Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1246: Recuperate in the silent night (23)


Chapter 1246 Rest in Silent Night (23)

Uncle Phileos is down! !

However, it doesn’t matter! Because it was not the Leopard Phileos who was sprinting with the ball, his fall would not affect the result of the game! As long as Albert can get over this huge wall of air, the Sphinx still has a chance to win! !

However, the high pressure air has grabbed the tiger and left him teetering! The faster a person sprints, the more unstable the center of gravity is. Of course, the strong wind formed by the airflow can blow Albert over!

Crap! Tiger obviously felt that he had lost his balance and was about to fall forward! If this continues, he will be pinned in place by the opponent in front of him again! !

Damn! So unwilling! Knowing that the opponent is cheating, and clearly understanding the cheating method of the opponent, Albert still has nothing to do with the opponent! Is it only so far? !

“Go!!” Unexpectedly, Phileos, who should have fallen to the ground, quickly got up and bumped Albert with his back! !

This clever bump puts the already off-balance tiger back on its feet! That’s right, Uncle Phileos is Albert’s pillar of wind, and if he opens the way, the tiger will definitely be able to bypass it! !

Albert rushed out desperately, and drilled in the direction of Phileos’ right lower abdomen, making a lateral breakthrough!

The giant guard also pressed down with both palms and scooped in a wide range, hoping to use the storm he created and the advantage of his own physique to hug the tiger and the leopard together!

No way! ! Phileos also opened his palms and fought against his opponent with all his strength! His strength is far inferior to his opponent, but he only needs to block even a fraction of a second!

The giant defender, who was delayed for half a second by Phileos’ block, failed to catch the little tiger that was running around! Albert finally broke through from the giant’s defense and rushed to the bottom of the enemy line like a storm!

“Touchdown!!——” The referee’s pronouncement has long been overshadowed by the boiling cheers of the audience!

The score became 33:35, and the Sandstorm Sphinx was only two points behind the Guinea Giants in the final five minutes of the game!

Then the bonus game. The kick-off location is set as the first three yards of the Giants’ baseline, where a kick or touchdown must be scored.

“What should I do? Should I use a kick?” Phileos was already busy discussing with Shiloma.

“If it’s a touchdown, I can really get two points directly and tie with the Giants.” The tiger captain glanced at the giants and was very unhappy: “However, the wall of people is so exaggerated that there is no The way to break through.” The Giants players are big guys, and it’s already very difficult to spread the defense. When the eleven players were densely packed within the mere three yards, the wall was even more waterlogged, and even the Orcs of the Sphinx couldn’t pry open the cracks.

“But even with kicks, there is a high chance of being blocked by them.” Tigerman Gusta also said with a frown. On the offensive and defensive line, they knew best that the last kick in the bonus game was slapped by the giant on the opposing offensive and defensive line. Having learned this lesson, even the most easy-to-get-scoring kicks can’t be used with peace of mind.

“Since the chances of success are not high, then of course it’s a way to get more points and try your best, right?” Albert interrupted.

Speaking of this, not only Hiromar and Phileos, but also the other players of the Sphinx team turned their heads at the same time, looking at Albert with surprise.

“Uh, what’s wrong? I said something wrong, meow!?” “You boy! Occasionally, you still say some super cool things!” Shiloma sighed.

“At that moment, I thought it was Daddy Sphinx who was talking.” Phileos also covered his mouth and sighed.

(So, Daddy Sphinx is also such a lunatic meow?) (Wait, who is lunatic!?) “Hey hey hey hey hey hey!!” It’s very interesting! It’s crazy, but it’s very interesting! Just do what the little tiger says!” “Are you serious?” Mutter hurriedly stopped: “Even a touchdown is just a tie, and forcibly Touchdowns only increase the chance of injury, and there is no benefit at all!” “No, it does, because it prevents the Giants from delaying time.” Gusta explained: “The next possession is the Giants’ offense. After the hands, they have 40 seconds of preparation time for each kickoff. This time is usually used for the team’s battle meeting, but the Giants will make full use of these 40 seconds, every time in the last game. Seconds to kick off. That would be too bad: Even if the Giants didn’t try to take the lead at all, running a few steps and laying on the ground each time, they would be able to hold off at least one more chance before they ran out of four possessions. One hundred and sixty seconds.” “More than two minutes, meow,” Albert sighed: “There are only five minutes left, and half of it is consumed.” “So we must use touchdowns to attack. “Captain Shiloma hummed: “In the case of a tie, put pressure on the Giants, so that they have to actively attack. In this way, we will have a little more time in our offensive rounds.” “But—” Mutter still has an opinion.

