Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1263: Hunting on the Silent Night (6)


Chapter 1263 Hunting Demons in Silent Night (6)

The golden trident can directly disintegrate the photons in living things, and it is one of the most precious treasures left by the sea kings to the mermaid.

The structure of the trident has long been engraved in the mind of the murloc prince Tristan, and he can use ice plastic magic to replicate the “ice trident” with the same effect. With the help of the 3D printer on the Ice Crystal, Tristan is planning to replicate a giant [Ice Trident] and launch it like a cannonball!

Use it to shoot at the giant undead pillar to purify the inherent photons in the monster’s body, counteract the magic power of the succubus, and disintegrate this undead monster!

Of course, using such a powerful device is extremely risky. The Ice Crystal is now finished. It is exposed in the real world and has escaped the shelter of the warp!

“What do you want, strange battleship?” The succubus also sensed the change in the Ice Crystal and knew it would move.

The witch controlled the undead pillar, opened some kind of huge gap, aimed at the unsuspecting Ice Crystal, and launched a dark green giant beam! !

That’s another large amount of acid, a high-pressure acid water cannon! If it is hit by it, even the Ice Crystal with a solid shell will be corroded so that not even the waste remains! !

“Full left rudder! Full back!” Nassandra hurriedly ordered.

Whoosh————The high-pressure acid cannon is shooting fast, and the retreating warship is still hit! Its starboard side is starting to crumble! !

The merman crew hurriedly reported: “The third power furnace is on fire! The fourth residential area and the second environmental conditioning area are completely destroyed!!”

“Block the area, call the support staff to put out the fire!” Nassandrana shouted, “Captain, how long until the trident can be fired?!”

“Give me another minute!” Tristan remained calm, copying the trident intently. In front of him is the huge space where the 3D printer is located, in which an ice halberd with a 300-foot-long handle is gradually taking shape!

“Damn, is the Ice Crystal going to be sunk too!” In the artillery room of Ettenberg, Palamides was watching everything happening at sea from a distance through the observation glass: “I can’t wait anymore. Now, fire the dragon cannon now!!”

“Don’t rush me!” The werewolf was playing with a huge dragon cannon, and he kept pressing the buttons on the panel with both hands: “Finished, the dragon cannon is fired!!”

Pounds! ! An astonishing explosion almost shattered Palamidis’ eardrums, and in the strong light, a hundred-foot-long, incomparably sharp steel harpoon flew out, drawing a heavy and sharp parabola in the air, clicking A sound runs through the bottom of the undead pillar!

“What?!” The succubus didn’t expect someone to attack from behind. She twisted the giant pillar of undead and aimed in the direction of Attenborough’s artillery room: “Die!!”

Another terrifying high-pressure acid cannon is coming, this time it’s going to kill Bedivere and Palamidis, and maybe even half of Attenborough!

“No way!!” Palamidis picked up a remote control and pressed the button instantly!

Om! ! A piercing sound rang out, and the castle’s enchantment system was instantly overpowered and turned into a powerful protective cover! It blocked the attack of the acid high-pressure cannon, and even bounced some of the acid back and landed on the undead!

“Wow ah ah ah ah ah!!” The succubus seemed to be attacked as well, and the splashing acid corroded the witch’s body and made smoke!

“Reloading the Dragon Cannon —— Fire!!” Bedivere seized the opportunity to strike the giant harpoon again, this time aiming for a bigger target – the phantom at the top of the Necronomicon Pillar magic!

Zha! ! The harpoon hit the target with precision, completely smashing half of the succubus’ body. The remaining part of the harpoon is firmly embedded in the interior of the giant pillar, hindering its movement!

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhly A dark and magical dark purple miasma storm began to blow around it. Those gases were corrosive and could deflect most bullet attacks!

“Damn, where did that witch get so much power?!” Palamidis was dumbfounded.

“There are reactions of evil spirits in those corpses.” Bedivere loaded the giant harpoon of the Dragon Bomber once again: “Probably the spirits of the sea beasts hunted by the Knights of the Western Heaven that have accumulated over many years of resentment. .”

“Is that okay?!”

“These thought bodies already exist, they only need a core to gather them into a group. The appearance of that succubus just happened to be an opportunity for them to become evil spirits.” Bedivere aimed at the giant pillar of undead and fired again One shot. However, being affected by the miasma storm, the huge steel harpoon also missed the shot. It bypassed the storm and stabbed on the ice with a jab.

“Ahhhhhhh——” The monster shot a green beam again. Palamidis pressed the remote control at the right moment, and the castle’s open protective shield blocked the blow. However, there was also an explosion from the depths of the castle. It seems that the enchantment generator has been damaged due to overloaded operation!

“This thing won’t last long!” Palamidis said anxiously: “What are you still dawdling with? Get rid of that monster!”

