Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1221: Selection in the ring (52)


Chapter 1221 Selection in the ring (fifty-two)

Something is sprayed from the back of the Luna steel shield,

It is a gas, simply put, it is a highly compressed gas for propulsion. It goes without saying that it is the one most widely used in various new weapons of Great Britain, which can generate a vacuum shock wave. plugin,

His,——zi,,——pound,,,The small wind pressure instantly increased in a very short time, forming a storm-like confluence, which was ejected from the back of the shield , drive the shield as a whole and press it forward at full speed,

It should have been impossible to catch up with the Luna Steel Shield, but while shrinking to a medium shield, it also greeted it at an unimaginably high speed,

bang,,——it just blocked the attack of Viscount Roosevelt,,

Yes, installed on the back of the shield, a simple plug-in, but let the Leopard youth come back to life in this desperate moment,,

“Plug-in, plug-in system,” Roosevelt, who saw this incredible moment, had an indescribable surprise on his face. The most sophisticated weapon plug-in system newly developed in Great Britain was transplanted into this crude glass weapon. above,,

How can ordinary people do such a precise transplant operation? This is something that can only be done by an extremely senior electronic engineer with a high understanding of precision electronic components,,

The more you have a deep understanding of things, the easier it is for people to be frightened by the infinite unknowns contained in them. If you were an ordinary person, seeing that the Moon God Steel Shield could use the plug-in system would be just a shock, and forget it. ; But it is precisely because Viscount Roosevelt is from a family of weapons manufacturers, and he knows the way, that he is more likely to be surprised than ordinary people at this moment,,

So, the guy behind this leopard boy who makes weapons is not only the world’s top weapons maker, but also a senior electrical engineer,

What’s more, it only took a few hours from the time the candidates got the weapons with the plug-in system to the start of the knockout, the electronic engineer took the plug-in system from the British weapons, transplanted into these glass weapons,,

What kind of skillful hands does that person have, and what kind of monster is that?,

Does such an amazing all-rounder actually exist in this world,,

Of course, Roosevelt was only preconceived, thinking that the weapon casting and plug-in transplantation were in the same hands. In fact, although the Luna Steel weapon was forged by Segred, the plug-in system was his brother Zephyr’s. It is impossible for a person to be all-round and omnipotent; but the two brothers work together to create such an excellent weapon – not even losing to the top craftsmen in Europe,

However, Viscount Roosevelt has received extremely professional combat training after all, and his psychological quality is much better than ordinary people. Even if he has experienced a huge surprise experience, he can regain his strength in an instant, and hit the blocked Viscount Roosevelt, With a look of “Don’t think this is the end,” he quickly retracted his arm, turned his weapon into the shape of a hooked knife, and swept toward the edge of the shield,

He intends to take advantage of Seglyde before he can fully land on his feet and gain a firm footing, at least by abolishing one arm of the leopard youth,

However, Seglade also showed a look of “you are really finished,” and withdrew the weapon in his right hand. The handle of the Luna Steel Tomahawk can be quickly shortened, changing from an inconvenient long tomahawk to It is a lightweight machete, so even if it is hit by a shield and sinks into the ground, it can be quickly withdrawn. Seglade wields the machete and easily deflects the attack of the opponent’s machete, while his toes have already touched the ground. ,

In the next moment, when Rusford was ready to defend, thinking that he opened the distance in the Seglade round to restore the situation, the Leopard youth suddenly jumped up and jumped into the air again,,

The soldiers are very fast, and the powerful combination skills that use the characteristics of the weapon must be completed within a few seconds, but once it is formed, it will turn into a death trap that the opponent can never escape,

Seeing this unusual move of the opponent, Roosevelt at this moment realized that something was wrong, but it was too late,

—— That’s right, Seglade’s Luna steel long tomahawk is also equipped with a plug-in system. When his tomahawk was knocked and fell to the ground, the Leopard youth also pulled the trigger of the long tomahawk. ——Started at about the same time as the Luna Shield plugin,

At the same time as launching the plug-in on the shield to carry out emergency defense, the hidden plug-in on the long tomahawk also spewed out frozen gas. Rusford focused on attacking Seglade, but he didn’t notice what was happening under his feet at all. Only then did he realize that there was an ice fog spreading under his feet, and the freezing gas froze his leg armor on the ground and could not move, but when he realized this change, he was powerless to return to the sky,

Because, Seglade, who ascended into the air, had already enlarged the Luna steel shield, and at the same time deducted the plug-in behind the shield,,

Piss zi zi zi zi zi, the mountain-like shield was crushed down by the propulsion force of the vacuum shock wave, and the Viscount Roosevelt, whose mobility was sealed, had nowhere to go. hide,,

