Light Spirit Epic Chapter 1201: Selection in the ring (32)


Chapter 1201 Selection in the ring (thirty-two)

If only to see Palinlor. Moran might not be so terrified.

No. Not also.

What really scares Scimitar Morren is. Palinlore stretched out only two fingers. He clamped Moron’s machete.

That’s like a thousand tons of heavy weight. It turned out to be from two fingers. Those **** even just lightly twisted Moron’s machete. The blood on it was ruddy and steady. The whitening of the fingertips caused by the force is not visible at all.

The legendary monster grand duke who can destroy a city with a single sword. [Monster] with natural power. Standing behind Moron. There was an invisible sense of coercion all over him.

“You bastard. It’s so ugly.” The Grand Duke of Palinlor sneered and said slowly: “Obviously, he lost in every way. Failed?”

“Humph—.” Moran just grinned. Even if the opponent is a Heavenly Knight. The most important figure in Great Britain has dominated the game. Scimitar Moron still didn’t give a face.

The strong will always recognize their own inadequacies. Humbly admit. Only the humble and ignorant weaklings. You will die without admitting your failures. It was Elaine who knew his weakness. Just got ready. Even if you are about to lose the game. Also stand firm. When Mollen saw Elaine’s approach as a sign of weakness. And sneered at the weak hour of the white bear. The real strength and weakness have long been separated.

As the Grand Duke of Palinore said. Mollen lost everywhere. Lost horribly. Scimitar Mollen’s biggest failure is that. He is the frog at the bottom of the well and the carp in the pond. You can’t even see your own failures.

“This is really difficult.” Palinlor scratched his head. “Since [Trial of Strength] is my responsibility. And it’s under my supervision at the moment. I was going to try to avoid letting the lovely candidates die.”

“In that case. Let’s make a fair judgment.” Moron glared at the Celestial Knight fiercely: “As long as the judgment convinces me. I can be merciful. Don’t kill this kid.”

Palinlor laughed suddenly. He laughed as if he had heard a very funny joke.

“What are you laughing at.” The machete felt fooled. Immediately burst into anger.

“Why is your comprehension so poor.” Palinlore said with a smile, “Who said it was necessary to avoid letting—that child—die.”


Palinlor suddenly stopped smiling: “What I said is. Try to avoid letting—you—die.”

That moment. Palinlor released a chilling killing intent. Morun, the battle-hardened machete hand, must have also sensed this killing intent. He wanted to dodge. But completely unable to escape.

Boom. first of all. Mollen’s remaining machete. It was broken by Palinlore with one hand in an instant——just squeezed it lightly with his fingers. .

“Good morning. Good noon. And good night.” Palinlor said coldly. The **** of the other hand had reached Morlen’s face.

On the forehead of Scimitar Morun. gently. Bounced.

"哇啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊。————"莫伦瞬即如同流星般飞出去。 Leave the stone pillar formation within a second. Enter over the Red Sea within three seconds. Five seconds later. It has completely disappeared from the sight of everyone. .

Pests. Eviction is complete.

The amazingly powerful Grand Duke of Palinlor just sneered. Ignore the anxiety and discussion of the students around me. He turned to look at Elaine.

Leverage the Demon Sealing Bracelet in Elaine’s hand. The portal is already open. A large group of medical personnel rushed over. But the polar bears probably don’t need treatment at all. The wound on his body has almost completely healed. Exhausted Elaine just needs to rest.

The Celestial Knight Palinlor took a step back. The first update allows the medical staff to deal with the injuries of the white bear. When he retreated to the portal, he looked back at Elaine thoughtfully: “This kid’s words. Maybe…”

lbs. . —— The riots here are not over yet. Another huge stone pillar in the twelve o’clock direction made another loud noise. What followed was the dust from the explosion. and the collapse of stone pillars. Another arena for duels. That is, the top of the boulder. About a quarter of it was blown off. Although not as exaggerated as Elaine’s [Burning Star]. But that scene of destruction was still horrific.

“Here again.” Palinlor frowned. “How can the destructive power of this year’s candidates be so great. If it continues like this, it is also a mystery whether the stone pillar array I finally built can last until the end of the exam…”

He turned to a communication bee golem and said, “Cador. More chapters coming sooner. Maybe we’ll have to add a new rule. No field damage.”

“I’m afraid it can’t be done. The Grand Duke.” Cador’s voice came from the bee golem: “[Cannot kill the opponent] This rule has already made many candidates dissatisfied. Let’s temporarily increase the rule. I’m afraid they will start protesting.”

“Humph. It’s really troublesome.” The Celestial Knight smacked his lips: “Which battlefield did the explosion happen just now?”

“The sixth battlefield. The candidates in the battle are the monster hunter Albert and the giant Nimitz.” Cador answered without thinking.

Palinlor rubbed his chin: “Giant guy. No wonder. More chapters coming sooner.”

