Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1245: Break in the silent night (22)


c_t;Chapter 1245 Rest in Silent Night (22)

The Giants’ quarterback sneered as the Sphinx lined up in fury. Download the complete set

He set his eyes on Albert: “In this way, the tiger’s sprint is completely sealed.”

He turned his attention to Mutter, the Sphinx receiver, and whispered to the two guards next to him, “Then you take care of the cat. It doesn’t matter if you foul, Destroy him completely.”

The guards nodded knowingly.

Kickoff! Shiloma once again resorted to a three-fold confusion attack, while making a short pass to Albert, and after the tiger rushed out, he instantly waved his arms to pretend to pass the ball. After passing the ball, he immediately sprinted with his hands on his shoulders!

However, the Giants’ quarterback did not waver. It should be said that no matter who Siloma hands the ball to, the strategy the Giants decided at the beginning will not change!

“Destroy that cat!!” With the quarterback’s order, the three giants rushed out frantically and aggressively attacked Mutter!

“What—!?” Mutter had just run less than ten yards, but he didn’t expect the giants to attack, and hurriedly ran and dodged!

“Humph!” Albert also snorted, dashing with the ball in a high profile, trying to attract the attention of the giants!

But it didn’t work! The three giant defenders didn’t attack at all to stop Mutter from catching the ball. They ignored Albert who was holding the ball and kept chasing the receiver. The only purpose was to crush the kitten and let Mutter Seriously injured!

Too bad! When Albert reacted, it seemed that the giants had made continuous flying collisions, and one of the guards successfully hit Mutter, completely crushing the cat man to the ground!

It’s stuck! Albert seemed to hear the sound of something snapping. He was horrified to see that Mutter’s arm was crushed to the ground by the giant’s huge body, and his arm bones were bent at a 90-degree angle! !

It is despicable to deliberately hurt a player who is not dribbling the ball! !

From that injury, Mutter is done! But Albert can’t stop there, at least win the game together with Mutter!

He galloped forward even more courageously, but was not stopped in the middle. However, the one who finally stopped in front of him was the tall giant again!

Pounds! ! Before he could touch his opponent, Albert felt an invisible pressure again! This force knocked Albert to the ground, unable to move!

However, this is not over yet. The tall giant was crushed heavily, intending to seriously injure Albert, who had fallen to the ground!

It’s not that easy! ! Albert, who has warrior blood flowing in his body, is not so easy to mess with. He turned over quickly and rolled away before being squashed!

Pounds! ! When the giant fell to the ground, the air wave raised Albert’s entire body. Reads;! What destructive power is that! Fortunately, he escaped in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable!

“The Sphinx advances ten yards to secure the lead!” the referee announced again. [Please go to the latest chapter of this book]

“Are you okay?” Gusta rushed over to check on Albert’s injury.

“It’s all right.” Tiger hurriedly shoved the ball to center Gusta, before running to receiver Mutter. Compared with his own injuries, he cares more about the injuries suffered by the cat people!

The giants who crushed Mutter the cat walked away with a smirk, leaving only the dying Mutter and a large dent in the turf.

“Mutter! Cheer up!” Albert shouted in panic.

“It’s all right”, but the cat man miraculously got up and only vomited blood. His arm that should have been broken has miraculously recovered without any signs of being broken? !

“But your arm!” Albert looked more and more still. He saw with his own eyes that Mutter’s arm bone was bent at a 90-degree angle, and it should have been broken in two a long time ago! Why, the arm bone that was broken and bent was restored in an instant, and there was no injury at all? !

No. Not without injuries. Albert could see the bloodshot and bruises all over Mutter’s arm. Although the bones were not broken, Catman’s arm muscles were still torn, squashed, and severely bruised.

“Dead cat, your ice pack is here.” Shiloma seemed to have expected that Mutter would be severely injured, and came over with a large ice pack to keep him warm.

Cat Ren Qing (Young?) Nian grabbed the ice pack without a word and put it on his arm. The extreme cold constricted his blood vessels and paralyzed his nerves. He temporarily forgot the pain and could hold on for a while longer.

“You don’t have to worry about Mutter. He’s a [rubber man], and his body is softer than anyone else. Although he doesn’t have the super-recovery ability of Phileos, he is still very good at resisting the violent impact of the enemy.”