The key to the victory of this battle lies in how the two sides can give full play to the performance of their weapons, and they need to maximize the performance of the weapons at the moment when the victory is decided,

Only brothers Zephyr and Seglade, who forged and modified Luna steel weapons by themselves, can adapt to changes within a very short time of one thousandth of a second, and use weapons that they are familiar with to create more gorgeous Changes to continuous onslaught, although there are only a limited number of changes in the long toe and shield in the hands of the Leopard youth, but as long as these changes are used reasonably and combined, the final effect they produce is equally deadly, and it will never lose to the highest level of the famous teachers. masterpiece,

"哈啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊,,"赛格莱德咆哮着,和巨盾一起压下,豹人青年的战吼伴随着呼啸的风声, Immediately like the wrath of ghosts and gods,

"啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊,,"卢斯福孤注一掷,举起光盾硬挡,,他甚至把手中的光剑也变成盾的形状,双Shields came out, thinking that this would resolve the crisis,

pound,, the shield collided with the shield’s stimulus, bursting with dazzling flashes—most of the light was excess light emitted during the tearing process of the light shield,

However, the power of the Luna Steel Great Shield is always superior. The weight of the Luna Steel Great Shield itself, plus the weight of Seglade, and the powerful propulsion of the shock wave, in this triple force Under the fierce pressure, even the giants who are born with divine power cannot resist,,

The most powerful double shield of light also began to succumb under this weight, it disintegrated, dissipated, leaving Rusford as a flesh and blood to meet the inevitable destruction,

pounds,,——————-The explosion sounded, like a thunderbolt falling from the sky,

Following was flying sand and rocks, smoke and dust filled the air, the earth shook and the mountains shook. The destructive power of the big shield was amazing, like a meteor falling, which brought a lot of impact to the battlefield.

After the sand and dust subsided a little, the devastating scenery after the war began to slowly appear in the world’s field of vision,

The Luna Steel Shield smashed to the ground, forming a huge pit. Numerous rock cracks were centered on this pit, extending endlessly outward, while Viscount Roosevelt was literally squashed. Now, the whole person was stuck in the rock and soil. Fortunately, he was wearing quite good armor, and the armor was holding it up. The ground sank in time at the moment of pressure, so that Rusford would not be crushed into a lump of flesh. ,

However, serious injuries from the inside to the outside are of course inevitable. Judging from his appearance, he should not be able to even get up.

“Cough,” Seglade patted the dust on his body, packed up his weapons and got up: “It’s over, I want to continue fighting meow,”

“It’s… damn,” the Viscount lay on the ground and couldn’t move, his body was deep in the rock, like a model that had not been taken out of the mold, it looked very ridiculous: “Well, I surrender,”

Seglade looked at the hilt on the ground, the lightsaber was broken from the blow just now, and now it is lying quietly in the sunken rock, it looks so fragile, no matter what , as long as the weapon cannot continue to be used, Roosevelt has no chance of winning,

“The battle is over,” the bee golem flying by the side read out the referee’s voice: “Victor, Cyglade the Panther,”

The victory has been decided, Seglade finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then he picked up the hilt of the lightsaber and looked at it carefully: “According to the agreement, this thing belongs to me,”

“Hmph, take it,” Roosevelt hummed coldly,

Seglade felt strange at this time: the lightsaber didn’t look as new as expected, but a bit worn,

But thinking of what Roosevelt had boasted before, Seglade couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed. Weapons, it’s just so meow,”

“Hahahaha, idiot, of course I lied to you,” Roosevelt smiled laboredly: “What [a top product made by the best weapons craftsmen in Europe],——so blatant Cheating, can I do it?——This lightsaber was made by my sister when she was six years old. It is already ten years out of date and outdated. It is buried in the Roosevelt family villa in Cairo. In the backyard, I just stopped by and dug it out and reused it,”

“What, what meow,,” Hearing this news, Seglade’s self-confidence was almost instantly destroyed,

Only the basic performance of the weapons, his Luna Steel series weapons are even worse than the weapons made by a six-year-old girl ten years ago. If it wasn’t for his brother Safir’s temporary work, he gave Luna Steel series weapons. The weapon is equipped with a plug-in system, this battle Seglade may not be able to win,

“Hehe, you don’t need to be too surprised,” the seriously injured Roosevelt continued to chatter: “The person who made those glass weapons for you is indeed a genius, but my sister…that The monster…, she is a genius,…a rare genius to be seen in ten thousand years,”

Seglade did not speak, put away his trophies, turned around and left, although his face was calm, but at the moment there was a coolness oozing out from his back, making the leopard man unable to fight on his own. with a slight chill,

There are days outside the sky, there are people outside people, that’s all, Seglade knows that there is still a long way to go on the road of weapon craftsmen,

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