Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1261: Hunting on the Silent Night (4)


Chapter 1261 of the Novel Bus: Hunting Demons in Silent Night (4)

At the same time(,),Egypt,Dark Arena under the Grand Casino Cairo,

In the last fifty seconds of the game, the Sandstorm Sphinx team is tied with the Guinea Giants with a score of 35:35. However, the Sphinx team, whose physical strength has already been exhausted, can only be defeated by this last attack. Otherwise, once the overtime is entered, the odds of the Sphinx will be infinitely close to zero,

Although there is still a chance to win, the Sphinx’s chances are very slim, they have fifty yards left to advance, which means they will advance one yard per second even if they are not blocked by the opponent, /

In order to win, I have to work harder. Albert knows this very well. He wants to work harder, but his body doesn’t obey him. Fatigue makes him panting, concussion makes him even more He can’t even stand firm, even if the tiger man sprints with his own life, there is one last obstacle in front of him that is difficult to break through – the cheating giant guard,

Whoosh, quarterback Shiloma threw a long pass out of nowhere. Sure enough, this time the advance was also made by receiver Mutter. There was no Albert’s role at all, but the Giants seemed to have expected it for a long time. Siloma will pass the ball to Mutter, and he has already placed a lot of troops next to the young cat. Before Mutter received the ball, the three giant guards swarmed up and tried to crush Mutter with a powerful collision. ,

However, the cat man was still one step ahead, jumping at an amazing speed, avoiding the attack of the giant guards, he flew into the air, clasped his hands, and firmly caught the ball, he planned to die like this. Keep the ball on the ground, you can easily start from this ten-yard distance,

The pound,, three giants did not give Mutter a chance to breathe. They collided head-on before the cat fell to the ground, and made a brutal triple attack,

“Pfft,” Like a broken toy, Mutter’s whole body was deformed and twisted in the impact, vomiting blood while flying out with an incredible posture, and his hands and feet broke at an unbelievable angle when he landed. bent,

With Mutter’s dead-on catch, the Sphinx advanced another twelve yards with the final thirty-eight yards remaining,

“Mutter,,” exclaimed Albert, rushing up to check his teammates’ injuries,

“Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” The cat man was twitching in a pool of blood and was badly injured. His rubber-like body protected him from the fractures, but the impact just now still made him He suffered extremely serious internal injuries, and I am afraid that the abdominal cavity has already bleeded.

“The game is suspended, call the ambulance,” shouted Albert,

“Our opportunity to call a timeout has long been used up,” Shiloma came over and whispered, “Mutter, can you still get up, if not, we’ll have to replace you,”

“I… can still…” The cat man trembled, and actually struggled to get up: “Once again… just push it one more time. …..”

Albert shook his head in disbelief: “Stop now, you’ll really die if you continue like this,”

“Once again…just once…will definitely help you advance to…the last twenty yards…” Cat Renqing (less ,) Nian seems to have lost his mind, he didn’t hear Albert’s persuasion at all, he just murmured to himself,

“Very good,” Shiloma not only did not persuade Mutter, but said coldly: “Don’t waste your time, all go back to the formation for me,”

“You’re such a heartless devil,” Albert gave Hiromar a blank look, and helped Mutt back to his position,

“You can scold as much as you like,” the tiger man Shiloma didn’t care: “But this game is very important to us. If we win, we will enter the African Super Cup and compete for the strongest American football team in Africa. The hegemony of China, therefore, even if we are shattered, we must win,”

“Humph,” Albert hummed with contempt,

With the last 30 seconds left, the Sphinx tee off again, the ball fell into the hands of quarterback Siloma, and the Tigers sprinted frantically, while on the other side, the cat Ren Mutter, regardless of his serious injury, ran towards the deepest part of the enemy’s formation,

The Giants guards charged up to block Sheloma, using their massive bodies to form a giant wall, but Sheloma did everything in her power to forcibly spare the two Giants guards, throwing with all her might before being caught by the guards A long biography,

Mutter ran in a zig-zag on the field, bypassing a defender with a fake, and then jumping high, the same way of running, he and Shiloma had practiced countless times, so he just listened to the code. Know where Siloma’s ball is going,

Papa, the seriously injured catman still caught the ball with one hand, held it steady, and then turned his whole body into a cannonball, flew forward with inertia, and drew a gorgeous parabola,

