Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1249: Recuperate in the silent night (26)


Chapter 1249 Rest in Silent Night (26)

His————! !

This arrow may bring unprecedented pain to the monster, and the ichthyosaur began to scream, slapping the water frantically. In a frenzy, it began to shift its target to the two teenagers.

“Ugh, **** meow—” Hal couldn’t help but stare at his cat’s eyes.

“What the **** are you doing?!” shouted Tristan in the distance, “Escape! Escape into the depths of the forest!” ———-” Chased by the ichthyosaurs, Howl and Calvin screamed and fled.

“The kid ran so fast,” Palamedius muttered. In reality, his little Howl can’t even walk by himself.

“Because this is a virtual world, not bound by real conditions.” Tristan began to run after the ichthyosaurs.

“And he looked happy,” Palamedius muttered to himself.

Whoosh! A ray of light fell in front of the big cat. It was Husky who received the information and hurriedly sent it with the coordinates left by Calvin.

“Yo, Husky!” said Palamidis.

“Howl’s dad woof?” Husky glanced at Palamidis: “Here’s–” “Wow ah ah ah ah ah ah–” The screams of Howl and Calvin, the ichthyosaurs chased and destroyed all the way, leaving a huge scar on the ground by the lake.

“The big boss fights?!” Husky exclaimed: “Why don’t you call Husky and start this kind of battle yourself, it’s abominable Wang!”” So you do hunt monsters in this game for fun .” Palamides asked in a low voice.

“Uh,” Husky twitched all over. “Sorry.” “Your mom didn’t know about this, did she?” Palamidis demanded again.

“I don’t know Wang. Is uncle going to tell the mothers about this? Please…” Palamidis smiled and winked at the canine boy: “It’s okay, I won’t say it. Out. My youngest son is having a good time here, he can be so happy with his mobility problems and doesn’t have many friends, and I’m happy as a dad. You’re a good boy, Husky. From now on, please continue to be Hal’s friend, okay?” “Mmm, um!” The dog boy nodded vigorously.

Then he remembered the purpose of coming here, and immediately said: “Uncle Palamidis, something is bad. Someone in the outside world attacked the castle with poison gas, and Uncle Aoyun fell down!” Aoyun?” It took several seconds for Palamidis to understand Husky’s words, and then he frowned: “Okay, let’s quickly settle the battle here!” Whoosh! The big cat ran out instantly, chasing after the fish and dragon.

“Tristan, stop it!” Big Cat yelled.

“Don’t order me!” The murloc prince agreed slightly displeased, waving his staff to raise several clouds of ice mist. The continuous ice mist formed traps one by one in the direction of the fish and dragon, sprang out of the water, and the slippery monsters were immediately affected by these ice mists, sticking all of a sudden!

Taking advantage of the ice block to block the monster’s movement, Palamidis had already rushed out at full speed, ran up the monster’s back, and landed on the head of the ichthyosaur!

Zha! His sword pierced deeply into the back of the monster’s head, and the poison of the scorpion needle quickly spread in the body of the ichthyosaur, eroding its brain!

“Hal’s dad is so awesome.” Husky sighed.

Ichthyosaurs certainly cannot be killed in one hit. Before falling down, it struggled even more violently, throwing the big cat out with its frantically twisting head!

“It’s more difficult than I thought.” Palamidis landed on a tree, and before he could stand still, the monster’s tail had already swept over.


Clap! The canine boy’s several combat skills are superimposed, and the blow with all his strength is particularly amazing. The great sword easily severed the monster’s tail!

“Your sword is” Palamidis jumped from the tree and glanced at Husky’s great iron sword.

“Uh, Husky can explain all of this—” The dog boy put away his sword and said with a smile.

“It doesn’t matter.” Palamedis smiled at the child again, and charged at the monster with his sword.

Zha! The leopard warrior stabbed the monster’s back with a sword and jumped higher. In order to distract the fish and dragon, Tristan also fired more than a dozen ice arrows at the same time, each of which was so powerful that the fish and dragon could only take a defensive posture. However, it did not forget to get rid of the Palamidis on its back, and swayed its body, and threw the big cat out!

“Palami!” The murloc prince shouted, and launched a giant ice arrow in line with the movement of the leopard warrior.

The big cat immediately understood it, raised his sword and stabbed at the Frostbolt, breaking it into dozens of pieces, and letting them scatter to the ichthyosaurs! The monster waved its fins frantically, smashing the shards of ice arrows that were shot in the face. However, it did not notice that Palamidis was hiding behind one of the ice arrows!

Plan! The leopard warrior wielded a sharp sword and sliced ​​the ichthyosaur’s fins. As he continued to fly forward, he had already landed on the monster’s forehead!

