Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1222: Selection in the ring (53)


Chapter 1222 Selected in the ring

Battleship Britannia——[Attack Palamedis], medical room. Web

The white bear Elaine slowly opened his eyes, only to feel that his whole body was eroded by pain. The battle just now left him with injuries all over his body.

But one hand was moving slowly, carefully dressing Elaine’s wound. A mild and refreshing potion was smeared on the polar bear’s body, which was covered with burns and cuts, and the pain was greatly relieved. Such a skilled medical technique, such a fast and delicate wound treatment, can be done by no ordinary person.

“Kang…” Elaine said as soon as she could see the scene.

“Don’t talk.” Constantine stopped the white bear man: “Your injury is very serious. It’s not good to tear the wound by talking casually.”

“Uh…” The bear man then swallowed the words from his mouth and quietly watched Constantine, the Knight of the Round Table, bandage his wounds.

For Elaine, Constantine is one of the few friends the Ice Bear has known since childhood. On the night before the round table trial, the old friends met again, and the estrangement between them should have melted away.

But why? Elaine could clearly see from the tensed face of the other party that Constantine didn’t seem very happy?

The white bear is very concerned, and just wanted to ask his friend why he was unhappy. But Constantine ordered the white bear man not to speak, and Elaine’s question was interrupted.

The atmosphere is terrible. The polar bear watched everything silently, but the forehead was sweating all the time. Sure enough, it was because Constantine was one of the examiners for this exam, so was it inconvenient to get close to Elaine?

No, not right. There is no one around. The medical room was divided into several compartments, and Elaine, who was seriously injured, was assigned to this compartment for medical treatment, so as not to be disturbed by other candidates. Only the white bear and Constantine were left in the compartment.

So, is Constantine really angry about something else? Why exactly?

When Elaine was almost wrapped up, Constantine suddenly noticed the wandering gaze of the white bear man, and gave Elaine a stern look: “Do you have anything to say?”

“Yes, but…” Elaine replied falteringly.

“Tsk…if you want to say something, just say it. With super resilience, you are always healing your wounds, and a few words won’t kill you.” Constantine glared again. Glancing at the white bear man.

“Okay, okay…” Elaine replied in a low voice, “I, I just wanted to ask… Are you… mad at Constantine? “

“Yes, I’m angry. (Baidu search network updates the fastest and most stable)” As if waiting for the white bear to ask this question, the Knights of the Round Table did not evade at all, and directly said their thoughts:” You’re a total bastard, why don’t you make me mad at you?”

“Uh!?” Elaine shuddered as if she had been pricked by a needle, and asked tremblingly, “Yes, I’m sorry! Did I, did I do something wrong?”

Constantine looked around for a moment, and after confirming that there was no one around, he glared at the white bear man again, and said faintly: “You have done so many wrong things that you can’t count them all. The worst thing you’ve ever done is to not treat me as a friend.”

“What, what?!” Elaine felt confused, with an innocent look on her face: “I, I didn’t…”

Constantine didn’t stop until the last bandage was tied. He crossed his arms and sat in front of the sick man with a high posture: “Remember what you said to me the night we went to dinner? You said that you participated in the round table trial to make yourself Become stronger and become like me?——Hmph, what a **** who lies and doesn’t make drafts.”

Elaine just remembered what she had said before, she gasped, and her face instantly turned pale: “You, do you know?”

“Of course I know, you idiot.” Constantine said dispassionately: “Originally, what His Majesty King Arthur heard in private interviews with the candidates would not tell the other Knights of the Round Table until the last minute. But I finished reading it. In your game, seeing that you can give up your life to win, I know that your participation in the round table trial is not as simple as becoming stronger. In the end, I couldn’t help but ask Your Majesty. For the sake of friendship between you and me, Your Majesty told me your wishes.”

“Oh no—-” Elaine was even more embarrassed.

“So I said, you are a complete asshole.” Constantine scolded angrily: “You didn’t notify me to help when Uncle Boles had an accident. Even the real purpose of participating in the round table trial. Don’t tell me, but keep it in your heart. I thought we were friends. But you don’t seem to treat me like a friend, and you don’t even tell me such an important thing——“

“No! It’s not!” Elaine hurriedly interrupted: “But at that time, you said that you were the examiner of the round table exam and the trial, and you couldn’t be right or favor me!”