“No.” Cador corrected in time: “It was the tiger. It created the explosion.”

Same time. Great Britain. The base of the Eastern Knights. Elsenburg.

“Wow.” Howl rides on Uncle Fiend’s shoulders. Move to the lobby on one side. While watching the magnificent and exquisite architectural complex of Elsenburg. The quaint and unpretentious stone walls are built into magnificent city walls and towers. There are bridges between the towers. It is very convenient to move upstairs or on the ground.

Different from the bases of the other three Kingdom Knights. London has been very peaceful for a long time. The castle of the Knights of the East was never in danger of being captured. Therefore, it has not been deliberately thickened and strengthened. on the contrary. As a precious historical heritage and museum. The place is often (partly) open to the public to visit. The castle also basically maintains the ancient appearance of thousands of years ago. Only properly refurbished and repaired.

It’s a corner of the wall. Hall and alley. All are covered with all kinds of exquisite marble carvings. They were originally just a luxury added to decorate the corner ceiling. However, because of the long history of precipitation, the luxurious vulgarity has been washed away. It becomes fragrant and mellow like fine wine. Some of the carvings are at least thousands of years old. The gilt on it has merged with the marble inside it with the help of long years and enchantments. It becomes a pale gold marble sculpture with a very high gold content on the surface. under the light of light. The carvings of these golden marbles reflect the metallic radiance of the stars from the innumerable uneven surfaces. It is absolutely beautiful. The knights who patrol the castle from time to time add a bit of solemnity to this gorgeous castle. At the same time howl praised the beauty of the castle. Husky also set his sights on the shining armor of the knights. Marvel at the ingenious construction of the armor.

“It’s a little different from the old Elsenburg. Although it looks the same. But the atmosphere is far different.” Shaxing whispered. As a dragon, he doesn’t focus on the surface of things. but their essence.

“The atmosphere is great.”

“How do you say it. The former Elsenburg was more… lazy. It was a place for a group of nerds who were used to peace.” Shaxing said in a low voice. After all, this is someone else’s territory. Saying it out loud can get you into trouble: “But it’s in a much better mood now. Stay in a half-ease, half-tight state. Neither overly tense to scare off the populace. Nor for a prolonged period of peace. Laxity. This way. Even if there is an emergency, the knights who update here can respond in time.”

“Although I don’t quite understand it. But it’s amazing meow.” Hal replied with a wry smile.

The evil star smiled mysteriously. No further explanation goes on. They went down a long staircase. Finally arrived at the hall of the East Heaven Knights Base.

There are at least three hundred people in the bright and spacious hall. At least half of them are people who come to visit the museum. The knights in charge of reception are arranging the people in an orderly manner. Enter the museum in batches.

“Who is responsible for answering us?” Husky was dazzled by the lively scene. I was overwhelmed for a while.

“Just be patient here. We are so conspicuous. If they come to us, they will come.” Shaxing stood in a corner of the hall with his two children. Try to avoid contact with crowded people. As usual. Shaxing wears golden armor (which is actually transformed from his dragon scales). It really can’t be said to be inconspicuous.

Sure enough. Only two minutes passed. A knight came with another servant. Although a knight. But the man was wearing the lightest light armor. Under the light armor is a thin cotton suit. There is almost no protection.

“Grand Duke Shaxing. Long time no see.” The man shouted as soon as he came up: “I am Pasiva, Knight of the Round Table. Do you still recognize me?”

“Pasiva….” The evil star thought for a long time before finally remembering something: “Oh. Arthur’s cousin.”

“One of the two cousins. Yes.” Pasiva nodded: “My father is Palinlor. You must have a deeper impression of my father, Prince Shaxing.”

“Of course I remember that muscular idiot.” Xinghuilong nodded knowingly. At the same time, he smiled at Pasiva sarcastically: “So…you are a knight of the round table. A knight of the round table is in charge of babysitting two children. You are also quite busy in Great Britain.”

“Where.” Pasiva smiled and shook his head: “Ms. Vivian informed us. She said you were coming. It was another Silver Knight who was in charge of answering you. I’m here. I took over the job of the Silver Knight. I’m here to find you. I’ve been researching something recently. There are some technical problems that I can’t solve no matter what. I’d love to hear your opinion, Archduke Shaxing. “

Xinghuilong frowned: “Why do you need to listen to a dragon in your human Pasiva said mysteriously:” When you saw it with your own eyes. You’ll get the idea.

He changed the subject. Immediately he turned his head and said to the servants behind him: “That’s right. This is the little servant who is responsible for leading the way for the children.——Aren’t you going to say hello to everyone?”

“I—” The little servant behind the Knight of the Round Table Pasiva stepped forward. He took off his cotton hood. Revealing his true colors under the hat: “I’m Daniel Yang, a trainee knight of the Eastern Knights. Nice to meet you.”

“Daniel’s brother Wang (meow).” Husky and Hal shouted in unison.

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