Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1248: Recuperate in the silent night (25)


Chapter 1248 Rest in Silent Night (25)

As Tristan’s bait was pulled out of the water, a small three-inch fish hurriedly jumped out of the water and grabbed the hook.

Then another one-foot-long fish jumped out of the water and bit the three-inch-long fish;

And then, a three-foot-long fish emerged from the water and bit the one-foot-long fish;

Afterwards, a 10-foot-long giant fish emerged from the deep water and bit the 3-foot-long giant fish.

Finally, the entire lake began to shake, and there was something huge at the bottom of the lake, just about to move!

“Calvin, where did you get your game guide?” Tristan asked urgently.

“It is an internal publication based on the experience of the knights who have played this game.” Calvin replied with a smile: “Calvin spent a thousand gold coins in exchange for it. The seller said that with this guide, you can quickly It’s not a problem to practice and level up—“”You must be kidding me!” Tristan felt the heavy weight on the fishing rod, and he had already planned to throw it away: “Quickly use the teleportation reel! We will leave immediately. Here!!” “Uh, there is a problem.” Calvin held the teleportation scroll and said with a sullen face: “When there is a big boss in the area, it seems that teleportation is not allowed.” Hal frowned: “Big boss But there is no big boss here at all, meow?” “There is indeed.” Tristan muttered, and reluctantly pulled the lever: “It’s right here!” Just as the murloc prince was pulling the lever, a length of more than 300 feet was seen. A giant ichthyosaur, emerging from the lake! ——What Calvin brought was not a tool for the knights to fish happily by the lake at all, it was actually a tool to lead out the big boss in this area!

“Come out, it’s here!!” Calvin exclaimed: “This guy has been trying to fish for a long time before he refused to show up!” Ichthyosaurs belong to a type of Yalong, a type of dragon with severely degraded genes. It looks like a mix of a large carp and a flying dragon, only the dragon’s wings are replaced by fins.

“Oh, my God.” Palamidis took his younger son’s hand and took a few steps back: “It’s just a normal fish, can you also run out of this monster? You usually play this kind of thing. Dangerous game?” “This time it was an accident.” Calvin replied, pretending it was none of his business.

“Go back and take care of you!” Cui Stan gave his brother a glance, and quickly opened the inventory: “Well, what weapons can I use?” “Second brother, here!” Calvin handed the staff: “Your current The character is a human, and humans need to use a staff to cast spells!” “Dad, this meow.” Hal also took out his scorpion needle sword [Eternal Sleep] from the inventory and handed it to Palamides.

“Why do you carry these dangerous weapons?” Palamedis stabbed his sword and gave Hal a suspicious look.

The leopard boy stuck his tongue out at his father, and made a [please let go] expression again.

“Okay, I’ll take care of you when I go back.” Palamidis, learning from Tristan’s words, glared at his younger son angrily: “Okay, Dad and Uncle Tristan will take care of that monster. , you go find a safe place to hide!” “Hehe~” Calvin smiled slyly, pulled Hal away, and hid in the woods.

At the same time, outside the door of the simulation training room.

“Still wet,” Husky complained, rubbing his ass.

Xinghuilong laughed wickedly: “Oh, the pants are still dry? I can send you a fireball again.” “Uh! No need to Wang!” Ki’s face turned pale.

At that time, the evil star directly released a dragon fireball and stuffed it into the crotch of the dog boy. That’s one of Shaxing’s best suits, a low-temperature flame that doesn’t cause burns. Still, Husky was startled, thinking his **** would be scorched. The canine boy who was frightened and jumped around rolled on the ground for dozens of seconds before getting up with a flushed face, knowing that he had been deceived.

All in all, the pants are basically dry, at least they won’t show their feet in front of my friends. That way you can swagger back to continue the game.

Glancing at his crotch again, after confirming that there was no problem, the dog boy swallowed a mouthful of saliva and pushed open the door of the simulation training room.

“Huh? Are Hal’s dad and Calvin’s brother here?” Husky asked curiously when he saw two more people lying on those metal benches in the training room.

“Probably came here to join in the fun. What a good group of guys.” Sha Xing hummed: “What should I do? Do you want to wait here, or go into the game and entangle with those guys? [Parents] will definitely Monitor our actions, let’s talk a lot.” “Hahahaha” the dog boy laughed bitterly: “Sure enough, wait a little longer. Anyway, they will get tired of playing for a while.” After all, it’s just “children” “A childish game to play.

“Oh, there are so many people.” At this time, someone pushed the door and came in. As soon as he entered, he said politely: “Grand Duke Shaxing? It’s been a long time!” “Aoyun.” Xinghuilong turned his head and glanced at it. The middle-aged man glanced at him and replied slightly coldly. Ao Yun, the Knight of the Round Table, is nearly forty years old, with conspicuous strands of white hair on his temples, a little middle-aged and fat. Yet he was still very fit and in very good shape.

“I heard from the command room that you have a situation that needs to be reported, so I came to see what happened. Hey, are Ser Palamides and Prince Tristan here?” Owen shifted his gaze to the bench. The two adults went up.

