Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1223: Selection in the ring (54)


Chapter 1223 Selected in the ring (fifty-four)

When Constantine and Elaine finished chatting, they turned around and walked out of the medical room, but they happened to meet the Celestial Knight Palinlor head-on.

“Uh, Lord Grand Duke?” “Don’t worry about it, go do what you need to do. I have something to talk about with that child.” Palinlor said calmly.

“But, he’s still recuperating…””It’s just a few words, it won’t take a lot of time.” The Celestial Knight waved his hand: “The knockout stage is still going on, and There are more candidates who were injured in the battle waiting for your treatment. Go, don’t delay.” The Knight of the Round Table, Constantine, nodded reluctantly and continued to walk out.

But before he could take a few steps, the phone in his pocket rang.

What ignorant guy is calling me at a time like this? Constantine held a sullen breath in his heart, picked up the phone and asked coldly, “Who is it?” I have waited until lunch time. But Greenville hasn’t woken up yet, and she doesn’t seem to be planning to come to lunch. This kind of thing has never happened, and her body really has a problem.” “Your Majesty…” A drop of helpless cold sweat appeared on Constantine’s forehead: “Maybe it’s just because the queen fought with the group of Twilight believers last night and worked too hard. A little drowsiness after being overtired is actually very common, and it’s not a serious illness. ‘ Yet King Arthur stubbornly repeated: ‘It never happened, not even when Greenville was a therapist, treating hundreds of wounded patients a day. She was also the most professional , will always do strict health management. It is impossible to think about things like oversleeping and not wanting to get up to eat.” Constantine’s forehead appeared blue veins, but the other party was the king of Great Britain, the immediate boss of the Knights of the Round Table. , No matter how unhappy Constantine was, he couldn’t be angry at King Arthur, so he had to suppress the anger in his heart and whispered: “Your Majesty, please wait patiently, at least until this evening*. If at that time Greenville Before the queen could wake up, we started a detailed physical examination of her.” (*Note: There is a two-hour time difference between London and Cairo. Depending on the location of the Red Sea, the time difference between London and the Red Sea can be two to three. hours.) “What if her condition had reached the point of no return at that time?” “You are too worried.” Constantine said angrily: “In short, I must stay in the Red Sea now. While guarding the group of candidates, I couldn’t leave at all. This is a life-threatening task, and the queen just slept a little longer, she can wait.” There was the rattling of King Arthur’s fist knuckles on the other end of the microphone, and the light was Hearing that voice, you could feel the aura that the king almost crushed the phone. But Constantine was also a doctor, and he never backed down on helping the wounded, even if it was the king.

“Understood.” King Arthur calmed down and said, “I will wait. Although at this moment I just want to come over and chop you up, I know you are right. In that case, you will Stick to what you think is right to the end, and don’t back down. But if Greenville doesn’t wake up after dinner time today, I’ll bring her over to find you myself. Then you’ll grit your teeth and wait Let me punch you!” “If this can restore the queen’s health, I am very happy.” Constantine still replied without changing his face: “However, I advise Your Majesty not to use the portal. The redshift phenomenon during teleportation, It will have a very bad impact on the health of seriously ill patients who are unconscious.” “I know.” With a click, the communication was interrupted. Only the noise of electromagnetic waves came from the other end of the phone. Rather than saying that King Arthur hung up the phone, it would be better to say that he crushed the phone directly.

“Uh.” Constantine used his brain to fill in the picture of King Arthur holding a broken phone and looking angry. It’s scary just thinking about it.

At the same time, in the cubicle of the medical room, Elaine, who had just bid farewell to her friend and was about to lie down and recover from her injury, found that someone else had entered the cubicle.

“Er… Grand Duke?” Elaine swallowed. Looking at it from such a close distance, the Celestial Knight Palinlor is really scary. This old man in his fifties has not been worn away by age at all. In addition to his sturdy physique, the tense muscles all over his body exude a shocking force at all times, giving people a sense of terror [he has a murder weapon all over his body].

However, Palinlor’s face is kind – if you just look at her face – there is absolutely no terrible temperament of the “ultimate human weapon”.

“Lie down, you don’t need to salute, I’ll leave after a few words.” Palinlor said calmly and found a place to sit down: “First of all, congratulations, kid. Today’s battle is very exciting, round table test The training organizer appreciates your performance very much.” “Uh…thank, thank you.” The white bear replied with a blushing face.

