Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1247: Break in the silent night (24)


Chapter 1247 Rest in Silent Night (24)

When Palamides opened his eyes again, he found himself standing in front of a bonfire. (Baidu search to force literature network update fastest and most stable) Surrounded by a rather desolate and dilapidated village, only a few small-scale shops.

Beside Palamides, a human child is staring at the leopard warrior.

Oh no, two. Another human child hid behind the rubble and peeked shyly.

Oh no, three. Another human child was frozen in a huge block of ice and sat beside the rubble.

“This is the virtual world?” The leopard warrior frowned.

“Why does Ser Palamidis look exactly the same as in reality? Has the template for the orcs been completed?” the human child who was staring at the leopard warrior curiously asked. As soon as he opened his mouth, the leopard warrior heard from the child’s voice that it was Calvin, the little fish-man prince.

“Aren’t you playing the game with your original pattern?” Palamidis glanced at the child who was hiding in the distance: “So—that’s my little Howl over there?” “Well,” the Leopard boy walked out of the rubble. Of course, his avatar in the game has nothing to do with the Leopard, and is a pure human being.

“Because we didn’t have templates for other races when we first started playing, the characters we could choose were all humans.” Calvin explained: “A magic trick has to use a catalyst. Humans are so weak.” Hmm.” Palamides didn’t bother to talk about the theory of the little prince, so he casually snorted and perfunctory. He turned to his younger son and looked Little Howl up and down.

Wow, looking at it this way, this kid is really thin. The little black panther is usually covered in slightly fluffy fluff, and its body looks larger than it actually is. At this moment, Hal, who has become a human, has limbs like firewood branches, which makes Palamidis very distressed.

“Dad, Dad? What’s the matter, meow?” The Leopard boy asked tremblingly when his father saw him, thinking that he had done something wrong (or that the wrong thing had been exposed).

Palamidis looked worried and unhappy: “You are so thin, you seem thinner than before I set off for the exam? Have you eaten well recently? To starve the child like this, what the **** is Vivian? What happened.” Hal hurriedly explained: “No, it’s not my mother’s fault. Mom said that Hal has a bad stomach, so he should try to eat as little as possible, meow.” “Really?” Palamidis then remembered , the various organs in Hal’s body are actually missing a part. This child’s body has become a mess, and I am afraid that even normal digestion and absorption cannot be completed well, so he can only continue to lose weight.

Too bad. If it goes on like this, the child will only get weaker and weaker, and eventually it will!

No, it won’t. Palamidis shook his head, throwing the disturbing thoughts out of his mind. Vivienne would figure out a solution to get little Howl back to health before anything like this happens. Vivian has always been very capable.

“We are here,” Tristan also logged into the game, and his appearance is almost the same as in reality, very easy to identify: “But where is the fishing club you said?” “Here here,” Calvin has already spread out the teleportation scroll: “Hold on to Calvin, and you will be teleported right away.” “Teleport over? Why isn’t there a fish around here?” “This is a town, and there are few places suitable for fishing.” The little prince turned his eyes slyly: “The place where we go fishing is in the wild, and it is not safe to log out of the game in the wild. You can only log out of the game after returning to the town after fishing.” “Oh?” Tristan sneered: “All I wanted to ask was [why aren’t you fishing around here], your initial answer was enough, what’s the point of adding that later?—it’s like thinking I’m going to ask you [why aren’t fishing around here] Log in to the game] like?” “Uh” Calvin also noticed that he was talking too much, and told his suspicious brother some unnecessary details. The little prince immediately smiled and said, “Well, don’t pay attention to such details.” Tristan didn’t speak, and turned to look at Husky, who had turned into ice cubes: “Why is that kid frozen?” “Uh, We were fishing in the wild, and the puppy said he was in a hurry, so he left us and logged out of the game. We had no choice but to freeze his body in the game and send it back to the town.” Tristan asked again alertly: ” Just take it back to the town and take it away, why should it be frozen?” “Uh” Calvin’s thoughtful answer was seen through by his brother every time, and he was a little overwhelmed.

The reason he’s freezing Huskies is actually quite simple. Because they were in the middle of a battle at the time, Husky, who left his friends to go first, was in a state of defense in the game, and would be killed by monsters in the wild immediately. In desperation, Calvin had to freeze Husky firmly, leaving the monsters helpless with the canine boy in the ice. But if he told his brother Tristan this fact directly, the murloc prince would know that the second prince was lying, and that Calvin and his party were not fishing in the wild, but hunting monsters.