“Don’t worry about them.” Sha Xing found a stool and sat down, and just sat down, he began to complain: “What’s wrong with your castle, there are so many monsters and monsters haunting?” Ao Yun smiled bitterly: “May Hear the details.” Shaxing told Aoyun about the two encounters with monsters in the bathroom just now.

“I see.” The Knights of the Round Table nodded thoughtfully: “The first [octopus monster] you mentioned is really weird. I have also heard reports from the knights, but so far it has never been known. It hasn’t caused any real harm, so I’ve ignored it. Now I’m afraid I have to take care of it.” “What about the second one?” Husky asked hurriedly, “Is that really a ghost?” “No, kid. , that’s not it.” Aoyun suddenly laughed: “That’s one of the systems we’re testing, and the [ghost] you see is actually a uh, hologram of a knight who was testing. Anyway, that is It’s harmless, don’t be afraid when you encounter it in the future.” “Uncle Sha Xing is still chasing after that to cut Wang Wang.” Husky glanced at Xing Huilong.

“My fault, okay?” Shaxing said with a long face.

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, that spirit, eh, holographic image, is immortal, and it can’t be hurt no matter how you cut it.” (It doesn’t seem like that!) “Anyway, I’ll go investigate that tentacle monster first.” After listening to the incident, Aoyun immediately stood up from his chair: “You also try to use the bathroom as little as possible, and be careful to stay away from the surrounding air vents. There should be no problem.” Concentrating on the vent on the side: “Is that? The one with green gas coming out of it?” “Green gas? What green gas. It’s impossible for us to have green in our ventilation system——” Ao Yun said and turned to look.

However, there really is!

A green gas so faint that it is barely visible, slowly emerging from the vent, has spread across the floor of the room.

“Is this poisonous gas? Damn!! Cover your nose——” Ao Yun shouted. But before he could finish speaking, his eyes suddenly turned black, and he fell down with a plop!

“Um” The evil star held Husky high to prevent the canine boy from inhaling the poisonous gas.

“Uncle Shaxing Wang!!” Husky cried worriedly.

“Don’t worry about me. It’s impossible for a dragon to be caught by the mere poison gas.” Xinghuilong said, “Quick! Put on the hood on the bench and wake up those idiots in the game! Escape!” No need for Uncle Shaxing’s reminder, Husky had jumped to the bench, put on his hood and logged into the game.

Meanwhile, the in-game Palamides and Tristan are engaged in a fierce battle. The ichthyosaurs in front of them were huge and violent, attacking with fins as sharp as blades, and even spitting out deadly high-pressure water from their mouths from time to time, it was really not easy to mess with!

“Whoa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shouts Palamidis, finally dodging the monster’s fin swipe. Unexpectedly, Yulong immediately turned his head and spit out a high-pressure water bomb, blasting the big cat head-on!

“Back off!” Tristan hurriedly stepped forward to protect him, waved his staff to instantly create a thick wall of ice, and used all his strength to push forward to block the attack of the water bomb!

Pounds! ! Water is water after all, and it burst on the ice wall and shattered immediately.

“What’s going on?” Palamedis complained, hiding behind Tristan’s ice wall. “My feet are like lead and I can’t run!” Of course. The murloc prince replied without emotion: “Although it looks like a leopard man, in fact, the game character you use should still be based on a human. You are actually playing as a [human]. How could he run as fast as a Leopard Man!” “What a weird setting!” “Just get used to it, stop complaining!” Tristan jumped out of the cover, waved his staff, and fired three rounds at Ichthyosaur Frostbolt. The murloc prince Tristan, who could cast spells with his bare hands, had to use a staff that he was not used to, and he was also very aggrieved.

“Damn——” Palamidis also ran out from behind the cover and sprinted towards the ichthyosaur from another angle!

“Wow, second brother is amazing, so is your father!” Calvin, the little murloc prince who was watching the play, raised the small wooden bow he had prepared and secretly shot an arrow at the ichthyosaur. Of course, that wooden arrow was extremely weak, and the that pierced the Ichthyosaur body without pain or itch would not have any practical effect at all.

“What are you doing, meow?” “Stealing experience, stupid.” Calvin shoved the carpenter into Hal’s hands: “Whoever it is, as long as it has dealt damage to monsters in battle — even if it’s just wiped It’s just a wound—the experience after it’s death can be shared equally by the players. Hey, this ichthyosaur was not an opponent we could defeat, but now, your father and my second brother help to eliminate the ichthyosaur, we only All you need is experience!” “So cunning, meow” A cold sweat full of helplessness appeared on the forehead of the Leopard boy.

“That’s how the game is played—do you want to get experience?” Calvin glared at Hal: “If you don’t do anything, Calvin’s level will surpass you!” “I’m fine, meow” Hal couldn’t help this temptation, took the opportunity to rub his experience, and shot an arrow at Yulong.

I didn’t expect his archery (luck) to be so good, too good, the wooden arrow actually followed the trend of the ichthyosaur swinging body, just landed on the monster’s left eye, deeply embedded in it!

[,! ]

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