“Long-winded!” Xinghuilong groaned. At this time, he had already risen to the super high altitude, and he used the dragon flame to squeeze out a plasma flame ball with a radius of thirty feet without being disturbed. The pale-white huge fireball was held by the dragon on his palms, and it illuminated the night sky like a sun!

“Die!!” Xinghuilong threw a huge plasma flame ball with all his strength. The pale fireball pressed down with overwhelming force, and was about to crush the giant pillar of undead and burn it down!

“Oh hahahahahaha!” The witch laughed frantically, and transformed into two huge octopus tentacles from the giant undead pillar, resisting the falling plasma ball. Everything that the tens of thousands of degrees high temperature plasma ball touches will be instantly burnt, but the tentacles continue to spew out water, counteracting the force of the fireball’s fall with an astonishing amount of water vapor! These moisture, needless to say, are drawn from the sea!

In an instant, the two tentacles not only blocked the attack of the plasma flame, but also bounced it back! The fireball pressed head-on to the evil star!

“Humph!” Xinghuilong suddenly turned into a human shape, and the crimson demon sword around his waist was instantly unsheathed!

Fuck! The gigantic plasma flame ball with tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature was cut in half by the demon knife!

Xinghuilong fluttered its wings and charged, and the demon knife slashed along the monster’s tentacles! The sharp blade pulls hard and immediately cuts the monster’s tentacles in half!

However, more tentacles have already set their sights on the evil star, and they swarmed from all directions to completely surround the star dragon!

“Shaxing!” A red light appeared along with the shout of the Knight of the Round Table, Ao Yun. The evil star stretched out a hand in the direction of the red light, and Ao Yun rode the crimson dragon to fly there and grabbed the evil star. The crimson dragon accelerated rapidly and escaped from the tentacle’s encirclement!

“Aren’t you supposed to protect those goblins in the lighthouse?” Shaxing asked as he jumped on the dragon’s back.

“Elyson said she can protect the children.” Oyun replied indifferently.

The evil star didn’t ask any further questions, grabbed the dragon’s horn with one hand: “Take me to the witch. I will use the demon knife to kill her.”

“Understood!” Ao Yun suddenly took out a necklace inlaid with white diamonds from his arms: “Come out, Holy Spirit Storm!”

White light emerged from the diamond, and Ao Yun summoned an extremely abstract holy spirit, a white tornado!

“What the **** is this…” Xinghuilong whispered.

The tornado immediately surrounded the crimson dragon that Aoyun was riding, like a protective shield, providing strong shelter for the dragon. Ao Yun sneered and directed the dragon to charge towards the top of the undead pillar!

Of course, the monster also noticed Ao Yun’s actions. It released a powerful black miasma tornado, and at the same time released thousands of tentacles to resist the sprint of the crimson dragon! The black storm collided with the white storm, and a fierce electric spark burst out in an instant! However, whether it was a miasma tornado or a tentacle storm, when they encountered the white tornado transformed by the Holy Spirit, they were all disintegrated into fly ash! The white tornado pierced through the huge and bottomless darkness like a drill, clearing a path of blood in the ugly and rotten miasma — the reason is very simple, the power of the Holy Spirit’s storm is far greater than that of the undead pillar The moves are powerful, that’s all!

The crimson dragon with the protection of the Holy Spirit storm rushed to the front of the undead pillar with an unstoppable momentum, and it approached its target within seconds!

“Go!” Ao Yun shouted, a small hole was exposed in front of the tornado, just enough for the evil star to pass through. Xinghuilong fluttered its wings and flew out, raising the crimson demon knife and stabbing at the half-body witch! And the witch also moved an arm, turned into a black spear, and stabbed at Xinghuilong!

Zha! ! Sha Xing’s demon knife pierced through the demon girl’s forehead!

And the witch’s spear pierced through the air, rubbing the edge of the Shaxing’s waist armor, leaving only a scratch!


“Go to death, you entangled bitch!!” Xinghuilong twisted the demon knife hard to create a bigger wound on the demon girl’s head.

“I’m not here now!!—————“The witch gathered all the magic power and sprayed black miasma from her body, trying to force the evil star open! The evil star uses all its strength to release a protective shield—or some kind of protective film attached to the surface of the body to resist the erosion of the black miasma! His crimson demon sword is more capable of absorbing magic power, whether it is evil, light or dark, it will accept it all and **** it all away! Sha Xing stabilized the blade with all his strength, gritted his teeth and persevered, and he would soon be able to wipe out this undead succubus!

Meanwhile, Tristan in the battleship also used a 3D printer to complete a replica of the artifact: “It’s now! Ice Trident, launch!!”

“The lock is completed, the wind error correction is completed, the elevation angle is corrected by two degrees, and the horizontal correction is three degrees——” Ivan squeezed the trigger of the launcher: “Ice Trident, launch!!”

Pop! ! A huge trident shot out from the bow barrel of the Ice Crystal, spinning at a high speed, and flew towards the giant pillar of undead with a breaking wind! () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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