“Okay, the tactics are decided like this, you just have to execute them.” Phileos sneered: “Even if this touchdown fails, we can still rely on the touchdown of the last attacking opportunity to overtake, It doesn’t matter! And Shiloma should have planned everything long ago, whether it’s a touchdown failure or someone is injured.” “Hey hey hey, of course.” The captain put on his helmet and smiled sinisterly: “In response to every I have already thought about one hundred and fifty kinds of combat strategies based on this situation, you just need to implement the tactics faithfully! If you dare to drag me back, I will go back and kill you!!” “Oh oh oh Oh oh!!” The orcs roared, lining up to attack!

At the same time(?), Great Britain, the base of the Knights of the West, Attenborough.

“Husky and the others are so slow.” Hal had just logged out of the virtual game and sat on the bench to stretch his muscles: “It’s just to go to the toilet, why does it take so long.”” Maybe they What secret special training did you run for?” Calvin also logged out of the game, and stared at the Leopard boy insidiously from the side: “Look at the appearance of the evil star and the little dog, what kind of agreement should they have made in secret? Right? For example, the puppy asked Archduke Shaxing to teach him swordsmanship and the like—” “Swordsmanship, meow?” Hal frowned thoughtfully.

The little murloc prince Calvin smiled more sinisterly: “Huhu, anyway, it has nothing to do with you who are already half-crippled.” This sentence deeply hurt the leopard boy. Hal, who is weak and inconvenient to move, struggles to even walk a few steps by himself. In reality, the physical exercise that consumes a lot of energy is an extravagant hope that is beyond his reach. The few things he could have at the moment, apart from reading books and playing with toys quietly, was the only game left in this virtual world. However, his only friend Husky went further and further, and went to learn swordsmanship with Uncle Shaxing. I believe that in the near future, Husky can also become a very good knight in reality.

I always feel so lonely.

“Tweet?” Balloon fish Pochi leaned over and kissed Hal’s forehead.

“Yes, Hal and Pochi, meow.” The leopard boy stroked his pet fish and smiled wryly.

“啾~~~!” The little carp was so happy that it circled the Leopard boy quickly. Then he gets carried away faster and faster, goes off track and slams his **** (if the fish has an ass) into someone’s **** face.

“What the hell” Palamidis just opened the door when he was hit by a white object. He quickly grabbed the object with his hands and looked closely: “A fish?” Tweet!——” The balloonfish struggled in Palamidis’ hands, for fear that he would be eaten by the leopard warriors.

“Dad?” Hal exclaimed in surprise. “Why are you meowing here?!” “Hey, my kitty.” Palamidis let go of the balloonfish and gave his The younger son grinned: “Are you good when Dad is away?” “Uh” Hal didn’t know how to answer for a while.

“啾~!” Pochi broke free from Palamidis’ capture, and swam back to Hal as if he was fleeing, hiding behind the Leopard boy and trembling.

“Good evening.” Calvin got off the bench early and bowed slightly to Palamidis: “Kalvin, the second prince of Iceland, greets Sir Palamidis.” Oh, this child is so polite.” The big cat couldn’t help but admire.

“Just pretending to be polite. This kid is a devil.” Tristan hummed, stepping out from behind the big cat: “Calvin, what the **** are you doing here with a bunch of brats? Your fishing club doesn’t Should it be held on the coast?” “No, how could it be possible.” Calvin gave his brother a bewildered smile, presumably he was already prepared: “It’s dark outside, there are a lot of mosquitoes, and the sea stinks. That kind of vulgar vulgarity. How can the place be suitable for us to play?——The fishing club, it can also be done here.””Oh, here?” Palamidis asked inexplicably, and quickly glanced at the environment in the simulated training room. There is almost nothing here other than benches for people to lie down and rest on. But this place is more like a computer room than a lounge. Those high-tech-looking benches with a bunch of wires attached to them seem to be of great use.

“It’s just **** anyway, you big talker.” Tristan scowled.

“The second brother is good or bad, where is the most basic trust between people? Everything Calvin said is true. If you don’t believe it, you can go into the game to find out.” Calvin said with a smile.

“You’d better tell the truth.” Tristan, the murloc prince, clenched his fists and sat down on one of the benches: “If you let me debunk your lies, see if I don’t. Your **** is blown.” “Do you really want to try?” Palamidis didn’t like this kind of high-tech stuff, and always felt that something would happen while lying on this mysterious bench.

“Everything has to be tried.” Tristan shoved Palamidis out of the blue, pushing the big cat down on the bench. He even took the opportunity to pull up the hood of the bench and buckle it on top of the big cat. In this way, even if the leopard warrior is unwilling, the machine on the bench has been forced to start. Palamidis only felt a groggy, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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