Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1244: Break in the silent night (21)


Chapter 1244 Rest in Silent Night (21)

At the same time (?), Egypt, Cairo, the underground dark arena. (Baidu search to force literature network to update the fastest and most stable)

The game is still going on and [Sandstorm Sphinx] is trailing [Guinea Giants] with 27:35.

Eight points away from the tie, and fifteen minutes left until the end of the game. That is, the Sphinx must complete the attacking-defense-attacking three rounds within those fifteen minutes, and each round must be completed within five minutes on average. The urgency of time is simply disappointing!

To make matters worse, since the Sphinx currently has the ball back from the opponent, the ball must be restarted where it was grabbed. Their position was forced to retreat thirty yards, ninety yards from the bottom line of the enemy’s position! It is obviously very unrealistic to ask Albert to sprint with the ball and run the 90 yards in one breath. (The American football field is one hundred and twenty yards long) “There is no way.” At the battle meeting, the tiger Siloma slapped Albert’s helmet hard: “From now on, we will mix long passes and sprints. Use.” “Long pass?” Albert asked in confusion.

“That’s the catcher’s job, and it has nothing to do with you.” Mutter, the cat man beside him, said in a cold tone as he adjusted his slightly crooked helmet.

“Oh.” The tiger replied perfunctorily, while glancing at the cat.

Mutter just threw the ball with all his might to save the team from the brink of defeat. However, the cat Ren Qing (Young?) Years did this but brought ** side effects—he got bruises all over his body. His elbows and knees were particularly badly injured, with a faint blood red oozing between his hair.

Wait. Why is his elbow hurt? Shouldn’t there be armor to protect this important part of meow? !

It turns out that Mutter, a lifeless guy, removed the elbow and knee protectors before the start of the second half, in order to make himself run faster and move more conveniently! Dark American football does not seem to absolutely stipulate that players must play in full protective gear, even if they don’t even wear it, it’s okay. But in this kind of intense reloading and almost frantic fighting, playing without proper armor is tantamount to suicide. Is there really no problem with Mutter doing this, meow?

“In addition to kicking the ball and sprinting with the ball, American football can also use passing.” Seeing the confused face of the Tigerman youth, Captain Shiloma explained to Albert: “No matter whether you pass the ball.” It doesn’t matter how far you go, as long as the catcher catches the ball in time, it will be a success.” “That’s right,” Albert nodded and said, “With this convenient way of playing, why didn’t you use it earlier? What!” “Are you an idiot?” Mutter suddenly grabbed the ground: “Our opponent is the Giants. Even the kick just now was blocked by the Giants. How can a mere long pass be so easy? Success?” “Uh, but——” Tiger was suddenly confused by this strange logic: “Then you said you want a long pass?”” So, you should use a combination of long pass and sprint. .” Shiloma smiled sinisterly: “Listen, little tiger! After a while, the center’s Gusta will throw the ball to the quarterback—that’s me. Then you Rush to me as usual, ready to catch the ball.” Albert nodded.

“Then, I may hand the ball to you, or I may pass it. But you, whether you have the ball or not, pretend to be holding the ball and sprint with all your might!” “Take me as As bait? Got it.” “Long **** take a lot of time, because I have to wait for Mutter to finish moving.” Shiloma glanced at the cat man: “So, dead cat, you run as fast as you hit the ball. , It doesn’t matter if it is noticed by the giants, in short, run!” “Oh!” The cat man shouted imposingly.

“Then——” Shiloma also took a deep breath and shouted loudly: “Gather up your energy and kill all your opponents!!” “Kill them all!!——– ——-” The whole team was boiling.

Kickoff! Siloma received the ball from the center and immediately swayed halfway back to make a pass to Albert. Tiger rushed towards the captain without thinking, ready to catch the ball! At the same time, the cat-man Mutter, who was on the side of the team, also ran wildly and sneaked into the depths of the Giants’ position!

“Long pass?” The Giants quarterback frowned.

No. It can’t be a long pass. The Sphinx’s dwarfs suffered in the first half because they failed multiple long balls, and they can’t have the courage to make long **** again! In this case, is it really necessary to sprint with the ball?

“Stop that tiger!” Albert had just broken through the Giants’ wall, and was immediately guarded by two guards! The guards swooped down aggressively!

The tiger had a smirk, and suddenly opened his heart before being blocked. He’s not holding the ball at all!

“What?!” Only then did the Giants quarterback realize that something was wrong. In a blink of an eye, Shiloma had raised his arms and made a long pass!

“Go after that cat! The wall is ready!” Whoosh! ! Shiloma waved her arm and threw the ball!

Pounds! Mutter, who ran twenty yards away, was also stopped in time by the Giants’ guard and fell down! The Giants’ offensive and defensive line jumped higher, intending to intercept the ball thrown by Siloma in mid-air! !