“That and this are two completely different things!” Constantine roared angrily, “Uncle Bolles was in crisis and needed rescue. You could have just told me the truth. That way , even without the aid of the Knights of the Round Table, I will definitely find a way to help you, and maybe even send my knights to get things done within my ability. It’s fine now. You take this as your [wish] ] told His Majesty King Arthur that this has officially become the purpose of your taking this exam, and it has been recorded. Even if I want to help you, it will not be easy for me to do it.”

“Why, why?!”

“No reason, this is the rule.” Constantine’s face elongated: “This rule is to prevent the Knights of the Round Table from helping candidates for personal reasons. In short, if I go out to rescue Uncle Boles without permission, I will would be disqualified as a Knight of the Round Table. No. Maybe I can’t even be a knight in Great Britain anymore.——You think I’d be stupid just to help a boy whom I had a relationship with for a few months friends and ruin yourself?”

“Constantine…” The white bear looked desperately at his friend: “I really don’t, don’t know… It’s going to cause you such, such a big trouble… It seems I, I’m still self-retirement——“

“Are you an idiot!” The young knight of the round table slapped the white bear man in the face: “Do you really think I’m the kind of person who forgets about profits?——Even if I lose my reputation, I’m still going to help you!”

“What, what…?!”

“Even if I can’t continue to be a knight of the Round Table…maybe I can’t even continue to be a knight of Great Britain, I will go with you to save Uncle Boles.” Constantine repeated calmly.

“Cons…” Elaine choked up before she could finish what she had to say. Tears flowed from the corners of the polar bear man’s eyes, and he was too excited to speak.

“Why are you crying, you idiot.” The young Knight of the Round Table hummed in a low voice, “I don’t care about the title of Knight of the Round Table, but when the opportunity comes, I’ll take it by the way. If you want me to help friends and keep Fame, and I’m going to choose the former. So, Elaine, don’t push yourself too hard. You’re not fighting alone.”

“Thank you, thank you…” The white bear man’s words became more and more vague, and at this moment he couldn’t help crying.

“However, indeed, if I’m the only one, and if I can’t use the power of the Holy Spirit, it’s obviously a bit lacking in combat power, which makes people feel unsure.” Constantine patted the white bear man on the shoulder like a comforting child: “So, Elaine, there are two paths in front of you: you can either fail this exam and let me, who can’t even use the power of the Holy Spirit, accompany you to save Uncle Boles; or try to become a round table Knight, with the help of the [Round Table Knights Mutual Aid Program], let all the Knights of the Round Table—including me—rescue Uncle Boles together. What are you going to do?”

The white bear hurriedly stretched out his hand and wiped his tears: “When, of course, everyone, let’s go to the rescue together…”

“Very well, you are also a man with backbone.” Constantine smiled reassuringly: “So, the situation remains the same. You can win, win, even if it costs your life. Keep winning until you climb the throne of the Knights of the Round Table. When you officially become a Knight of the Round Table, even if I put my life on the line, I will definitely help you achieve your wish!”

Constantine stretched out the tail finger of his right hand: “——It’s an appointment!”

The tearful Elaine also struggled to squeeze out a funny smile, stretched out his stout, hairy bear fingers and ticked off his friend: “Appointment, appointment!”

“Yeah.” After ticking, the young knight of the round table suddenly reached out and touched the back of the white bear man’s neck again, making Elaine’s neck itchy.

The white bear held back his laughter: “Uh…Kang, Constantine?”

“The scar is still there.” The knight of the round table turned serious.

“Scar, scar?”

Constantine sighed: “Elaine, do you remember? Seven years ago, I put you, with only one head left, into the body of a grizzly bear. This scar on the back of your neck is What’s left from that time The regenerative power of the dragon people is simply amazing, your head can take the body of a grizzly bear and completely assimilate it and take it for yourself. But the body is always just a bear body, it still has some… sequelae.”

“Aftermath, sequelae?”

“This incurable scar is one of them.” Constantine nodded lightly: “For you, this scar is the [interface] between your head and the bear’s body. The regeneration ability of the nearby parts is worse than other parts, even if you transform into a dragon, the scales of this part will definitely be much weaker. …… If not, this will become your weakness.”

Elaine’s expression also became serious: “Is this so bad…”

“So, don’t act recklessly because you think you have super resilience. At least you have to find a way to protect your weaknesses, understand? If you die, no one will take us to save Uncle Boles. .”

The white bear nodded, taking his friend’s advice to heart. () “The Legend of Light” only represents the views of the author Raven D Vixas. If you find that its content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform . 【】,thank you all!


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