“How could you succeed?” The bottom line defender of the Giants finally came up to block him. He jumped up and raised his hands high, and the hidden mechanism in the armguard spurted a strong airflow. This unbreakable air wall blocked Mu Special air sprint, pressing the cat Renqing (Shao,) Nian heavily to the ground,

But that’s not enough, the damned giant guard deliberately stomped on Mutter’s back when he landed, in order to completely destroy the cat man,

Clap, there is a cracking sound that clearly entered Albert’s ears,

“Mutter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,——————————- ———————“

“Guinea Giants deliberately fouled, back five yards, Sphinx to ensure the right of the first attack,” the referee blows the whistle to award the penalty,

In addition to Mutter’s 10-yard drive, the Sphinx got five more free throws this time, and they were only 23 yards from the Giants’ baseline,

“Mutter, Mutter,,” Tiger looked at the cat man who fell to the ground in a pool of blood, and quickly waved to the ambulance: “Stretcher, take him down,”

“Um…” Catren Qing (Shao,) turned over with difficulty and lay on his back. The relentless trampling of the Giants guard had severely ruptured his liver, so he vomited Blood with dark black: “Twenty-three yards…?…”

“Don’t talk, keep your strength,” said Albert nervously. He wanted to give Mutter first aid, but he didn’t know the basics of first aid, so he could only watch anxiously.

“Although you’re a… nasty…” Catman Mutter said feebly, and slowly handed the ball in his arms to Albert: “But… …the last…twenty-three yards…please…”

He closed his eyes,

“…I will win, please rest in peace, Mutter,” Tiger took the ball from his teammate, and the ball was still stained with the blood of the young cat, /

The ambulancemen rushed over and carried away the catren Qing (Young,) who was out of breath, and the game continued,

There are only the last five seconds left. Under the iron wall of giants, it is difficult to cross the last twenty-three yards. Albert has not even figured out how to pass the cheating giant. Countermeasures for air walls,

The only chance to win is to use [Shen Yin], but can Albert really use that unstable move?

“Anyway, this is our last struggle,” Shiloma patted Albert on the shoulder: “Please, use [Sandstorm], don’t let Mutter’s sacrifice be in vain, “

Albert did not answer,

The final kickoff, the ball was just passed to quarterback Siloma, who immediately shoved the ball to Albert, the Sphinx had no other pawns, the twenty-three yards Of course, the sprint can only be done by Albert,

(It hurts so much, every nerve in the body is throbbing,)

(So dizzy, my mind seems to be overturned,)

(Why would I put up such a **** thing, meow,)

Albert rushed out despite the pain,

“Make a way for him,” Shiloma shouted. This is the last chance. The Sphinx’s offensive and defensive line has no need to retain strength. They used the last remaining point in their bodies. Power, forcibly pry open the human wall built by giants,,

The Giants’ offensive and defensive line collapsed in an instant, and in front of Albert was a group of players who could not afford to fall to the ground,

There are only three seconds left in the game and there is no time to take a detour, then——

Crossing over, the tiger unconsciously performed a light somersault and climbed over the collapsed human wall, without even a moment’s pause,

Such a clever leap frightened the Giants’ guards. The guards wanted to come to block, but they had already lost the chance to start. far behind,

The Giants’ quarterback swoops in and makes a sacrifice tackle, thinking it’ll stop Albert, but Tiger subconsciously reaches out to block and pushes before he can be hugged After the giant, he grabbed the giant’s shirt with his hands, and while throwing the opponent aside, he also used strength to accelerate himself forward, the tiger’s running speed was faster, and the distance to the finish line was getting closer and closer,

However, the last obstacle was always in front of Albert, the **** cheating giant guard finally came up, raised his arms, and used his air wall,

The gust of wind began to devour Albert, mercilessly pushing the tiger back,,

“Wu——” Albert knew that he couldn’t break through this airflow with brute force, and without the help of Phileos, he really couldn’t get through it,

If you can’t get through it, it’s all over, and desperately grabs the tiger in an instant,


Albert had a sudden flash of inspiration,

If you can’t wear it, then——,

pound,, the tiger fell to the ground decisively, even he himself did not know what he was doing,

But his gut tells him that this is the only way to win,

“Beep—————,”The referee’s whistle almost deafened Albert’s eardrums,

“Touchdown, the Sphinx advanced twelve yards to secure the lead,”

The whole stadium is boiling,

“Oh my God…” Didn’t understand what he was doing at all, Albert got up from the ground in confusion and looked nervously at the scoreboard on the court,

The game isn’t over yet, the time………… there is only one second left,

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