But it’s impossible to say anything without answering. Calvin knows that his second brother, who is very discerning, cannot be easily fooled. What should we do?

“Huh?” Tristan stared at Calvin with half-squinted eyes, as if questioning the little prince.

“Don’t, don’t worry about such details.” Calvin sweated on his forehead.

“No, you have to know the details, otherwise, how can I judge whether you are lying?” Tristan’s sense of smell is very keen, and he will entangle in the most troublesome places.

More cold sweat broke out from Calvin’s brow.

“Because there will be monsters coming out to attack us, meow.” I didn’t expect Howl to open the siege at this time: “Although it is fishing, there are occasional monsters in the wild, meow. Husky ran to the toilet, and just happened to be A monster appeared to attack us, and it was too late to use teleportation to escape meow. We had no choice but to freeze his (in-game) body first to avoid being bitten by the monsters, meow.” “Huh, strange logic” Tristan is still there Think about the unreasonableness, and hope to find evidence that the children are lying.

Hal continued to wink at his father Palamidis with a [please let go] expression. Palamidis laughed immediately when he saw it: “Forget it, His Royal Highness Prince Tristan. Let’s go and see how they fish first, and then the details can be investigated on the spot.” “Well, okay.” Tristan I also felt that it would be more useful to go to the scene to investigate the situation in person, so I put one hand on Calvin’s shoulder: “Take us away.” Young Hal glanced. The “fishing ground” he was going to teleport to was two completely different areas from their previous battlefield. As long as he could reach the fishing ground, his brother couldn’t investigate anything.

“What about Husky, meow?” Hal whispered as he grabbed Calvin’s arm (ready to teleport).

“I have left a message for him through the mail system. He will come after knowing the location.” Unexpectedly, Tristan immediately noticed the abnormality in the little prince’s words, and asked sharply: “Oh? You guys? Didn’t we go fishing together just now? Why does he still have to know the location?” Calvin stuck his tongue out and said nothing. He bounced off the teleportation scroll, shouted “Teleport!”, and everyone was taken away by a ray of light at the same time.

Somewhere in the suburbs, deep in a quiet forest, is a large lake with a calm surface like a mirror.

“Oh, the environment is really good.” Palamidis looked around, the scenery here is beautiful, it is indeed a good place for fishing.

“Right?” Calvin opened his inventory and gave everyone a piece of fishing gear: “Let’s go fishing?” Tristan dubiously took out the so-called “fishing gear” from his inventory. Yes, everything from rods to bait is available.

“Why does a system specially designed for knights have a fishing game?” The murloc prince Tristan couldn’t help but muttered.

“Warriors, in addition to fighting, it is also necessary to sit down and fish occasionally to cultivate one’s mind and body.” The leopard warrior grinned and found a big rock nearby to sit down and fish: “Little Hal, come over here. There are many fish shadows in the water around here, and you can catch big fish.” “Oh.” The little black panther replied casually, and immediately went to his father.

“You said there will be monsters around here?” Tristan asked again, looking at the forest behind him.

“Don’t worry too much about that.” Calvin picked up the staff and cast spells on the ground, and soon created a fence surrounded by ice thorns on the ground to protect everyone: “In this way, the weak The monsters don’t dare to approach. Even if the powerful guy can run through the fence and run in, it will make a loud noise, let us take precautions in time.” “Have an idea.” Tristan Although He doesn’t like his youngest brother, but Calvin’s ideas are occasionally witty, and people have to admire them.

Although I know that this kid has impure motives, entering this game is definitely not as simple as fishing, but, in short, let’s sit down and fish first. Thinking like this, Tristan found a rock and sat down, threw his rod with force, and threw the hook very far from the lake shore.

“The second brother is amazing, he can throw the rod so far.” Calvin also sat down beside his brother, pretending to be fishing quietly.

“Hmph, stop flattering.” Tristan replied coldly, “I don’t fully trust you, kid. Let’s get the fish out.” “Oh, you will. The game guide says here. If you can catch fish, you can.” Calvin patted his chest and assured: “As for what you can catch, it’s another matter.” When Calvin said this, Tristan couldn’t help but feel a chill down his spine. hunch. He was going to close the rod right away, but it was too late!

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