However, there is no ball in mid-air! ! Shiloma’s pitching action just now was just a false move!

“Hehehehehe!——” The tiger man Shiloma burst into a sinister smile and rushed out!

“What?!——NO———!!”The Giants’ offensive and defensive line jumped and intercepted the ball, which brought instability in the center, and the Sphinx’s The offensive and defensive lines seized the right opportunity to exert force at the same time, and with a single push, the giants were toppled like rotten tiles! ! The giants, whose defense line was completely collapsed, lost more than half of their troops, and they couldn’t stop the Sphinx’s attack until they got up again!

“Fifteen yards for the Sphinx to secure the lead!” the referee shouted when Shiloma was actually intercepted.

“Albert took me and Mutter as bait at the same time, and ran with the ball himself.” Albert, who ran a distance, saw Shiloma’s trick, and couldn’t help but admired from the bottom of his heart: “What a sly guy! ‘ He walked over again to check the status of the cat-man Mutter. Mutter was completely knocked over by the giants and seemed to be in pain.

“Are you okay, meow?” “Hey, mind your own business!” But the cat man got up as if he was okay, wiped the blood on his elbow: “If you have time to take care of me, you might as well stand up as soon as possible. Don’t waste your precious game time!” Albert pouted and wanted to curse, but he held back. Now the game matters.

“I want to say that things are good now, but it’s not.” During the battle meeting, Shiloma suddenly said: “The Giants guys have been pressed, and then they will probably start to use dirty tricks. Is it a trick?” “Dirty trick?!” Albert shouted, “What a dirty trick?” Logically, it’s impossible to cheat under the eyes of the referee in a formal game like this?

“You’ll understand in a minute.” The captain gave a sinister sneer.

Kickoff! Shiloma once again covered it with his whole body after the ball was scored. This time, with a dexterous and subtle short pass, he has handed the ball over to Albert unknowingly. Tiger sprinted immediately after receiving the ball, and held the ball tightly with both hands so that the opponent could not easily see it.


It was also a three-pronged continuous attack, while Shiloma pretended to be a long pass and waved abruptly, at the same time, he also made a sprint with the ball and ran to the outside.

“It’s a long pass! Don’t be fooled!!” The giants saw Albert’s unimpressive dash with the ball, and then saw Siloma pass the ball very fast, and the Tigers started to run after the pass. The speed was unnaturally fast, and it was concluded that it was a long pass to Mutter the cat.

Three guards rushed to chase the receiver, and Mutter was quickly caught up because of the height difference! However, the cat jumped hard when he was about to be caught up, and looked like he had to catch the long pass even if he tried his best!

“Destroy him!” The giants saved at the same time, slapping their six huge and sturdy arms down one by one, vowing to slap Mutter and the ball he caught! !

“Woo!!————” The cat man was knocked out dozens of yards and landed heavily! But he didn’t have the ball on him!

“Oops! It’s that white tiger!” the enemy quarterback ordered again. Then the giants came to their senses and started chasing after Albert!

But Albert had run a long way and easily passed the defense of several defenders, leaving the last opponent in front of him!

Can go through! Albert sprinted confidently, intending to pass the hulking giant!

Pounds! ! There was some invisible force that stopped Albert’s charge! He was crushed by this invisible force and fell to the ground immediately!

“The Sphinx advances twenty-five yards to secure the lead!” the referee announced as he blew his whistle.

“What meow?!” Albert still felt that things were incredible when he got up. His opponent hadn’t even touched him yet, so what brought the tiger down? Did a strong wind blow him down? incredible! !

“Sure enough.” Shiloma tugged Albert and muttered.

“What the **** was going on with that just now? Magic? That’s okay, meow?””No, that’s definitely not Shiloma flicked her magic-sealing bracelet with her finger:”This is the dark What the American Football Association personally prepared, every player must wear it, and theoretically it is impossible to fake it. “”But! “The tiger man Gusta in the center also leaned in and said: “The opponent may have used some means other than magic, such as some mechanism installed in the hand armor. “”Isn’t this cheating meow? “Albert was indignant.

“Humph.” Shiloma grinned: “No matter how despicable it is, as long as the method is not exposed, it is not cheating. You play dark American football, understand?” “But!” Albert was angry His face turned red: “No! I have to protest to the referee!” “Forget it, it’s useless. The referee can’t immediately check the problem from the giants.” The tiger man hummed: “Give me your place, it’s time to tee off!——No matter how the opponent cheats, we have to win this game with dignity and honor, and honor the name of Daddy Sphinx! Go ahead and kill them all !!” “Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh !—— kill them all!!” The team members shouted in unison.

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