his life that he has been so expected by everyone.

——So expected by the world.

“Go! It’s the final sprint!!” After the final lineup, Shiloma shouted to the ten Sphinx teammates, “Kill those giants!!– ———-“

“Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!” the orcs roared in excitement.

Kickoff! The time was only a short second, Shiloma shoved the ball directly into Albert’s hands, and this second was completely used up.

Albert has to run with the ball himself, can’t pass, can’t go down!


“Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The young people run the formation to open the way, and increase the success rate of this last-ditch battle as much as possible!

The two giant guards rushed forward, and they also used their desperate energy to stop Albert! Shiloma and another orc acted as Albert’s shields, blocking the onslaught of the guards!

“I’ll take care of you next!!” Shiloma shouted while throwing the Giants’ guard to the ground.

Only two Giants guards stood in front of Albert, and they raised their hands at the same time, as if they were going to launch something! ! That’s right, at the most critical moment of the battle, the cheaters of the Giants are desperate, even if the risk of being caught is doubled, they have to use that air wall together! !

(Airflow is coming!)

(There is no way to crack an air wall.)

(It’s all over!!)

(Is this really the end?!)

“The last…twenty-three yards…please.” Mutter’s dying words echoed in Albert’s mind.

“Next time, please!!” Shiloma’s voice echoed in Albert’s mind.

“Don’t give up!””Please!””Please!””Please help us win this game, King of Sandstorm!”

The voices of the teammates also sounded at the same time, and ten different voices began to recall in Albert’s mind, converging, and mixing into an infinite whole.

Albert took a deep breath, keeping his center of gravity as low as possible! He doesn’t know if he can really use [Shen Yin], but at this time, he can only get out of the predicament by sprinting with all his strength! His strength was completely concentrated on his feet, and all his muscle strength burst out on his heels, accelerating to an astonishing speed in an instant! !

(——————-Be sure to win!)

Whoosh! ———The tiger rushed out like a gust of wind, and the afterimage pulled out a pure white arc along the way!

Before the giant guards could react, Albert’s body completely disappeared, and there was no trace of him except the afterimage behind him!

In that ten-thousandth of a second, the two giant guards quickly rolled their eyes, trying to find Albert’s position. However, they can’t find it at all, they can’t find it at all, because the existence of tigers has completely disappeared from this world! !

His [form] annihilates, leaving only [phenomenon]!

The gust of wind he raised as he ran ripped apart the surrounding lawns like the most violent sandstorm in the desert!

He left a trail of flames that scorched the green grass!

“[Sandstorm God Walk]!” Shiloma looked at all this from a distance and let out a low sigh.

———[Shen Yin], reappear!

This amazing feat lasted only a second, but it was enough. The vanished Albert is invincible, fearless, and unstoppable. This second is enough time for him to cross any obstacle in the world, and what are two giant guards in mere mere fact!

By the time Albert’s figure reappears, he is already behind the two giant guards. There was nothing in front of him to stop him, and the enemy’s bottom line was only two yards away! Albert flew over desperately, crossed the bottom line, and fell heavily, leaving a trace of burning flames on the ground!

“Da…” Even the referee was stunned, staring for a long time before he could react: “Touchdown! ——————- ——–“

"哇啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!!————"全场掌声雷动,球迷们早已把带来的礼炮Fireworks lit up one after another, and the sky above the stadium was instantly rendered colorful by fireworks ribbons!

“Win…win?” Albert got up from the ground and looked back at the scoreboard on the field.

With zero seconds remaining in the game, the score is 42:35. The Sandstorm Sphinx turned defeat into victory at a critical moment and finally defeated the Guinea Giants!

“Win! Really won!! Ahahahahahaha!!” The teammates cheered and started hugging each other, crying with joy!

“Really, really…won?” Albert still can’t believe his eyes, thinking it was all just a dream.

Until the Orcs of the Sphinx give thumbs up at the same time, making a victory gesture towards the Khajiit youth.

“Win, ha, ha ha ha ha ha…” Tiger burst into tears while laughing.


He raised his arms and roared loudly. He shouted with ecstasy of victory like never before in his life.

Then the scene before his eyes began to be replaced by darkness, blood seeping from Albert’s nose. The tiger fell to the ground with a thud and fell into a coma.

At the same time(?), the battle on the coast of Ettenberg also entered a heated phase.

“Die!!” The succubus controls the giant pillar of undead, waving thousands of tentacles at the evil star.

“Humph!” (turned into a dragon form) Xinghui Longshaxing quickly hovered in the air, and kept shooting fireballs from its mouth to counteract the attack of the tentacles!

This is a battle between fire and darkness. The rain of fire burns the black tentacles composed of corpses, and the black tentacles that are constantly proliferating are endless, chasing the dragon all the time.

The power of the evil star comes from its body, and no matter how strong it is, it is limited. And the power of the undead is drawn from this sea that has long been polluted and full of **** things, and is almost inexhaustible.

“Damn!” Sha Xing knew that it was only a matter of time before he was defeated, and his temper became grumpy: “Have you not thought of a way to crack this monster?!”

“Wait a minute!” Tristan’s voice came over the intercom.

Meanwhile, Tristan and Evan sprinted along the ice road on the sea and returned to the Ice Crystal.

“Prince Ivan!” Nassandrana, who was commanding in the bridge, saw Ivan coming back, and immediately shouted: “Where’s the captain?”

“I’m in the magic control room.” Tristan’s voice came through the ship’s communication device, “Evan, you’ll do the aiming; Nassandrana, fully float the battleship out of the warp, ready to go. Transform!”

“According to the order!” The deputy captain of the mermaid ordered the controllers in the bridge: “The battleship has completely surfaced from the warp, and the transformation program has been activated!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! ! In the blink of an eye, the [Dimensional Submarine Ship—Ice Crystal] emerged from the “water” surface of the warp, and the hull was finished. It was exposed in the air!

It begins to deform The bow opens to the sides, turning into two crossbows resembling a crossbow. Its core part is completely exposed, and there seems to be something ready to go in the huge barrel composed of countless blue crystals!

“Start the 3D printer!” Ivan shouted: “Tristan, let’s start shaping!”

“The ice shaping process begins!” shouted the murloc prince in the magic control room. He pressed a blue crystal ball with one hand and activated a powerful magic!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! ! ——The sea water was drawn away by some powerful force, and the high-pressure water flows swirled and converged in the mid-air, and were finally sucked into the huge barrel of the battleship!

The magic of the battleship freezes the sea water just right, turning it into a liquid crystal that can shape freely. Next is Tristan’s forte. According to the memory in his mind, he began to use the collected liquid crystals to copy an ancient artifact!

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