So it is. Albert exclaimed. He has also heard that the cat people have a special talent that can make their bodies as soft as rubber bands. It’s actually a branch of [madness], but it’s completely different from normal madness. It sacrifices the ability to swell the body and make the limbs longer, softer, and able to swing like a whip. .

On this court, Mutter certainly can’t use magic. But the softness of his body may have become a fixed quality, a special physique. Even if the magic power is sealed by the magic bracelet, the catman’s ability can still exert it to a certain extent.

In a battle of swords, this ability would have been useless. But in dark American football, this is the ability that everyone dreams of, and it is as useful as Phileos’ [super resilience]. The body can be stretched at will like plasticine, which means that no matter how the opponent hits, crushes, and scuffles, the damage Mutter receives will be greatly reduced. And he’ll never break a bone. As long as his muscles can take the pain, he’ll keep fighting.

The Sandstorm Sphinx is really crouching.

That being said. Hard to eat the savage collision of the giants, it should still hurt, right? It was enough pain for an ordinary person to break several times, but thanks to the kitten, whose physique was weaker than Al, it was able to persevere. I am afraid that guy has been hit hard by countless opponents in previous fierce battles.

And still without the running back to spread the fire. As a receiver, if Mutter is the only person on the team who can dribble the ball, then he must be attacked with extreme ferocity. Before Albert came to the team, it was Mutter who persevered on his own, and that kid was an iron man.

Muttering endlessly, Albert returned to his position without a word. However, the situation is not optimistic. Mutter’s injury is very serious. Even if he can persist in the fight, it will definitely affect the accuracy of the ball. A long pass is probably impossible.

While sprinting with the ball, there’s that **** cheating giant in the way. Albert didn’t even know what he was knocked to the ground, let alone how to crack it!

What should I do?

“I’ve kept you waiting.” Phileos’ voice suddenly sounded behind Albert.

As if seeing the savior, the tiger turned to look gratefully: “Uncle Phileos! You finally recovered, meow?”

“Hmm.” The leopard man moved his arms. His broken arm had regenerated, and it was business as usual except for a little blood on the bandages it was wrapping around.

“But uncle, aren’t you the one in charge of defense? Is there really no problem with participating in the offense?”

“Well reads;. I will definitely do a good job in defense, and even more on the offense! Only the last ten minutes are left, everyone must cheer!!”

“Oh oh oh ——!!” The team members were indignant again. In addition to Siloma, Phileos is estimated to be the second pillar of this team. With him on the court, the team’s momentum is completely different from usual!

Unconsciously, the Sphinx had advanced fifty yards. There are still forty yards from the enemy’s bottom line, and a touchdown will be scored in no time!

“Follow me in a while, and sprint together. I’ll definitely help you block that weird attack!” full run), this position is sometimes referred to as the lead – its role, needless to say, is to help open the way for Albert, who is sprinting with the ball.

Kickoff! This time, Captain Shiloma didn’t do those covert fakes, but handed the ball to Albert and let the tiger run!

Unscrupulous? perhaps. But with Phileos opening the way for the little tiger, their charge is simply unstoppable! The two giant guards rushed to chase together, but were smashed into the air by Phileos!

Philaos is already fast (although he’s far worse than the rest of the and he’s also physically strong, and more importantly, this guy prides himself on being super-recovery, making every shot he makes He has no scruples, so his shoulder impact is extremely lethal, and even giants twice his height can easily knock over!

However, the real difficulty lies ahead! Guarding in the deepest part of the enemy’s formation, the giant who could use cheating tricks opened his huge arms, and was planning to include Phileos and Albert into the net of heaven and earth he laid!

Pounds! ! Some kind of force knocked Phileos, who was leading the way, to the ground! This time, Albert finally understood! It is the armor of the giant’s hand! The high-pressure air is output from the guy’s armor, and then ejected from the dark compartment in the palm of the glove. It is invisible and traceless, but it can turn into a gust of wind, completely destroying the opponent’s balance! The moment it sprays is exactly the same as the moment when the giant’s palms fall, subtly covering every detail of the cheating – at least the referee can’t see it! No wonder Albert felt a strange air current blowing him to the ground after two sprints, but he couldn’t see the moment when his opponent cheated!

In this strong air current, even the strong Phileos couldn’t hold back and fell down! ! ______() “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D. Wixas. If you find any content that violates national laws, please delete it. The stand is only committed to providing healthy and green reading. platform. 【】,thank you all!


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