Zha! He gave the monster another stab, and the stabbing sword penetrated the ichthyosaur’s skull and penetrated deep into the brain.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ———The monster was hit so hard, it was so painful. It made a body leaning back in the roar.

Palamidis seized the opportunity to drag the sword, starting from the forehead of the ichthyosaur and cutting it all the way to the back of the monster’s head!

Smack zi zi zi zi! Blood spurted out in a straight line from the monster’s forehead, piercing the sky. The monster is still struggling, but the more it struggles, the more it tears its wounds and drives itself to death step by step! Its head was madly thrown back, trying to get rid of Palamidis, but the big cat had already jumped out and landed lightly thirty feet behind the monster!

“It’s now, Tristan!” Big Cat shouted.

“I said don’t order me!!” The murloc prince complained, but the staff in his hand had already been raised. A cloud of ice fog had already been deployed behind the monster. When Tristan fired an ice arrow at the same place, the effects of the two instantly superimposed, forming a huge ice thorn on the ground behind the monster!

The ichthyosaur, who kept leaning back because of the severe pain, had no idea that the opponent had set a death trap behind him. It leaned back, and the back of its head immediately hit the ice thorn pile!

Clap! ! The explosion of blood occurred with the collapse of the head of the ichthyosaur. The monster is killed by its own weight and strength, and it is killed instantly!

Salad la la la la la la la la! The moment it died, the prop exploded on the ground.

“Oh, rich!” Calvin rushed to pick up the props on the ground.

“Uh, you’re picking things up in this pool of blood?” Palamidis was taken aback.

“Dad, what **** meow?” Hal also stepped forward and picked up the props dropped by the fish and dragon as if nothing had happened.

“A pool of blood is a pool of blood.” Palamides was at a loss for words. The world in his eyes has been stained with bright red, but these little devils can’t seem to see anything?

Husky stepped forward and explained: “Uncle Palamidis, the system blocks our vision, preventing us from seeing anything too bloody.”” So you can’t see anything, including that place blood?” The canine boy nodded: “Although Husky also knew it was blood, it looked like a transparent mucus.” Said: “Hurry up! You are going to log out of this system!” Calvin pouted: “What? But we just played for a while.” “There are situations in the real world, and now is not the time to play games.” “Okay. Come on.” Calvin frowned and gave up the seemingly unimportant props left on the ground: “It’s time to start teleporting back to the town, grab Calvin!” Whoosh! A strange roar sounded in Palamidis’s head, and the big cat opened his eyes and found that he had returned to reality. And there seems to be a strange smell nearby?

“You’re finally awake.” Shaxing was busy plugging the vents of the room with the rags he found, and opened the windows for ventilation: “Why did it take so long to inform them?” “Brother Aoyun? “As soon as Calvin woke up, he found Aoyun, the Knight of the Round Table lying unconscious, so he immediately rushed over and shook him: “Brother Aoyun, wake up! What the **** is wrong with you?!” Tristan’s mind Rotating at high speed, trying to grasp the current situation in an instant. He saw that some kind of pale green gas was constantly flowing out of the vent, and he immediately understood that it was some kind of poisonous gas: “Poisoning? An enemy attack?!” “Anyway,” Palamidis hurriedly covered himself and his younger son. His nose: “This thing seems to flow out of the ground. Let’s escape as high as possible!” “I know a place.” Tristan also carried the Knight of the Round Table, Oyun: “Follow me!” So, Para Midis carried Hal and Calvin, Shaxing carried Husky, and Tristan held Aoyun and ran away. The group followed behind Tristan and fled in the direction of the lighthouse through the air passage that connects the east and north wings of the

“It’s exactly the same as it was seven years ago,” Tristan said as he ran.

“Don’t talk! You’ll be sucking in the gas!” Palamedis warned.

Tristan didn’t care, even ignoring the danger of inhaling the gas, and quickened his pace: “No, if I understand correctly, the gas is only effective for people who have lived in Eitenberg for a long time, but not us outsiders. People.” “Deep sea trolls.” The little prince Calvin suddenly said: “Calvin has read the previous report of the Knights of the West, and this was the scene of the deep sea troll attack seven years ago! Oh my god! It’s amazing! Trolls Attack us again!?” Sha Xing did not speak, he remembered the octopus tentacle-like thing that emerged from the ventilation duct in the bathroom. The tentacle is indeed somewhat similar to the legendary deep-sea troll, but the evil star was not at the scene of the incident seven years ago, and he has not seen a real deep-sea troll with his own eyes, so it is hard to say.

At this moment, a pleasant harp sound came from the lighthouse, interrupting everyone’s thoughts.

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