“What the **** are you shy about?” Palinlor raised her eyebrows: “If someone praises you, just accept it happily.” “But, but——” “But, that’s not you. The full power of the game.” Palinlor’s compliment turned instantly into a relentless critique: “You could have used more power and beat your opponent to the core. Attacking, on the other hand, is also because he is afraid that when he uses his full strength, he will destroy his body, right?” Elaine stared blankly at the Grand Duke of Palinlor, and a drop of sweat appeared on his forehead.

(Does he know?!) “Huhu.” Palinlore smiled coldly and picked up an iron tray beside the bed – the kind used to hold medicines and surgical instruments —Then put it in your palms—knead!

Knead again!

Just like kneading dough, knead the hard and strong iron tray into a ball! !

But he didn’t stop there and continued rubbing! The metal tray that has long been turned into an iron ball is continuously compressed, compressed, and compressed in both palms! !

Elaine turned pale with fright as she watched the Celestial Knight perform. The power of the legendary reckless man is so exaggerated! !

Finally, what lay quietly in the palm of the Grand Duke of Palinlor was an iron bean the size of a soybean. The large iron tray that was originally fifteen inches wide was compressed into such a terrifying size! Its density, needless to say, is also surprisingly high! !

“Here.” Palinlor shoved the small iron bean into the bear’s hand, Elaine took it with difficulty, the high-density iron bean almost pressed the bear’s paw heavily on the ice On the hospital bed, it was terrifyingly heavy!

And Palinlor spread his palms. After all, his palm is a human palm, and it is impossible for him to be safe during the almost crazy compression process just now. The skin has already been cracked and the flesh is blurred, I am afraid it is not an ordinary pain!

However, Palinlor’s palm is healing itself at an astonishing rate! In just a few seconds, the palm of the hand, which was originally open and fleshy, regenerated the epidermis, restrained the fleshy flesh, and restored the capillary network that was smashed into a ball. It became as if nothing had happened, and appeared in front of Elaine’s eyes safely!

“Super, super resilience…” White Bear whispered in surprise.

“Yes, super resilience. You also have the same thing, but you never know how to use it correctly.” Palinlor sneered: “The human body is capable of exerting several times beyond its limit. Ability, but the human brain does not allow the body to act like this. When the force is used excessively, the muscles will be torn, the bones will be broken, and even the nerves and blood vessels will be destroyed. Humans can only exert their physical potential. About 30%, even after long-term and rigorous training, the potential can only be realized at most half – this is really a kind of lang fee.” Elaine looked confused: “I don’t, don’t understand.. ….” “I just wanted to say,” Palinlore grinned and put it straight in simpler words: “You have the same kind of super-resilience as me. Why can I do it?” But you can’t do it? That’s because your body is subconsciously limiting itself to exertion. Whenever you intend to exert all your strength to the extent that it will damage, your brain will send out a signal, Restrain your power. As a result, you don’t have half the power you should be able to exert. No – maybe worse. In addition to the insurmountable physical factors, psychological factors also control your performance “Heart, psychological factors?” Palinlor glared at Elaine and squinted: “You kid is afraid. You are afraid of pain, and you are afraid that you will hurt yourself with all your strength, right?” The white bear man swallowed again. .

“You can’t do it like devil.” The Heavenly Knight’s expression became more profound: “To be honest, you are not a piece of material to be a knight at all. Modern knights need excellent mobility, Strong judgment, instant reflexes, and sharp combat intuition. You don’t have any of these most basic conditions.” Bean-sized beads of sweat emerged from the polar bear’s forehead. He still understands such a little thing as an idiot. Although it was clear in my heart, there was nothing I could do.

“The specialty you have is the innate strong offensive and defensive ability, as well as the monster-level regeneration.” Palinlor deliberately squeezed Elaine’s bandaged arm with his hand: “However, if If you can’t even fully utilize your own strengths, I can assert that you will never be able to continue to advance. Regardless of other opponents, as far as that [Magician on the battlefield—Lawrence the counselor] is concerned, as long as you know your It’s a piece of cake to beat you. You have neither speed nor skill, and your brain is not good enough. Your opponent can play you around with just a few tricks.” The white bear man’s eyes immediately flashed a lost light: “If, as expected, it’s still…” “So I ask you, kid.” The Grand Duke of Palinlore stared at the white bear man with sharp eyes like a knife: “Do you really want to win? To make the most of your strengths to make up for your shortcomings, and to endure the heart-wrenching pain to win——Can you show this kind of awareness?”() “Act of Light” It only represents the views of the author Raven D Vickers. If you find that the content is in violation of national laws, please delete it. The position is only committed to providing a healthy and green reading platform. 【】,thank you all!


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